30 Best 6 Month Anniversary Gifts For Him

6 Month Anniversary Gifts for Him

Congrats on your 6 month anniversary! You’ve made it to half a year and you want to show your boyfriend how much you care about him. You’ve come to the right place! We’ve put this list together with the understanding that every relationship moves at different paces and at six months many couples will be at different stages. We’ve got some luxury gifts that will show you’ve gone all out, and we’ve also got some more laid back gifts that still show you care but are a little more chilled. With all this in mind, please enjoy and be inspired by our 6 Month Anniversary Gifts for him list!

  1. Escape Room Subscription
  2. You’ll never get bored on date nights with this super fun escape room subscription! Each box delivers a new mystery that you can solve together, finally all those true crime documentaries will come in handy!

  3. Jerky Subscription
  4. This is the best jerky subscriptions out there, so if your boyfriend is a jerky lover then you should definitely get him this subscription. He’ll get the worlds best flavors delivered right to his door each month.

  5. Driving Experience
  6. For all the rev head boyfriends out there who love nothing more than watching car races or obsessing over their own set of wheels! Cloud9 Living’s driving experiences will definitely make it an anniversary he’ll remember.

  7. Custom Pendant
  8. Getting to drink cafe quality coffee at home is definitely a luxury for coffee loving dads! This machine makes delicious single serve coffees as well as velvety espresso – yum!

  9. Grill Masters Subscription
  10. What’s better than your boyfriend grilling up a storm for you!? Now he’ll have bucket loads of options to cook and with, each month the best sauces, spices and rubs will be delivered for you to all enjoy.

  11. Mini Getaway
  12. This is the perfect gift that you can enjoy together. Choose from a bunch of awesome getaway experiences that will bring you closer as a couple and leave you with lifetime of happy memories.

  13. Beard Care Duo
  14. Rugged boyfriends might need some help getting their beards under control, and this duo is the perfect combo to get the job done. Both are subtly scented with essential oils and will keep him on the sexy side of rugged!

  15. Sneakers
  16. A good pair of sneakers is an essential for all wardrobes, and you can’t really go wrong with a pair of Nike Air Force’s, they go with just about any outfit and will always be in style.

  17. Golfing Experience
  18. If you decide to go all out for your golf loving boyfriend on your 6 month anniversary get him one of these once in a lifetime experiences from Cloud9 Living. He can get a lesson or play a game with a PGA pro or have a round on one some of the best courses in the world!

  19. Grooming Subscription
  20. He’ll always be well groomed with this monthly subscription! You can choose his age range, skin type and even his hair length to ensure he gets products that are best suited to him.

  21. Custom Etsy Poster
  22. What better way to celebrate your 6 month anniversary than with a custom poster that lets you feel like one of your favorite artists! These cool Spotify posters feature you and your honey plus the name of a song and message of your choice.

  23. Custom Decanter
  24. This beautifully engraved whiskey decanter can be customized with his name and it holds 750ml of your favorite liquor. Add the glasses for a full set that he can add to his home bar collection.

  25. Engraved Lighter
  26. This lighter is made to be used, not just to look good! The solid brass lighter casing is finished with a matte black scratch resistant surface and it’s the perfect size to carry everyday. Have a special message engraved for your anniversary!

  27. Noise Cancelling Headphones
  28. Your boyfriend will love you (even more) for these. They block out all external noise, so when he’s on the subway or catching a flight it will be just him and his music!

  29. Craftsman’s Crate
  30. Handymen and DIY’ers are in for a treat with this awesome monthly subscription. Each kit includes everything he’ll need to whip up some cool and unique hands-on projects!

  31. DIY Cocktail Kit
  32. You’ll definitely get the benefits of this gift! The kit provides you with everything you need (including the spirits!) to create unique craft cocktails in your own home. You get 4 cocktails per box too, 2 each!

  33. Water Experience
  34. Scuba diving, jet-skiing, guided kayak tours, sailing days – there are so many fun options with Cloud9 Living’s water experiences. Go along with him for a fun day out together to celebrate your 6 month anniversary.

  35. Prehistoric Whiskey Stones
  36. Now this is unique! You can guarantee he doesn’t own anything like this, or anything this old! These whiskey stones are sourced from Quebec’s seasonally snowless terrain and are quite literally hundreds of millions years old, how cool is that!

  37. Custom AirPods Case
  38. There’s nothing better than personalized gifts. This AirPods case can be customized with his initials or his name, a simple but thoughtful and useful gift for your anniversary.

  39. Mixed Tape USB
  40. Remember making mixed tapes for your significant other back in the day? Apparently it was the thing to do! Bring it back with a modern twist with this USB that features your names on the front.

  41. Slides
  42. You can guarantee that almost all boyfriends out there would be happy with a pair of slides! They are the easiest shoe to wear and so comfy for quick trips to the shop or chilling around the house.

  43. Beer Making Kit
  44. He won’t need to go to the local bar anymore to get his favorite beer, he can make it himself! This kit contains everything he needs to become the next best beer brewer.

  45. Culture Carton
  46. The culture carton delivers books and lifestyle items like accessories, leather goods, grooming products, gourmet food, and much more in order to add a little culture into his life.

  47. Whiskey Chilling Coaster Set
  48. Pair these whiskey chilling coasters with the whiskey stones or decanter set above for the ultimate whiskey lovers gift set! The chilling coasters are made from reclaimed granite, just pop them in the freezer to cool them down and then set the tumbler on them when he’s ready to drink.

  49. Baseball Park Map Glasses
  50. These baseball themed glasses are one of the best selling items on Uncommon Goods, so you know he’s going to love them if he’s a baseball fan. Each set of two whiskey glasses features a map of an iconic MLB stadium in the team’s two main colors.

  51. Hoodie
  52. A nice simple 6 month anniversary gift for him if you’re not quite at the stage of going away together or getting them engraved jewelry. What guy doesn’t love a good hoodie!

  53. Kobe Biography
  54. Any sports fan will love getting their hand on this book. The legend reveals his famously detailed approach and the steps he took to prepare mentally and physically to excel. A must for all sports fans. Check out our list of gifts for basketball lovers if you want some more inspo!

  55. Card Holder
  56. This little card holder is just what he needs for on-the-go cash and cards, say if he were taking you out on a date! There are heaps of cool colors to choose from too.

  57. Backpack with USB
  58. The ideal 6 month anniversary gift for boyfriend who go to uni or who travel a lot for work. This amazing backpack has loads of different features including a USB port for on the go charing.

  59. Recycled Ski Bottle Opener
  60. Combine his love of sports and beer with this cool wall mounted bottle opener that’s made from reclaimed skis! A great addition to his man cave or sports shrine.

    There you have our 6 Month Anniversary Gifts for Him! As always with gifting, it’s the thought that counts, so regardless of which of these awesome gifts you choose, he’s bound to love it! Still looking for gifts for him? Check out our list of small gifts for men!