40 Best Gifts for Men Who Travel

Gifts for Men Who Travel

Gifting men who travel is super fun! It might seem like there aren’t many options, but there are actually a ton! From useful gadgets that will make his life on the road (or in the sky) easier, to fun games and things to help him track his adventures or store his memories. We’ve put together this list of the internets 40 best gifts for men who travel, wether he’s away for most of the year, or he loves taking a bunch of mini vacations throughout the year, there’ll be something in here that he will need / want! Enjoy!

  1. 3 Day Getaway in a Capital City
  2. No matter where in the world he’s headed, Tinggly will have a mini getaway available for him to enjoy! With stays in over 100 capital cities around the world, adding a few nights in a fancy hotel or villa is going to be a great gift for men who travel!

  3. Bucket List Experience
  4. What’s on his bucket list? Sky diving in Hawaii? Seeing the hot air balloons in Cappadocia? No matter how adventurous he is, Tinggly has a bucket list experience for him! Tinggly vouchers never expire and they are valid all over the world, so this is going to be a really well received gift that he can use anywhere!

  5. Kindle E-Reader
  6. Traveling comes with a LOT of down time. Airport waits, long haul flights, overnight trains or just chill days at his accomodation or on a beach somewhere. He’ll be able to read all of the books on his “to read” list plus more, without the excess weight of carrying a bunch of books around the world.

  7. New Suitcase
  8. This is a no brainer! If he’s always on the road or in the air, then his suitcase probably gets a decent workout. Why not get him a new one! Samsonite suitcases are durable and long lasting and he’ll be able to take it everywhere.

  9. High Quality Backpack
  10. Every traveler needs a great backpack! From carry-on luggage to walks around foreign cities, this handsome and deluxe backpack fits up to two laptops and has a smart sleeve for ease of use while traveling.

  11. Noise Canceling Headphones
  12. Noise cancelling headphones are ESSENTIAL for travel – essential! He’ll be able to listen to his favorite playlists and podcasts any time of day or night, uninterrupted, with full immersive sound and no outside noise.

  13. Mini Bluetooth Speaker
  14. This tiny, pocket sized bluetooth speaker is waterproof and dust proof which means he can bring it all around the world with him! He’ll get up to 5 hours of playtime on a single charge so he can live it up with his favorite tunes no matter where he is.

  15. Mini Camera
  16. One of the best parts of traveling is taking photos and videos to look back on and share. This little camera has four times the resolution of traditional HD cameras and built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI, so he can edit and share his experiences within minutes.

  17. Supportive Travel Pillow
  18. Having a decent travel pillow is another essential that every traveller needs. This bad boy keeps his head in a more comfortable (and safer) position when sleeping upright by holding his head in an ergonomic position. No more stiff necks!

  19. Handsfree Drink and Phone Caddy
  20. Traipsing through airports with phones, passports, drinks and snacks while you’re trying to wheel a suitcase can become somewhat of a balancing act. This handy caddy has three pockets and instantly frees up his hands. Just place it over the luggage handle and adjust the tape to fit!

  21. Emergency Blankets
  22. These blankets are made from NASA-designed mylar, they are waterproof and reflect up to 90% of body heat to help prevent hypothermia for cold, wet, or hot weather survival situations. These ones are designed for outdoor adventures and are ultralight and compact. An essential for any adventure seeker.

  23. Insulated Mug
  24. Whether he travels by air or road, he definitely needs a great quality insulated mug to keep his drinks hot or cold. The double-wall insulated tumblers have a stainless steel body that keeps his drinks at their required temperature.

  25. Travel Journal
  26. Journaling while travelling is something he’ll never regret! Gift him this journal so he can document all of the fun, exciting and memorable moments, no matter where in the world he is.

  27. Portable Grill
  28. “This is a great gift for men who travel by road or live that van life! The portable gas grill has a 145-square-inch grilling area and foldaway legs for convenience. It cooks up to 8 burgers, 8 steaks and 10 chicken breasts! “

  29. Universal Travel Adapter
  30. This is another essential for any traveller, a universal power adapter! Checking in to a hotel on the other side of the world and not being able to charge your phone because of the different outlet is one of the most annoying things about travelling, so make sure he never gets caught out.

  31. Secure Card Holder
  32. Being safe while traveling is important for everyone, and this secure card holder will keep his most important cards protected. It holds up to 12 cards, surrounded by a military grade metal body that protects cards from the most powerful RFID Chip Readers.

  33. Wifi Range Extender
  34. Connecting to WiFi around the world is how travellers check in with their families, post on Instagram and upload TikTok’s. Make sure he’s always within reach of WiFi with this router that adds WiFi range coverage up to 1000 square ft and connects up to 15 devices.

  35. Travel Stub Diary
  36. It’s always fun gifting someone who travels a place that they can document their memories. This travel diary comes with clear sleeves to store things like postcards, maps, brochures, ticket stubs and photos. There’s also space in the margins for him to jot down every detail of his adventures.

  37. Airplane Phone Mount
  38. If he’s got a bunch of downloads on his phone to watch during his flight, then this strong clamp is going to be really handy. He’ll be able to mount his phone to any object up to 1.5 inches wide, and it can be used vertically or horizontally.

  39. Refillable Silicone Travel Containers
  40. Working out how to pack liquids, be it shampoo or mouth wash, can be really annoying, These 3-layer leak-proof bottles are designed to prevent liquid leakage or spillage, with an oval shape that means no liquids get stuck in any corners so he can get every last drop out during his travels.

  41. Electric Portable Scale
  42. Is there any moment more terrifying while traveling than not knowing how much your luggage is going to weigh at airport check-in? Luggage fees are EXCESSIVE, and these handy scales will save him being stung with excess baggage fees. They have a capacity of 110lb, all he needs to do is hook them on his suitcase handle!

  43. Compact Cord Organizer
  44. He’ll save time and a lot of space with this compact cord organizer. It’s made from heavy-duty, durable and water repellent nylon and features multiple pockets of various sizes for all his cords and accessories. A must when considering gifts for men who travel!

  45. Dude Wipes
  46. Look, sometimes toilet paper isn’t always available when nature calls! These wipes are 25% larger than the average flushable wipes and the best part is, they are made with plant sourced and plastic free fibers! Great for those who love camping and travelling off the beaten track where toilets are few and far between.

  47. Insulin Pen Cooler
  48. Traveling with a medical condition can come with a whole heap of difficulties that a lot of people don’t have to consider. If he travels with his insulin, then this is going to be a lifesaver for him. Two vacuum cups on top of each other creates a space between the cups that serves as the first barrier to keep the heat away, ensuring that insulin is kept at fridge temperature for at least 24 hours.

  49. Desktop Power Strip
  50. If he’s always on his devices while travelling then he’s going to need some serious help with charging capacity! This device supports up to several electric devices simultaneously, everything from his laptop, cameras and whatever else he has.

  51. Collapsible Water Bottle
  52. These heat resistance water bottles are BPA free and odorless, while the bottle itself is foldable! Essentials that are compact and easy to carry alway make for great gifts for men who travel, they are always going to be used no matter what kind of travel he’s doing.

  53. Compression Packing Bags
  54. One of the biggest issues travellers face is not having enough space to pack everything into their luggage. These travel packing bags save up to 80% space, and there’s no vacuum needed to get all his gear sucked in nice and tight.

  55. Safety Belt
  56. The reality of travel is that some places just aren’t as safe as others, making this a must have gift for men who travel. The two compartments and pockets inside the hidden pouch fit multiple passports and keeps money cards organized. The moisture-wick backing will keep the pouch cool against his skin as well – a nice little bonus!

  57. Lifestraw
  58. One of the greatest inventions for travellers! This straw removes 99.999999% of bacteria, parasites, micro-plastics and other nasties from water, making just about any water source drinkable and safe!

  59. Portable Hammock
  60. Lightweight and convenient, this nifty travel hammock weighs only 24oz and folds to the size of an eggplant! You can choose from a single hammock for one person, or a double hammock for two people. He’ll have a bed no matter where he goes!

  61. Portable Lock
  62. This awesome travel accessory provides extra security and privacy, no matter where he’s staying. It attaches to any door or entryway and means the door can’t be opened from the outside, not even with a key!

  63. Go Lightly – Travel Without Hurting the Planet Book
  64. Something we all need to be mindful of when travelling, is our impact on the earth. In this book, he’ll discover ways to find eco-friendly destinations and activities, choose low-impact transportation and accommodations, pack without waste, and bring mindfulness to each day of his trip.

  65. Portable Campfire
  66. A portable campfire!? Who’d have thought?! Light this little baby with a match or lighter and watch glorious magic unfold! Whether he’s in the woods, on a beach or in someones backyard, this mini fire will burn for for 3-5 hours. The best part is, it’s made from recycled soy wax and paper which means it’s better for the environment than a normal bonfire.

  67. Travel Eye Mask
  68. Is there a worse feeling than not being able to sleep on a plane, knowing you’re going to be wrecked by the time you land? This eye mask will have him nodding off as soon as he buckles his seatbelt, with no pressure on the eyes, and an eye space that’s wider and deeper than other flat eye masks, this mask effectively blocks lights and sits snug on the face without being uncomfortable.

  69. Sandals
  70. When hiking or doing a lot of walking around cities and landmarks, having a pair of sandals that don’t slip off is something that will make his life easier. These sandals have a EVA foam footbed that cushions and softly supports the feet for all-day comfort, and they are super quick-dry too.

  71. Travel Challenges Card Deck
  72. This fun gift includes 50 cards that feature ideas for him to execute while travelling, with things like asking the locals for a secret spot, learning a local craft and having a no-technology day. Each card will launch him out of your comfort zone!

  73. Campfire Whiskey Tumbler Set
  74. Enjoying a drink by the campfire just got easier for him. Made from premium grade stainless steel, the generous 11-ounce size accommodates his favorite drink, and the double-walled insulation keeps it at the perfect temperature.

  75. Reusable Cutlery
  76. Another essential for travellers, reusable cutlery! He’ll never be caught out having to eat with his hands or using single use plastic cutlery again once he has this kit!

  77. Compact and Absorbent Towels
  78. Whether he’s going for a swim in the crystal blue waters of Bali, or sweating out in a gym in Dubai, these towels will be his go-to for travel. They are more absorbent than ordinary towels and can be air dried and reused in a shorter turnaround. They are light weight too, so nice and easy to throw in his backpack and head out.

  79. Travel Manicure Kit
  80. Living life on the go can mean his hair and nails might get a bit neglected! Ensure he’s always looking his best while he’s traveling with this little manicure kit that he can take everywhere with him.

    Thanks for checking out our list of the best gifts for men who travel! Did you find something he’ll love or need for his next trip? We hope so! Anything that saves him space, makes his journey easier or adds fun and excitement to his travels are going to be well received by whoever you are gifting. If you’re still in the mood to browse gifts, why not check out our gifts for men under $500!