33 Best Birthday Gifts For Female Friends

Birthday Gifts for Female Friends

Shopping for your female friends birthday should be easy with this awesome list we’ve put together! We know by now that experience gifts are some of the most popular, so we’ve included a great mix of those, along with other classic and unique gifts that we know she’s going to love. So here are our best birthday gifts for female friends.

  1. Spa Day Experience
  2. A nice relaxing day at the spa may be just what she needs for her birthday. She can choose from massages, mani’s, pedi’s, facials and more. What a treat!

  3. TheraBox Subscription
  4. This is one of the best selling subscription boxes available online, and your friend is about to see why! Packed full of the best self care items each month, this is a birthday present that any of your female friends will love.

  5. Vegan Lifestyle Subscription
  6. This lifestyle box is the perfect birthday gift for vegan friends! Each month your gal pal will get health, wellness and lifestyle inspired goodies that are all vegan and cruelty free.

  7. Mini Getaway
  8. Who wouldn’t want to be spoiled with a getaway on their birthday. Virgin Experiences getaways are ideal for milestone birthdays for your bestie, go along with her for a fun and memorable trip!

  9. DIY Cocktail Subscription
  10. Who doesn’t love a good cocktail! She’ll be the towns next best mixologist once she masters these bad boys. Each delivery contains everything she needs to make 3 different recipes.

  11. Introverts Subscription
  12. Your introverted friend will completely love this subscription box that delivers books, candles, snacks, bath items and more. It’s the birthday gift that keeps on giving.

  13. Food and Drink Experience
  14. Food and drink experiences are a great gift for your female friends birthday. She’ll love tasting new foods and wines or eating her way through the best pizza places in town.

  15. Yoga Subscription
  16. Staying on track with her yoga routine will be a piece of cake with this awesome yoga subscription box. Monthly deliveries include up to 4 yoga and lifestyle items like books, snacks and equipment.

  17. Scenic Cruise
  18. Spending her birthday on a beautiful scenic cruise as she sips cocktails and watches the sunset is the perfect gift for her birthday. Book yourself a spot on the cruise so you can enjoy it together!

  19. Custom Pendant Necklace
  20. A stunning custom pendant makes such a good gift for your gal pals. Have it personalized with her name or a sweet message that she can wear each day.

  21. Linen Yoga Bag
  22. This beautiful yoga bag fits all standard sized yoga mats and has an easy-to-open drawstring top for quick access. The natural materials makes it super light weight too, so it’s easy for her to carry around during the day if need be.

  23. House Plant Subscription
  24. Plant loving friends will get to add to their collection each month with this awesome subscription. Perfect for starting off their indoor jungle too if they haven’t already!

  25. Chocolate Subscription
  26. This is the perfect birthday gift for a female friend who you struggle to buy for, because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want chocolate delivered to their door each month? I’m drooling just thinking about it!

  27. Life and Culture Experience
  28. There’s nothing like getting out there and trying something different. Cloud9 Living’s life and culture experiences include fun things like dancing classes, walking tours of the city, wine tastings and more.

  29. Forever Blooming Bouquets
  30. Gifting flowers is a nice gesture, but they don’t last very long! These forever blooming dried flowers are the answer to that problem. Available in two beautiful color palettes to suit your friends taste and decor. .

  31. Geode Crystal Tea Light Holder
  32. These stunning tea light holders are designed from concrete with a carved a section out of the side so a glimpse of amethyst crystals can shine through. So pretty!

  33. Spa Set
  34. No need to book a spa day by the beach, she’ll be able to indulge in that luxury right at home. This tropical scented set contains mineral bath salt, calming body mist, sugar shower scrub, hydrating lotions and lip balm.

  35. Box of Emotions
  36. A thoughtful gift for your friend who might suffer from anxiety or is always stressed out. Each of the cards in this pack features a specific emotion, a miniature essay on its nuances, and graphics to match, designed to put into words all the things we think and feel.

  37. After the Storm Necklace
  38. Rainbows are a beautiful symbol of hope and perseverance so this necklace would make a great gift for your female friend as a show of your support during a difficult time – or just because it’s cute!

  39. Wine Bottle Topper Serving Set
  40. Enjoying a wine with the girls is something we all love to do! These mini tabletops are made from bamboo and they fit over most bottles of wine. Perfect for outdoor drinks and snacks.

  41. Custom Best Friend Print
  42. The perfect gift for your BFF’s birthday, a custom print of you two with a quote that will bring tears to her eyes. The print can be customized in great detail to reflect both of you personally.

  43. Tote Bag
  44. This cute tote is perfect for your friend to use everyday, whether she’s going to work, college, the beach or sleeping at her boyfriends place. It’s the perfect size to fit everything she needs.

  45. Sunglasses
  46. These trendy sunnies will be her new go-to as she plans her outfits or runs out the door as grabs her last minute essentials. They’re available in two cute colors too.

  47. Skin Care Subscription
  48. Her skin will be silky smooth and always well hydrated with this subscription of up to 8 different items each month. All products are cruelty-free, organic and handcrafted.

  49. Adventure Challenge Scrapbook
  50. This is an awesome gift for your adventurous friend! The scrapbook is filled with 50 opportunities to make memories with loved ones. Pick a category, scratch off a hidden challenge, and complete whatever is revealed, so fun!

  51. Fitness Dice
  52. Keeping fitness fun and dynamic is one of the easiest ways to stay on track. This set of dice will create unique workout combinations for her to try at home.

  53. Two-In-One Beach Towel Sarong
  54. This will be her new go-to for days at the beach and by the pool. The versatile piece doubles as a sarong and a beach towel, so she can wear it and then use it to dry off.

  55. Avocado Stud Earrings
  56. How adorable are these!? Her new little avo earrings will look super sweet with any outfit. They’re made of 18-karat gold too, so they will last her a long time!

  57. Custom Ceramic Mug
  58. Mugs are the best gifts! They are practical, you know they’re always going to be used, and if you get a really cute custom or handmade one the recipient may just start their own mug collection.

  59. Throw Cushions
  60. If your friend’s just moved into a new place or is in the process or redecorating, throw cushions are a thoughtful gift to add some personality to her space. These are gorgeous and will go with any decor.

  61. Hair Clip Set
  62. This is an easy birthday gift for a female friend from work, or as a cute little add on to be paired with other gifts. Hair clips like this are very on trend right now and will always come in handy.

  63. Wooden Zodiac Jewelry Dish
  64. We love a zodiac gift! These cute little jewelry dishes are artisan-crafted from mango wood and feature the zodiac constellations in shimmering gold.

  65. Vintage Succulent Puzzle
  66. Puzzle lovers, plant lovers and vintage lovers will all enjoy putting this cute puzzle together. Once it’s finished, she can pop it in a frame and hang it up for a cool piece of wall art.

Did you enjoy our list of birthday gifts for female friends?! There’s a great range of gifts for her here, from fun filled experiences she’ll never forget to cute accessories that she can use or wear each day. Whatever you decide on, as long as it comes from the heart, she’ll love it! Still looking for gifts for your her? Check out our ultimate list of gifts for women in their 30’s!