35 Of The Best Small Gifts for Men (Cute!)


Just because a gift is small, doesn’t mean it can’t be cute, thoughtful and amazing! They do say that great things come in small packages, and in this case, they are right. We’ve sourced 35 of the best small gifts for men that the internet has on offer, whether it’s for his birthday, a housewarming gift, or just to show your love! Best of all, these small gifts were thought of using a data-driven approach, where we conducted research into what types of gifts men of all ages want to receive the most. So no matter the reason you are searching for a small gift, the man in your life is certain to enjoy these gems!

  1. Compact Grill
  2. This complete grilling system is designed for the adventurous, weighing in at only 9lb, it’s ideal for camping, tailgate parties and road trips.

  3. Unique Wooden Ring
  4. This super unique and cute ring combines Olive Argentina and Black Wood, to form a natural earthy look. This is a great gift for a special occassion, like an important birthday or even graduation.

  5. Google Nest Thermostat
  6. The Google Nest Thermostat will learn his schedule and the temperatures he likes and then program itself to help him save energy and stay comfortable.

  7. Poker Masterclass
  8. Daniel Negreanu, the biggest live tournament poker winner of all time, teaches poker strategy, advanced theory and practice. He will learn how to sharpen his mental game through demos on reading opponents and spotting tells. Any poker player will LOVE this experience.

  9. Wooden Bluetooth Speaker
  10. This sleek bluetooth speaker combines practicality and style. Ideal to suit the minimalist man in your life. If you’re on the hunt for more gifts for minimalists or non-matieralistic guys, check out our list.

  11. Business and Strategy Masterclass
  12. Former CEO of Disney teaches strategies for expanding a brand, leading with integrity, and making big moves. This is the perfect gift for new business owners or those thinking of taking the next step in their career.

  13. Nano Dry Towel
  14. He’ll save a tonne of space in his gym bag or on his next trip to the beach with this teeny tiny towel. Made of nanofiber, the fabric absorbs 2.3 times its weight in moisture without the bulk. How cute!

  15. Charging Bracelet
  16. You can’t get more practical than this! A stylish bracelet that houses a tiny phone charger. It’s waterproof too, so it’s great for holidays and trips where he has to travel light.

  17. Shower Beer Holder
  18. Shower beers are in a league of their own! Now, he’ll have a place to hold his beer as he cleans up for a night out. It simply grips on to glossy surfaces, like the mirror or tiles.

  19. Grill Basket
  20. The grill basket is great for grilling vegetables, shrimp, or any other small treats that you don’t want to fall into the depths of the grill, never to be seen again!

  21. Personalized Golf Balls
  22. Regardless of who you are gifting, they will love playing their next round of golf with balls that have a personalized message from you on them. Have them printed with his name, logo, or even a funny message to put him off his game!

  23. Pocket E-Reader
  24. For guys who love to read, but are always on the go. This tiny 6 inch pocket e-reader will fit easily into his pockets so he can keep up to date with his favorite titles.

  25. Driving Experience
  26. For any guy out there who loves cars and adventure, Tinggly offer some truely once in a lifetime experiences that he is sure to never forget, from riding dune buggies in Dubai, to scooting around on vespas in France! The best part is that you can join him for a truly fun and romantic experience together!

  27. Fossil Smart Watch
  28. Smartwatch, but make it fashion! This sleek Fossil smartwatch looks just like one of their classic wrist watches, but with a modern twist. Available in a range of colors to suit his style.

  29. Gordon Ramsay Masterclass
  30. Who wouldn’t want Gordon Ramsay teaching them a thing or two in the kitchen?! In this MasterClass he’ll learn to take his swearing, I mean cooking, to the next level!

  31. Digital Skipping Rope
  32. A small screen on the rope handle displays a digital jump rope counter, and allows him to input his weight so he can track the time, rotations and burned calories.

  33. Stablized Sports Camera
  34. This compact camera can be mounted just about anywhere, and the built in stablizer means his footage will be smooth and of the highest quality.

  35. Fancy Pen and Key Ring Set
  36. There’s nothing quite like the smoothness of an amazing quality pen. Not only is he getting a great gift, but just by purchasing you are supporting programs that educate and protect at-risk children in the most violent neighborhoods in America.

  37. Tile Mate
  38. Losing things is no longer an option! The Tile can be attached to just about any item that he’s prone to losing, and be called from his phone when it’s gone walkabout.

  39. Underwater Fishing Camera
  40. The GoFish Cam is a wireless underwater fishing camera that sits on his fishing line and works with a mobile app. He will love watching back all the action packed footage of the underwater world!

  41. Golf Rangefinder
  42. The golf lover in your life will get exact yardage with every shot with this laser rangefinder. This rangefinder adjusts for slop automatically, so he can be sure he is hitting the right club every time. With guaranteed accuracy, just try and stop him getting out onto the course every day!

  43. Authentic Stadium Seat Cufflinks
  44. These cufflinks made from salvaged seats of famous baseball stadiums! A unique and sentimetal gift for any baseball lover out there. He’ll have a tiny piece of his favorite game with him next time he’s suited up!

  45. Pocket DJ Mixer
  46. Forget hiring a dj for his party, with this portable dj mixer he can do it all himself. Simply plug the mixer into a phone or laptop and instantly start amping up the tunes!

  47. Bucketlist Experience
  48. Everyone’s got a few things on their bucketlist. Whether his is a motorbike tour through Vietnam or a helicopter flight over glaciers in Norway, Tinggly will have something that he will never forget!

  49. Darth Vader Wine Stopper
  50. Why cork up a wine bottle with a boring old stopper, when you could have Darth Vader do it! Any Star Wars (and wine) fan will love this! Buying for a Star Wars fan? Check out of list of Star Wars gifts!

  51. 3 In 1 Wireless Charging Pad
  52. Versatility and convenience are key here! The charging pad folds into a single-device charger and can be laid flat to wirelessly charge three devices at once. Super handy for travel and taking between home and office.

  53. Speedcube
  54. The humble Rubix Cube just got an upgrade! For all the gaming lovers out there, this next level mind teaser will keep him busy for hours, maybe even days, as we tries to wrap his mind around the puzzles.

  55. Gold Plated Golf Balls
  56. This set comes with a genuine 24k gold plated golf ball for display, and another that is gold toned that he can use on the green. We’re not sure if the gold ball will make him any better!

  57. Airpods
  58. We can’t have a list of small gifts for men without including AirPods! The ultimate small accessory, the AirPods will make his life much easier when he’s on the go.

  59. Electronic Music Production Masterclass
  60. Any aspiring dj or music producer will be in awe as they learn how to create magic by one of the biggest names in the industry. Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) teaches melodies, mixing and mastering to making unique sounds.

  61. Whiskey Stones
  62. Stainless steel icecubes, genius! His drinks will be kept cold and not be watered down with these chilling stones. Just keep in the freezer and add to any drink!

  63. Personalized Whiskey Set
  64. This be customized with his name and will bring an extra level of class to his home bar. This is a great small gift for him, be it for his birthday, as a wedding gift or a house warming gift.

  65. Magnifying Screen for Smartphone
  66. Ideal for gaming or watching his latest Netflix obsession, this 3D curved screen amplifier magnifies this smartphone screen display 2-4 times.

  67. Mini Car Vacuum
  68. This teeny tiny car vacuum can be kept in the car for those quick cleans between passengers. It easily removes dust, debris, pet hair and other car mess!

  69. Compact Camping Hammock
  70. He doesn’t need to be Bear Grylls to appreciate this hammock. It fits two people, so it’s great for camping, or even just setting up in the backyard to chill on!

    There you have our list of the best small gifts for men! Gifting your friends and family is super fun, especially if you find something that can be personalized for them or you know that they will get a lot of use out of. We hope the man in your life enjoys whichever small gift you pick for them! Still on the hunt for a gift? Check out our ultimate list of gifts for men in their 30s.