28 Best 30th Birthday Gifts for Women Who Have Everything

30th Birthday Gifts for Women Who Have Everything

Women who have everything are quite hard to buy for because if they see something and want it, they get it! In our experience the best way to go for people who have everything is to gift experiences and personalized items. We’ve put this list together to make it easier for you regardless of who you’re buying for and what age they are. Your sister, best friend, workmate or neighbour, any woman in your life would be lucky to receive one of these epic gifts. So here are our best 30th birthday gifts for women who have everything!

  1. 3 Days in a Capital City
  2. Even for women who have everything, a little holiday is always going to be something they need or want! Choose from any Capital City around the world and spoil them with the most amazing experience ever!

  3. Bucketlist Experience
  4. Her 30th birthday is the perfect opportunity to tick something off her bucketlist. Whether she has a thirst for adventure and adrenaline or something more low key, there’ll be something she’ll love in Tinggly’s bucketlist experiences.

  5. Goddess Provisions Subscription
  6. This best selling subscription box is curated to nurture her inner goddess and help grow her spiritual practice. Each box contains up to 7 full-size products that are vegan, cruelty-free and natural. Each box has a mix of crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products, superfood snacks and spiritual tools.

  7. Helicopter Ride
  8. A truly unique 30th birthday gift for women who have everything, and something she will never forget. Choose a helicopter ride from a range of locations either around her city or at a destination she’s always wanted to visit.

  9. Wine Subscription
  10. What a way to celebrate her 30th birthday, a wine subscription! Each wine is hand picked based on her unique palate, whether she loves a good drop of red or prefers a fresh and crisp white.

  11. Superwoman Experience
  12. Whether she’s curious, fun-seeking and adventurous, or looking for something new, there’ll be something she’ll love in the Superwoman experiences on offer by Tinggly. As always, Tinggly vouchers never expire so she can redeem it whenever she likes.

  13. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  14. Hot Air Balloon rides are incredibly romantic and unforgettable, and just like all other Tinggly experiences, you can choose from a range of locations all over the country, or even the world, for her to enjoy her gift.

  15. Sky Diving Experience
  16. Sky diving! What a gift for her 30th! If she’s one of those crazy gals who has always wanted to jump out of a plane, and if she’s got everything, then this is for her.

  17. Taste the World Experience
  18. Foodies will absolutely love this experience! Tinggly have hand-selected a collection of some of the greatest culinary experiences from all around the world for her to enjoy on her 30th birthday.

  19. Self Care Subscription
  20. Everyone needs a little (or a lot!) self care. Each box comes with up to 6 carefully curated products that provide knowledge, tools and activities to better understand anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. She’ll be able to practice natural self-care in new ways each month.

  21. TV Fire Stick
  22. She may have everything, but does she have access to endless entertainment!? With this fire stick she’ll be able to stream more than 1 million movies and TV episodes from Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and more, plus listen to millions of songs and watch live TV!

  23. Scent Club Box
  24. She’ll receive new, limited edition themed scents every month with this awesome subscription box. Each delivery contains travel-friendly perfume rollers plus up to 3 other scented surprises. Perfect for women who have everything but also love to smell amazing!

  25. Murder Mystery Subscription
  26. If she is obsessed with true crime podcasts and Netflix series, then she needs this murder mystery subscription! Each box contains standalone mysteries that don’t require other boxes to complete, along with everything she needs to sole the mystery.

  27. Foot Massager
  28. Even if she’s got everything, she probably doesn’t have a foot massager at her disposal! This massager is designed with both tapping method and central rotation systems that simulate authentic manual massage to help sooth, rejuvenate, and reinvigorate legs, feet, and overall energy levels.

  29. Custom Pet Portrait
  30. Custom and personalized gifts are ideal for women who have everything, because they are unique and you can’t find them in stores. This amazing artwork turns her furry friend into the king or queen that they are!

  31. Sisterhood Necklace
  32. This beautiful necklace features an astral cluster that famously connects the seven sisters of Greek mythology, making this a unique and sentimental 30th birthday gift for women who have everything.

  33. Thrift Subscription
  34. Thrifting is not only great for saving money, it’s also an easy way to live more sustainibly. All of the clothing delivered is sourced from the best consignment shops and local thrift stores, then handpicked by style experts to perfectly suit her.

  35. Cooler Bag
  36. Explore a new US city every month through yummy snacks! Each box contains premium, locally made, artisan products and food produced by small businesses and local artisans from that month’s city. This is a great gift for women who have everything and who love trying new things.

  37. Rope Back Massager
  38. Sometimes we really don’t know what to gift our friends, if they are one of those couples who have everything then finding them a housewarming gift can be really hard. Well, everyone loves snacks, so you can’t go past this snack box subscription! Each box is centred around a seasonal theme or flavors to try and you can choose from classic, vegan, gluten-free, or vegan and gluten free options.

  39. Custom Signet Ring
  40. This cute ring can be customized with a design of your choice. Choose an existing design or pattern you know she loves, or get creative and draw something up so she has a special keepsake from you.

  41. Snack Box
  42. If snacking is her thing, then this snack box is going to be her favorite gift. Gifting food and drink is a great choice for women who have everything, because you know it will be used (or eaten!) no matter what else she has!

  43. Wireless Lamp Charger
  44. Sure, she has a charger, and sure she has a lamp, but does she have a charging lamp!? With three adjustable brightness levels, she just clicks on the light bar to light up her space, and then she can charge her smartphone on the lamp base!

  45. Vegancuts Monthly Subscription
  46. Each month your vegan friend will receive 4 or more deluxe and full-size beauty products, from luxurious exfoliating cleaners to nourishing hydrogels. Each box is curated by beauty experts to ensure each item is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and free of harmful chemicals.

  47. Amazing Women Game
  48. This is such an iconic take on the Guess Who game. Guess the identities by asking about accomplishments, not appearances, with questions like: Did she win a Nobel Prize? Did she make a discovery? What an awesome gift for any woman who has everything.

  49. Personalized Spinner Ring
  50. This cute ring is special if she’s got loved ones she wants to remember or keep close. This customizable spinner ring is hand-formed with sterling silver bands that can be personalized with up to ten characters each. So special.

  51. Unique Pilllow
  52. A super unique gift for any woman who has everything, a celebration of her home state favorite state with these lively, festive hand embroidered pillows. Using thorough research and vivid pictures laid across the state’s outline and name, each pillow packs in its sites, cities and culture with flair.

  53. Funny Mug
  54. This hilarious mug is covered in innocent plant illustrations and features the not so innocent names of said plants. Laughs guaranteed with each sip, this is a fun little 30th birthday gift for women who have everything.

  55. Movie Night Pack
  56. Pair this gift pack with the Fire Stick above for a truly epic movie night gift! This pack comes with popcorn and other yummy nibbles for her and her besties to enjoy while they binge their favorite movies.

    That’s our list of the best 30th birthday gifts for women who have everything, did you find something she’ll love? Hopefully we’ve made it easier for you, but if you want to keep looking, check out gifts for her under $500 or birthday gifts for female friends!