23 Best Valentines Day Gifts for Long Term Relationships

Valentines Day Gifts for Long Term Relationships

Being in a long term relationship means as each year passes, it gets harder and harder to think up new gift ideas. But that doesn’t mean you get to slack off on Valentines Day and settle for something generic and lacklustre! Here at Gifting Who, we know that experience gifts are the most well received, so they feature heavily on this list, along with some other killer gift ideas that will keep the romance alive, even after all these years. We’ve put in the work so that come Valentines Day, all you have to do is click “purchase” and be done with it! Here are our best Valentines Day gifts for long term relationships!

  1. Couples Spa Day
  2. Even if you’ve been together for years, going for a couples massage will recharge your batteries and leave you feeling refreshed and happy in love.

  3. Mini Getaway for Two
  4. There’s no limit on how many vacations couples should take together. Regardless of how many getaways they’ve enjoyed throughout the years, the’ll always enjoy one more! This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for long term relationships and a great way to keep the passion alive.

  5. Fun Together Experience
  6. You’ve got to make time for fun when you’re in a long term relationship! With the Tinggly Fun Together experience gift, they can choose from a range of fun and exciting days out together at a location around the city or the world!

  7. Special Date Night
  8. Date nights are essential for long term couples! Choose from romantic date nights around the country in a city of your choice, be it exploring New York City or eating your way through Chicago.

  9. Be My Valentine Experience
  10. Say “I love you” in a more exciting, relaxing, delicious, or adventurous ways! The Tinggly Be My Valentine Experiences are designed for couples to spend together doing the most romantic things on offer around the world.

  11. Mystery Society Subscription Box
  12. This subscription if full of immersive scenarios, intriguing characters, and original compelling stories that create standalone investigations. Each delivery contains everything needed to close the case!

  13. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  14. So romantic! So fun! This is probably something you haven’t done yet as a couple, so why not give it a go! It will be a lasting memory you can relive for years.

  15. Sexy Adult Subscription
  16. Spice things up with this adult subscription box, filled with pleasurable products to add a little something to your adult time and take you back to those days when you first met! Sexy!

  17. Helicopter Ride
  18. Stepping outside your usual activities and daily grind is a fun way to keep the romance and excitement alive in long term relationships. A helicopter ride will get your adrenaline pumping and be something fun you can enjoy together.

  19. Monthly Wine Subscription
  20. A wine subscription delivered right to their door, what more could they want for Valentines Day! Wine is selected based on their preferences.

  21. Taste the World Experience
  22. There’s nothing better than enjoying a meal together, it’s always an easy way to spend time together in a long term relationship. The pastas of Italy, the spices of India, the cheeses of France, and the sushis of Japan, it’s all on offer right here!

  23. Cocktail Subscription
  24. Each month you’ll get three unique recipes by top bartenders plus everything you need to make 12 drinks. This is a super fun and creative gift idea that will bring you joy as you create recipes together.

  25. A Day on a Yacht
  26. Mix things up a bit with a fun (and fancy) day out on a yacht! You’ve got to spoil yourself every now and then, and whatever better way to do that than enjoying a day out on the sea together.

  27. Date Night Ideas
  28. Being in a long term relationship can mean that date nights get repetitive, but with these date night ideas you’ll be doing something new and fun for the rest of the year!

  29. Date Night Subscription
  30. The first thing you’ll notice using this box is the beautiful and unique design. And the second thing, is the quality right down to the lock and hinges! It’s perfect to store your jewelry in it!

  31. Adventure Challenge Scrapbook
  32. Couples who love action and adventure and trying new things, this is for you! This scrapbook offers 50 opportunities to make memories doing things you’d never think of! Pick a category, scratch off a hidden challenge, and complete whatever is revealed!

  33. Global Kitchen Subscription
  34. If cooking is their jam, then this is the best gift for this Valentines Day. Each month brings a different cuisine with pantry staples, spices, and recipes. 5% of the cost of each box is donated to a charity or organization that helps producers in that part of the world, how incredible!

  35. Outrageous Conversation Starters
  36. After being together for so long, you can sometimes find yourself running out of things to talk about. This deck of cards, designed by relationship experts, equips you with 141 new conversation starters. Each card allows couples to share things about themselves that they may never have shared before.

  37. Coffee Machine
  38. Couples that coffee together, stay together! Having a coffee machine at home that makes cafe quality drinks means more mornings at home together doing the things you love.

  39. Monthly Art Subscription
  40. Each month of this creative subscription has a thoughtfully curated theme like watercolors, markers, pens, acrylics, pastels, and more! Perfect for spending time together doing something creative.

  41. Weighted Blanket for Couples
  42. Weighted blankets are a game changer, let alone one that has two different weights on each side! Constructed with 15lbs of weight on one side of the blanket and 10lbs of weight on the opposite side, this blanket will have you sleeping like logs every night.

  43. Personalized Four Across Game
  44. Challenge your loved one to some lighthearted competition with a beautifully crafted backyard four-across game. Machine cut from heirloom-quality maple wood, you can be personalize this game with your names, anniversary date, or a sweet message.

  45. Mobile Kitchen Cart
  46. The perfect addition to your home, this beautiful drinks cart holds 4 wine bottles and 6 wine glasses, The top shelf is removable to be used as a food tray. 4 swivel castors (2 with brake) for easy movement.

    Thanks for checking out our list of Valentines Day gifts for long term relationships! We hope this list has inspired you to find the best, most amazingly romantic Valentines Day gift for your long term lover! We think the experience gifts are the way to go when you’re stuck for ideas – you get to create new and fun memories and spend quality time together! For more inspiration check out our Valentines Day gifts for new relationships.