32 Purr-fectly Unique Gifts For Cat Lovers

32 Unique Gifts For Cat Lovers

There’s always that one friend or family member who loves their cat more than they love you. If you’ve scored the task of finding them the purrr-fect gift, whether it be for Christmas, a birthday, or just because, we have put together a list of gifts to suit any cat-egory. From the cute and quirky, to the totally hilarious, these gifts for cat lovers are paw-sitively ameow-zing (ok, that one was a bit of a reach). So here are 32 Purr-fect gifts for cat lovers.

  1. Cat Face Storage Basket
  2. A cute addition to the corner of any cat-lovers room. The cat face designed basket can be used for laundry, storage for kids toys (or cat toys), or even as a sleeping place for their favourite feline. Available in three neutral colours to suit a range of decor.

  3. Cat Planter Pots
  4. These adorable little planter pots are made of glazed ceramic and are hand painted with extra love and attention. Add a little succulent and pop it on the windowsill for a cute addition to your indoor plant collection, or organise them along your desk and fill them with paperclips, pens and pencils.

  5. Cat Laptop Scratching Pad
  6. Make their cat the most tech-savvy fur ball on the block with this laptop scratching pad. Made to look like a real laptop, they can keep up to date with cat videos and chat to their kitty friends while scratching away.

  7. Cat Scratch Bookends
  8. Ok, it’s a massive stereotype to assume that all cat-lovers are also book-lovers, but maybe they are! Keep their books tidy and looking sleek with cat scratch bookends. The purrr-fect addition to any cat-lovers library.

  9. Floral Cat Teapot
  10. Bringing a few more cat accessories into the home is never a bad thing when you are cat crazy. Pour your tea in style, or use it to store sugar, tea bags or cat treats!

  11. Wall Shelf
  12. Having somewhere to hang your bag and store your keys and wallet as you walk in the door is important, being able to do that on a cat shaped wall shelf is a bonus. This unique gift for cat lovers is sure to bring a smile to their face!

  13. Cat Print Sweat Shirt
  14. There are few things cat-lovers love more than snuggling up on the couch with their kitty. Now they can snuggle, and look the same! This super comfy, lightweight sweater features a cat face on the front, and comes with or without a hood. Cute!

  15. Texts From Mittens Calendar
  16. If you’re after a funny gift for cat-lovers, look no further. Based on the popular blog, each page features imaginary, humorous, and sweet conversations shared between “Mitty,” the house cat, and his owner. A great addition to the office desk!

  17. Sketchers Kitty Shoes
  18. Combine their love for cats with their love for fashion with a pair of shoes that definitely say “I am a crazy cat lady.” The classic ballet flat style pair well with jeans and are a great cat-inspired addition to any casual outfit.

  19. Cat Butt Colouring Book
  20. Ok, this one is a little cheeky (wink), but every cat owner knows that for some reason, cats just LOVE showing you their butts. Turn their strange habit into your favourite pastime, with this oddly therapeutic, adults only colouring book. A great gift for cat lovers for under $10!

  21. Wooden Cat Condo
  22. How great is this multi tiered masterpiece! Made with natural wood, and featuring all of the fabrics that kitties love to scratch, this cat house doubles as a jungle gym and scratching pole (for the cat, not for you).

  23. Cat Ring
  24. No cat-lovers jewellery collection is complete without a kitty ring! Wrap your favourite feline around your finger and wear him all day with pride. The rings are adjustable in size and available in gold, silver or black to match any style.

  25. Meow Tote Bag
  26. Carry shopping, school books, workout gear, a laptop, or literally anything else, in a bag that is adorable, reusable, and cat related. Made from 100% cotton and with a simple but cute design, any cat-lover will love carrying their things in this bag.

  27. Royal Cat Portrait
  28. If you know someone whose cat has regal status and is treated like a king or queen, this is ideal. Choose from a selection of portraits to add the feline’s face to, and the kitty looking like the royal they are. A unique and truly funny gift for cat-lovers.

  29. Cat Travel Mug
  30. Whoever took an everyday item and added cat ears is a genius. This quirky take on the sometimes boring travel mug is sure to become your cat-loving friends go-to when they leave the house. Available in a range of colours and featuring double wall vacuum insulation for maximum temperature retention.

  31. Neon Cat Shaped Light
  32. Why settle for a boring old lamp when you can get your paws on this neon cat shaped light! Their cat related decor will step up several levels with this statement piece. Add to any room for a touch of quirk!

  33. Custom Cat Bowl
  34. Whether the human is eating their cereal, or the cat is eating his Whiskers, the whole family can enjoy this custom cat bowl! Each bowl is hand painted based on the photo provided to the artist and is a purrr-fect (I’ll try and stop) gift for any cat lover!

  35. Plant Cat Wall Art
  36. This playful piece of art shows kitty sitting happily among his favourite plants, and will definitely add a touch of colour, humour and feline (is that a thing?) to any room. All your fellow cat lovers will be dying to get their paws on one too!

  37. Portrait Necklace
  38. This dainty piece features the kitty cat’s portrait and name, and is a perfect gift for any cat lover. Your feline loving pal will love being able to wear their beloved fluff ball around their neck, and it is sure to hold significant sentimental value.

  39. Cat Cushion
  40. No cat home is complete without a cat cushion, right!? This cute cushion features a variety of kitty faces and can be added to already existing cat decor, or used on its own to add a touch of meow to a living room or bedroom.

  41. Cat Makeup and Travel Bags
  42. Ideal for the well travelled cat lover, this set includes three different sized bags that can be used for makeup, toiletries or even cords and charges while travelling. The smallest pouch in the collection is also cute as a little coin purse!

  43. Cat Shaped Measuring Spoons
  44. Meal prep just became adorable. This set of four ceramic measuring spoons are painted and shaped like cats. I mean, what more could you want from an otherwise uninteresting kitchen utensil!? This set would make a great Christmas present for cat lovers.

  45. Funny Cat Jumper
  46. Every cat parent has thought to themselves at one time or another, ‘I wish I could cancel my plans and stay at home with my cat’. Well, now they can avoid the awkward conversations and look cute at the same time.

  47. Cat Candle
  48. This candle may look cute on the outside, but inside hides a little beast just waiting to come out. Sound familiar? As the cat shaped candle burns down, the spooky and savage skeleton is revealed. Yes, it’s as cool and as creepy as it sounds!

  49. Cats on Instagram Book
  50. Making an Instagram account for your cat is one thing, but following the Instagram’s of other people’s cats is another. We know all you cat lovers out there do it, don’t be ashamed! Bring all those gorgeous kitties to your living room with this glossy paged book of all your favourite IG stars.

  51. Bowtie for Cats
  52. If your kitty has an upcoming wedding or formal event, they are going to need a bowtie to complete their outfit. The bowtie collars are available in a range of colours, and feature a little bell and a breakaway buckle so you can guarantee your kitty will be the most suave on the block.

  53. Cat Shaped Ice Cube Tray
  54. This fun novelty ice cube tray is an ideal Secret Santa gift for cat lovers, or if you are looking for a cat gift under $10! It’s quirky, useful and fun and your cat loving friend will love sipping on their cold drink with their cat shaped cubes!

  55. Cat Butt Magnets
  56. We couldn’t have just one cat butt related gift on this list, so here is another! If you are after a funny and cheap gift for a cat lover, here it is. Stick your bills, love letters and postcards to your fridge with these slightly offensive, but seriously awesome magnets.

  57. Of Cats and Men
  58. Men who love cats. It may seem like a myth, but alas it’s not. Some of history’s greatest men have been cat lovers, and their cats have contributed to their genius and legacy. Read about them all in this fun book!

  59. Novelty Socks
  60. Novelty socks are always a great Christmas gift idea, so these kitty socks are sure to be well received. The socks are decorated with cute cat faces, while the bottom of the sock displays a hidden message to those who walk by.

  61. Cat Lamp
  62. The cute kitty lamp is great is a fun accessory to any office space or bedroom. The soft and gentle light that is emitted also makes it a great addition to a nursery or child’s bedroom for all the mini cat lovers out there.

  63. Cat Earrings
  64. No outfit is complete without a pair of dazzling kitty cat earrings. These cute stud earrings will add a touch of glam to the everyday outfit, or look chic with something a little more formal.

    There you have our best finds for any cat lover out there! Gifting someone who has a pet is super fun, especially if you find something that can be personalized for them. We hope the cat lover in your life enjoys whichever purr-fect gift you pick for them!