The Best Gift Boxes For Friends (Him & Her!)

gift boxes for friends

Who doesn’t love a gift box!? They are the best gifts because they are packed full of amazing products and if you’re lucky enough to get a subscription based one, you get new goodies each month! We’ve divided this list into his and hers, and have covered all bases, from creative gift boxes, snack boxes, self care boxes and more. Plus all of these gift boxes for friends are perfect for any occasion, birthdays, Christmas, to say thank you – anything! So here are our best picks for gifts boxes for friends.

    Best Gift Boxes For Him

  1. Gentlemen’s Box
  2. With items based around fashion, technology, and lifestyle, he’ll feel like a real gentleman each month with this awesome subscription box.

  3. Escape Room Subscription
  4. With this awesome gift box he’ll be able to have all the fun of an escape room at his own house! Perfect for date night or games nights with the crew.

  5. Jerky Subscription
  6. The best jerky’s from about the country will be dropped at his doorstep each month. Each delivery features different flavours, spices and textures of jerky, so he’ll never get tired of it.

  7. Hot Sauce of The Month
  8. How much hot sauce is too much hot sauce? How about a subscription to the best hot sauces in the world, delivered every month? Sounds like the perfect amount! The ideal gift box for friends who love to cook and who love a bit of spice.

  9. DIY Cocktail Kit
  10. Cocktails are on him! This monthly gift box delivers everything he needs to become the next best mixologist in town. This is a great one he can enjoy with friends or partner, as each box contains enough for 4 drinks.

  11. Relaxation Gift Box
  12. Every guy needs time to relax and unwind, and thanks to this gift box it will be a whole lot easier. The box contains muscle scrubs, hair and beard oils, and homemade soaps.

  13. Cheese Gift Box
  14. Mmmm cheese! This gift box is perfect for party hosts, with a combination of cheddars, cream cheeses and a range of yummy snacks for everyone to enjoy.

  15. Culture Carton
  16. Bring some culture into his life with this awesome box of goodness. Each delivery features a book and various lifestyle items to keep him cultured and cool!

  17. Tie and Bowtie Subscription
  18. For those who need a bit of formal wear in their life, this monthly gift box delivers some of the best quality ties and bowties, perfect for all occasions.

  19. Sock Subscription
  20. A good pair of socks is something that can change your whole outfit and comfort level. This is a gift box that guys who want to look their best will love!

  21. Grooming Box
  22. Everyone needs a good grooming routine, even guys! This grooming kit comes every two months and contains up to 7 premium grooming products for his face, skin and hair.

  23. Beer and Wine Hamper
  24. This is an easy gift box for any guy! Filled with a delicious bottle of wine, four bottles of craft beer and a range of scrumptious snack pairings, it will get the party started for sure.

  25. Matter Science Box
  26. Each month your science loving friend will receive fossils, tools, specimens, materials, or artefacts that have been carefully selected as some of the most interesting pieces of matter in our accessible universe. This is the BEST science gift box for adults!

  27. Rad Dad Box
  28. Your dad friends will definitely appreciate this gift box full of essentials for new dad life. Each box is filled with carefully selected items that welcome him into the wonderful world of fatherhood! If you’re look for more new dad gifts, check out list here!

  29. Vegan Gift Box
  30. Vegan friends don’t have to miss out on yummy snack filled gift boxes, this incredible one by Mouth will knock their socks off with sweet vegan chocolate sauce, mouth-watering plant-based fruit jerky, crunchy Maple granola, salty savoury popcorn and more.

  31. Car Care Subscription
  32. We all have that one friend who cares about his car more than himself, well this is the gift box for him! Full of all kinds of essentials to keep his car looking impeccable!

  33. Comic Subscription
  34. Comic book nerds will never be short of reading material with this ongoing subscription gift box. Each delivery features new issues, back issues and #1 issues, he can even make note of his favorite characters and the curators will try to include them!

  35. Fishing Subscription
  36. Your fisherman friend can expect a curated gift box of up to 24 premium flies, essential fishing items, awesome stickers, a comprehensive Fly Guide, and a one year membership to Trout Unlimited.

    Best Gift Boxes For Her

  37. TheraBox
  38. Self care has never been so important, and it’s also never been easier! This best selling monthly gift box delivers different items each month, all designed to help women on their self care journey.

  39. Cocktail Making Kit
  40. A great cocktail will be on the menu every night once she masters the art of mixology! This DIY kit, delivered monthly, will have her putting some of the best bartenders to shame.

  41. Vegan Goodies
  42. Yummy vegan-y goodness in every box, this gift box subscription has everything form vegan mac and cheese and delicious vegan chocolate, to avocado chips, hummus crackers and superfood smoothies.

  43. Goddess Provisions Subscription
  44. Nurture her inner goddess and help grow her spiritual practice. Each gift box contains up to seven full-size products, all vegan, cruelty-free and natural and stunning a mix of crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products, superfood snacks & spiritual tools.

  45. Perfume Subscription
  46. Who doesn’t love smelling good? Each month comes with one perfume and a few other deliciously scented items, all themed around the seasons so she’ll be fresh smelling all year!

  47. Homewares Subscription
  48. Every month she’ll be inspired to redecorate with each beautiful collection of decor pieces that will fit with the style of almost any home. A great gift box for friends who are decor crazy!

  49. Adult Art and Craft Subscription
  50. You’re never too old for arts and crafts. This cool hobby gift box delivers fun crafty assignments for her to whip up and admire around her home once she’s completed them.

  51. Accessory Subscription
  52. She’ll never be without fabulous accessories or apparel with this gift box. It delivers up to six products based on current trends and styles.

  53. Succulent Gift Box
  54. Succulents are the easiest way to add some greenery to any indoor space. They look super cute and the best part is they are really easy to care for! This subscription will deliver little beauties that will transform their home in no time.

  55. Wine Hamper
  56. Filled with a trio of cabernet, chardonnay and merlot and of course delicious snacks and nibbles to enjoy, you can’t really go wrong with a gift basket like this!

  57. Wellness in a Box
  58. Treat her to wellness in a box with this combination of yummy goodies like jaw-dropping fruit jerky, relaxing digestive bitters, healing turmeric elixir, an antioxidant-rich dark chocolate bar and more. This is a great gift box for a co-worker!

  59. Snacks Gift Box
  60. You know that friend who never stops snacking, or that girl at work who has a stash of snacks in her desk drawer? Well, this is for her. Full of delicious goodness, this gift box is a snackers dream.

  61. Cloth and Paper Subscription
  62. A must for those of us who are still working from home, or she who has an addiction to stationery! Fancy pens, stationery and planning supplies are all part and parcel of this gift box subscription.

  63. Vintage Tea Subscription
  64. This is the cutest gift box subscription ever! A vintage teacup and saucer set, paired with tea and biscuits for her to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon in the sun or cuddled up on the couch with a cozy blanket.

  65. Gardening Subscription
  66. What more could you want from a gift box than an ongoing supply of fresh fruit and veggies that you get to grow at home! Every month she’ll get in-season seeds to plant and all she needs to do is add soil, sun and water.

  67. Hygge Gift Box
  68. Don’t you feel cozy just by looking at this gift box?! Hygge is all about self kindness and little pleasures, and this little treasure is filled with items that promote that.

  69. Treat Your Self Gift Box
  70. This best seller is a nice little gift box for friends who need a little pampering or cheering up. She’ll feel like she’s just stepped out of a day at the spa.

  71. Home Made Soap Gift Box
  72. This little gift box contains four handmade soap bars made of 100% organic skin loving oils and butter, scented with essential oils only. There’s something so lush about having yummy soaps!

    So there you have our list of the best gift boxes for friends! We’ve mixed it up a bit with some pretty unique and fun choices, so we hope inspiration has struck! Everyone loves a gift box, so you can’t really go wrong here. If you’re still on the lookout for some cool gift ideas, check out our list of non-materialistic gifts for women or gifts for young entrepreneurs.