Our Mission

GiftingWho believes that finding the perfect gift shouldn’t be so hard. No matter the recipient or the occasion, GiftingWho has you covered with amazing gift ideas to help you gift it right every time. We do this by searching different websites and putting together unique collections of gifts that people will actually enjoy. If you’re buying for a 45 year old man who loves golf, or a 27 year old woman who just found her passion for gardening, GiftingWho knows exactly what you need.

Who Are We?

GiftingWho is comprised of a team of passionate writers and data scientists who work together to find the best possible gifts. David Begert, our founder and lead data scientist, is a machine learning engineer who uses his technical expertise to help bring joy to the world with amazing, personalized gift ideas. Check out his Google Scholar account if you want more details. By taking a more data-centric approach to gifting, we are able to increase the quality of our gift collections, and help people find gifts that their recipient will truly appreciate. Olivia Canning, our lead content creator, takes in the spiritless data and brings it back to life through her amazing gift ideas and witty writing, ensuring the human aspect to gifting is always there. Olivia is an adventurous Aussie with an addiction to gifting, and an experienced traveller who currently lives in Bali. If you want to read more about her life, check out her personal blog here.

Where Do We Look For Gifts?

We take all the hard work our of your gift-searching process! We do this by keeping up to date on the internets best and most unique gifts and monitoring various websites such as Etsy, UncommonGoods, Amazon, Cloud9Living, GreatAmericanDays, and many more! The best gifts from these websites are curated into different collections for all the various occasions and recipients in your life.

Affiliate Commissions

Transparency is key when earning and maintaining your trust, and so we want to disclose and make it clear how our website is able to make money. When you buy a gift through the links on our website, we may earn an affiliate commission from the supplying website. This comes at no extra cost to you, and the money is used to keep the site running and the gift ideas fresh!

Does This Make Us Biased?

We never let affiliate websites bias us towards those products. We let the gifts choose our affiliates, not the other way around. This makes us a unique website, as you will notice many other gift idea websites will have a large excess of a single companies’ products (Amazon..). In fact, many of the gifts that we recommend we do not make any commission on.

Amazon Associates Disclaimer

We are a member of the Amazon Associates program. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. As mentioned above, we do not allow these affiliate partnerships to create a bias within our gift lists, and many of the gifts that we suggest we do not make affiliate commissions on. At the end of the day, our passion and mission is to give you unique gift ideas that the recipient will actually love and find useful. This involves doing extensive research, conducting surveys, and always striving to find the most useful gifts for whomever you are buying for.