The Ultimate List of Gifts For Women in Their 30s

Gifts for women in their 30s

Believe it or not, women actually aren’t that hard to shop for! All you need to know is what makes her tick and take note of a few of her hobbies and you are good to go. A recent study we conducted shows that most women in their 30s prefer experience gifts over anything else, followed by clothing and accessories, and then home decor. Nothing makes a woman happier than unique lifetime memories. This list has all of that plus a bit of everything else to make sure we hit all the right pressure points. Here is the ultimate list of gifts for women in their 30s.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 30 Year Old Women

  1. Weekly Flower Delivery
  2. There’s something so ‘adult’ about having fresh flowers in your space. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they bring a sense of calm and serenity as well. Celebrate her turning 30 with weekly fresh flowers delivered right to her door!

  3. Chunky Blanket
  4. How cosy and delicious does this blanket look! Made from super soft Merino wool, its size makes it a great addition to her favorite seat in the lounge room, or to the end of her bed.

  5. Self Care Subscription Box
  6. Every woman needs a little self care. Curated by therapists to decrease stress and increase happiness, each box contains one activity to promote happiness, plus up to eight self care wellness goodies.

  7. Book of The Year For Any Women: Untamed
  8. Your 30s is a decade of self-discovery, and this book really opens your eyes to the world around you and opens your heart to the world that is yourself. We personally recommend this amazing read, but in case you don’t believe us, it just happens to also be a #1 New York Times best seller!

  9. All-Natural Luxe Beauty And Skincare Box
  10. This monthly subscription box from Laurel and Reed is an amazing gift for a women in her 30s. In your 30s, you need to keep that beauty routine up, and this subscription box is full of full-sized, non-toxic, all-natural and cruelty-free items that will keep her looking young!

  11. Painting Made By Artificial Intelligence
  12. If she is at all into art or technology then get her this amazingly unique gift. Each painting is completely imagined by an AI that has been trained by studying the works of famous artists using the most cutting edge super computers. The results are truly amazing, and these tech gurus sell a digital 1/1 non-fungible token (NFT) with every piece to secure the provenance on the blockchain. Their website does a great job explaining everything to help you through the buying process, and will make you feel like a tech guru yourself! I dare you to try and find a more unique gift than that.

  13. Cocktail Subscription Box
  14. Ah the gift that keeps giving! What woman in their 30’s wouldn’t want to receive a cocktail subscription box every month? This subscription box is one of the most popular on Crate Joy, and will keep expanding her horizons, helping her discover her favorite cocktails.

  15. Eat2Explore Subscription
  16. This super unique subscription offers food and culture lovers different world’s cuisines to cook at home. Each box contains unique recipes, essential ingredients and interactive activity sheets, shopping lists, cooking tools and fun collectibles!

  17. Love Vase Set
  18. I LOVE this love vase set from Uncommon Goods. It is so unique in its design and function, yet so simple and modern making it an amazing home decor addition to any place. Our research showed women in their 30s love home decor gifts, so what girl wouldn’t love these cute vases as a gift?

  19. Birthstone Earrings
  20. These raw gems are set in sterling silver for a fresh, minimal take on classic birthstone studs. An easy addition to any outfit and great for daily wear.

  21. Smart Watch
  22. A great gift for her 30th birthday, a smart watch will encourage her to keep track of her fitness, her sleeping patterns and more.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 31 Year Old Women

  23. Hope Box Subscription
  24. Life can be pretty stressful, between having kids, working, and everything in between. This subscription box is designed to reduce anxiety and bring some calm to her life.

  25. Goddess Provisions Gift Subscription Box
  26. For all the spiritual goddesses out there, you know she is going to love opening up this subscription box each month. Each box contains up to 7 products that are vegan, cruelty-free and natural. Each box has a mix of crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products & spiritual tools.

  27. Fun and Adventurous Day Out
  28. Treat her to a day out for her 31st birthday. Tinggly’s Superwoman collection offers different days out for all kinds of women, from adventurous, to fun-seeking, in cities all over the world.

  29. Fancy Wine Dispenser
  30. There’s no shame in still drinking boxed wine at 31 years of age, but if she wants to look like she’s fancy, this wine dispenser is a great gift for her 31st birthday, just take the wine bag out of the box and pop it in the sphere for instant fanciness.

  31. Moon Phase Art Work
  32. These simple but stunning prints are available in various sizes to suit whatever wall space she is working with. Wherever she hangs them, they are sure to look great!

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  33. Fitness Subscription Box
  34. This subscription box delivers a bunch of goodies to her door each month that will help her step up her fitness routine. Items include fitness gear, recovery aids, healthy energy boosters and more!

  35. Spa Day
  36. Virgin Experiences offer a huge range of relaxation days across all states. From mani’s and pedi’s, to massages and facials, there’s something here for her to feel like a pampered queen on her 32nd birthday.

  37. Life and Culture Experience
  38. Choose from a range of experiences to make her birthday memorable. Experiences range from art classes, to learning how to dj! There’s sure to be something she’ll love to learn.

  39. Hoop Earrings
  40. A gold hoop earring never disappoints! These earrings are the perfect accessory to dress up any outfit. From lunch with the girls, to a work meetings, they’ll match with anything and make her feel fabulous!

  41. Air Pods
  42. Ideal for those women who are always on the go, whether it be for work, mom life or with sports. AirPods are convenient and charge quickly in their case, making them perfect for busy gals!

  43. Stylish Airpods Case
  44. Nobody should be left with a boring old white airpod case! These cases look amazing and are a great cheap gift that she is sure to love. You can even get her a few so she can switch them out depending on the season or how she’s feeling.

  45. K-Beauty Skin Care Subscription
  46. Korean Skin Care is notoriously amazing, and with this subscription she’ll get full sized skin care items, sheet masks and free samples of products like moisturizers, emulsions, cleansers, serums and more!

  47. Cool Cushion Covers
  48. A really simple yet eye catching addition to any living room or bedroom. The unique, hand stitched mud cloth design will add a modern and boho look to her decor.

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  49. Cheese Board
  50. The ideal gift for lovers of entertaining, and of course – cheese! This swivelling board has a hidden compartment that contains a knife set. Perfect for nights in with the girls!

  51. Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tools
  52. As women get older, we tend to spend more time worrying about how our skin is looking. This kit from contains two tools that are so hot right now in the skin care world! Suitable for all skin types.

  53. Bamboo Crystal Water Bottle
  54. This is a great gift for the crystal lovers out there! These natural crystal water bottles can be personalized with the recipients favorite crystal, and they can enjoy the crystals benefit with every sip! The slick, eco-friendly design is also a great touch.

  55. Perfect for Her Experience
  56. Treat her to an experience she’ll never forget, with one of Tinggly’s ‘Perfect for Her’ days out. Whether she’s after thrill and adventure, or something more laid back, there’ll be something for her, in locations all over the country.

  57. Gourmet Wine Hamper
  58. This extraordinary wine hamper includes three bottles of Napa Cellars Wine, plus a selection of top quality snacks. A perfect way to celebrate a birthday if you ask me!

  59. New Coat
  60. A great coat is a staple piece in all wardrobes. With snap buttons and deep pockets, the timeless style can be worn over basically any outfit.

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  61. Personalized Zodiac Crystal Bundle
  62. Personalized gifts are always a winner, and who wouldn’t want a bundle of crystal jewelry customized to their zodiac sign? Just pick the recipients sign and Turix will tell you which crystals resonate with that sign the most.

  63. Sunglasses
  64. Keep her looking cute and stylish with a new pair of sunnies. A classic black frame goes with just about every outfit and style!

  65. Unique Storage Baskets
  66. These super unique baskets are made out of natural cellulose fibre and are hard wearing, flexible and abrasion resistant. They can be used for storage, laundry, or even as a new home for her favorite indoor plant.

  67. Calming Shower Steamers
  68. With these shower steamers she’ll feel like she’s at a day spa every day. They can be used as a body scrub, or just place one in the corner of the shower or shelf to release all-natural essential oil scents like lemongrass and lavender.

  69. Action and Adventure Day
  70. If action, adventure and adrenaline are right up her alley, she will love getting to spend a day doing something thrilling. Choose from a range of experiences and locations around the country.

  71. Sparkling Water Soda Stream
  72. If she’s that one friend who insists on sparkling water when you’re out for brunch, she’ll love being able to turn plain water into sparkling water at home.

  73. Pyjama Set
  74. New pj’s are the perfect gift for any woman in their 30’s, it’s something they will always use and there’s nothing like a fresh set!

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  75. Three Day Getaway
  76. She’s midway through her 30’s! Celebrate with a 3 day getaway to literally anywhere in the world! Choose a destination you know she is going to love, and pack your bags in the hope she takes you with her.

  77. Coffee Subscription
  78. Imagine opening your door to a huge basket full of delicious coffee on your birthday, and each month after that! What a treat! She’ll love testing all the different flavors of coffee on offer.

  79. Personalized Leather Makeup Bag
  80. Perfect for travelling, popping in her handbag before she heads to work, or for keeping all her makeup together on the bathroom vanity. Personalized with her initials and made from quality leather, you’ve got a range colors to choose from.

  81. Charging Pad
  82. This charging pad makes charging your phone look cool! It’s super thin and comes in a range of colors, and of course the best part is, no cords!

  83. Indoor Plant Subscription
  84. How cute is this little guy!? Add a little bit of greenery to her space in a fun way. This subscription sends out large house plants for her to enjoy.

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  85. Bath Tray
  86. Encourage her to take some more time for herself. This bath tray sits securely on any tub size and can keep her wine, books and candles dry and safe as she soaks away.

  87. Bath Time Wine Holder
  88. If she’s got a bath, trust me when I say she’s taken a wine in there with her. Now she’ll have somewhere to keep her vino while she soaks away and relaxes. It suctions onto the wall, so it’s great for any bathroom!

  89. Food and Wine Experience
  90. Virgin Experiences offer an awesome range of experience for food and wine lovers. From sunset dinner cruises, to cultural food tours, she’ll love experience something different on her birthday.

  91. Beautiful Hat
  92. Isn’t she a beauty!? This stunning hat is perfect for any boho woman or farm girl, or a mama who wants to cover her mom-hair!

  93. Breakfast Jar
  94. This is a great one for your friend or workmate who takes their own breakfast into work each day. With a measuring cup as a lid, and a place to keep the spoon, this is a great little gift for busy women.

  95. Vases
  96. A beautiful and stylish place to keep her flowers, or just to keep around the house as some fancy decor. So cute!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 37 Year Old Women

  97. Vegan Beauty Box
  98. Each month she’ll receive 4 full sized vegan beauty products, including skin care, face masks, creams and more. All completely cruelty free!

  99. Overnight Getaway
  100. There’s a bunch of awesome getaways to choose from on Virgin Experiences that include memorable experiences, for a birthday she will never forget.

  101. Custom Ring
  102. A sentimental ring to celebrate her 37th birthday. Custom design this ring with a word or name of your choice, something special she can wear daily.

  103. iPad
  104. She’ll be thrilled to get a new iPad! She can take photos, play games, read her favorite e-books, browse the internet and stream her latest go-to series all night and all day!

  105. Hoodie
  106. A comfy hoodie for lounging around the house on her days off, or for wearing to and from the gym or while she’s out for a jog. Available in a range of colors.

  107. Personalized Bracelet
  108. Personalized jewellery is always a winner. These gold or silver plated bracelets can be personalized with initials or symbols, for a sentimental gift for her 37th birthday.

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  109. Birthday Experience
  110. Make sure her birthday is spent doing something epic. Choose from a range of fun experiences anywhere in the world, and the best part is: SHE gets to choose the experience! With no expiration date, she gets to choose what she wants to do, when she wants to do it.

  111. Magic Bullet Blender
  112. From smoothies, to pasta sauces, to chilli pastes, she’ll be able to whip it all up quickly and easily with this one!

  113. Scenic Cruise
  114. What better way to spend her birthday than cruising the seas with the wind in her hair. Virgin Experiences have a range of scenic cruises available on various vessels and in different parts of the country.

  115. Tea Subscription
  116. This is perfect for any tea lover! Every box contains a curated collection of 4 of the world’s best loose leaf teas, along with tasting notes and steeping instructions!

  117. Bath Blessing Box
  118. For those who prioritise their me time, this is ideal. Each month she’ll receive artisan, natural and essential oil-based bath and body products to transform her bath into a spa!

  119. Personalized Robe
  120. She’ll feel like she’s at a 5 star hotel everyday with her new plush robe. Customized to add her name or initials, this would make a beautiful gift for your wife.

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  121. Bucket List Experience
  122. What’s that one thing she’s always wanted to do before turning 40? Maybe it’s swimming with sharks, or taking up dancing lessons. Whatever it is, and wherever she wants to do it, Tinggly have it covered with their awesome bucket list experiences!

  123. The Master Crystal Gift Set
  124. This is the ultimate set of crystals that bring happiness and general good vibes. The set comes with 10 crystals and is a great gift for beginner crystal collectors as well as experienced crystal lovers.

  125. Marble Drink Tray
  126. Ideal for those who love to entertain, or who already have an impressive at home bar collection. This beautiful tray will add a touch of elegance to Friday night drinks!

  127. Plush Towels
  128. As we get older we really learn to appreciate a good towel! This set of 6 Turkish Cotton towels includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two wash towels.

  129. Workout Gear
  130. Having a new pair of leggings when working out gives women an extra boost of confidence and sass. These leggings have moisture-wicking fabric that will keep her cool during her workout.

  131. Sneakers
  132. These are the perfect sneakers for weekends, park hangs with the kids or running errands after work. Super cute and nice and comfy.

  133. Tours and Sightseeing Experience
  134. The great thing about Virgin Experiences is that they offer experiences all over the US, so if there’s an experience she’s always wanted to do on the other side of the country, she can!

    So there’s our epic list of the best gifts for women in their 30’s! Of course, all women are different and these gifts can be seamlessly interchanged between ages depending on what she’s into, but hopefully we’ve given you a great place to start your gifting journey. If you are still in need of more gift ideas, check out our list of the best 30th birthday gift ideas for her. Don’t forget, the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart and have meaning to the recipient, so good luck!