The Ultimate List of Gifts For Men in Their 30s

Gifts For Men In Their 30s

Your 30’s are when you really start stepping up to this whole “being an adult” gig, and life starts getting real. There’s everything from travel, to buying houses, moving countries, getting married, even having babies. A recent study we conducted shows that most guys in their 30’s prefer receiving experience gifts over anything else, followed closely by men keen on clothes and accessories, and finally electronics and home decor for those in their late 30s. Of course, everyone is different, so we’ve got all of that on this list, plus more! Here is the ultimate list of gifts for men in their 30s.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 30 Year Old Men

  1. Painting Made By Artificial Intelligence
  2. If he is into art or technology (especially if he is into both), then get him this unique gift. Each painting is completely dreamt up by an AI that has been trained by studying the works of famous artists on the worlds most powerful supercomputers. Every piece is sold as a 1/1 NFT (non-fungible token) that has the provenance secured on the blockchain. AND with each NFT you get to order a free 1/1 physical 20″x20″ canvas. Can it get more unique than that? I’ve personally bought a bunch of these and highly recommend.

  3. Cooking Master Class With Gordon Ramsay
  4. Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and feed him for his entire life! And who better to learn from than the legend Gordon Ramsay himself? This MasterClass will teach him everything he needs to know to cook himself gourmet meals of his own.

  5. Driving Experience
  6. Perfect for any rev head, Cloud9 living offer a range of driving experiences, from a Nascar ride along to an Italian supercar experience, in locations all over the country.

  7. Hot Sauce of The Month
  8. Hand curated by the experts at Heat Hot Sauce Shop, only the best sauces are chosen for these monthly boxes. The most delicious hot sauces will be delivered right to his door each month. Spicy!

  9. Personalized Leather Duffle Bag
  10. Ideal for guys on the go, travellers or everyday use, this high quality personalized leather duffle bag is 100% hand-made and has loads of pockets on the inside to keep all his belongings in order.

  11. Grill Master Subscription Box
  12. If he is turning into a master of the grill, this BBQ Grill master club subscription box will make for an amazing gift. Every month he will receive the best grilling and BBQ goods and supplies hand-selected by a certified BBQ pitmaster (so you know it’s good stuff!).

  13. Bluetooth Speaker
  14. Perfect for travel, weekends in with friends, or just to pump up the tunes while he’s working from home. With up to 6 hour battery life and a rugged, waterproof design, it’s good for the outdoors too!

  15. Fancy Sock Subscription Box
  16. Gifting socks doesn’t have to be boring, like when grandma does it. These high quality, professional dress socks will stay in place and keep you comfortable all day. Delivered to his door each month!

  17. Running Themed Subscription Box
  18. Believe it or not, there are people out there who run for enjoyment! This subscription box is a great gift for his 30th birthday if he is one of these people. Each box contains athletic wear, healthy snacks, recovery aids and fitness accessories.

  19. Personalized Leather Portfolio
  20. His documents and workday essentials will be kept safe and looking stylish. Made of genuine Italian leather, his initials can be pressed onto the inside, adding a nice personal touch.

  21. Mixology MasterClass
  22. Help him step up his cocktail game with this mixology MasterClass. It is taught by 2 famous bartenders who are experts in their craft and will help him make some deliciously fancy drinks. Pair this gift with the next one to give him everything he needs!

  23. Cocktail Subscription Box
  24. What man in their 30s wouldn’t be jumping for joy for an amazing gift like this?! Every month they will be shipped a delicious cocktail recipe, along with all the necessary ingredients to create it. A great way for them to discover their favorite drinks!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 31 Year Old Men

  25. The Hop-Heads Beer Club Subscription
  26. By the time he turns 31, he has probably fallen in love with hoppy beers like IPAs. This is the perfect gift for ‘hop-heads’, as every month they will receive a variety of hoppy beers, a newsletter detailing the tasting nodes of each and what food goes best with it, and even a free bottle opener!

  27. Noise Cancelling Headphones
  28. Every guy loves beats headphones. These are essential for travelling, studying or just chilling out listening to his favourite tunes. The over-ear cushioning allows for extended wear, ideal for long haul flights or long nights on the laptop.

  29. Patio Foosball Drink Cooler
  30. Foosball + Ice cold drinks = big success. This drink cooler doubles as a foosball table that will always help get the party started!

  31. Magnetic Chess Set
  32. If he has seen the series Queens Gambit on Netflix, how can he not want a chess set of his own?! This set comes with 2 extra queens and is magnetic so the pieces will always stick to the board. Genius!

  33. Gentlemen’s Subscription Box
  34. Delivered each quarter, each box contains carefully selected items valued at over $300, including fashion, technology and lifestyle that will make him feel, look and act more like a true gentleman.

  35. Beeropoly
  36. Start the night off right with this fun drinking game. Take turns rolling the dice and moving your bottle cap across the board, while completing challenges along the way. Great for parties or nights in with friends.

  37. Apple Watch
  38. A more traditional milestone gift with a modern twist. These Apple smart watches have an activity tracker, Apple Pay, a GPS, and they can also be synced to receive notifications like texts and social media alerts.

  39. Escape Room Subscription Box
  40. All the fun of an escape room, delivered right to his door! This bi-monthly subscription will have him spending the first year of his 30’s working on different puzzles.

  41. Birthday Experience
  42. Ensure his first birthday in his 30’s is spent doing something epic. Choose from a range of fun days out anywhere in the world, from chilled days with a loved one, to something more extreme on his own.

  43. Food or Drink Experience
  44. Choose from the location closest to him, or somewhere you know he is keen to travel, and book him in for a day of delicious food or drink. From dinner cruises in LA, to private cooking classes, there’s sure to be something he will enjoy.

  45. Wireless Charger
  46. Charge all his devices at once, without having cords all over the place. This compact charging mat can charge 3 Apple gadgets at the same time, super handy!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 32 Year Old Men

  47. Car Care Subscription Box
  48. Car lover? Yes? With detailing products, towels, and accessories from top car care brands, he will get to spend extra time making his car look its best.

  49. Monthly Food Subscription
  50. Treat his tastebuds to a delicious food delivery, either as a once off, or as a monthly subscription. Mouth offer some really cool and unique boxes, including indie snacks from around America, jams, pickles, you name it!

  51. Romantic Mini Getaway
  52. A romantic getaway for him and his love is an epic gift for his 32nd birthday. Choose from hotels all over the world for an experience they’ll always remember.

  53. Air Pods
  54. He will love listening to his favorite music and podcasts with the clarity and convenience of AirPods. They charge quickly in their case, so they are always ready when he is!

  55. Airpods Case
  56. Nobody should own airpods and not have an amazing case to go with them! Pimp My Pods specializes in producing some of the coolest and most unique airpod cases the world has to offer. And for a very affordable price! From basketball players, to soccer players, and even some snakeskin/marble designs, these guys will have something he’ll love.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 33 Year Old Men

  57. Action and Adventure Activity
  58. Fly a helicopter, attend bull riding school, or learn to fly on a trapeze! Cloud9 living have a bunch of awesome experiences to kick off his big 33rd birthday!

  59. Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set
  60. You can’t go wrong with a personalized decanter and tumbler set for whiskey lovers. He’ll feel super fancy as he sits back and sips his drink of choice from a glass with his name on it!

  61. Personalized Drink Cooler With Bluetooth Speakers
  62. Personalizing items is such a great way to add a touch more sentiment to any gift. This outdoor drink cooler is going to become an essential for any bbq lover and party host alike – and the built in bluetooth speakers will be a hit!

  63. Dream Beard Shampoo
  64. Tame the bushy mess attached to his face with some great quality beard shampoo! Certified Organic, Paraben Free, and Sulfate Free means his facial hair will be silky and soft from now on.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 34 Year Old Men

  65. Cool Coasters
  66. This set of four coasters are tiny replicas of real industrial palettes. Keep his surfaces free from condensation and his decor looking cool and modern.

  67. Mountain Bike
  68. With maximum durability and shock absorption, this mountain bikes 26” wheels and aluminium rims can tackle tough terrain. Perfect for lovers of the great outdoors!

  69. Smartphone Holder
  70. These creative smartphone holders will add a little something extra to his desk or bedside table. They can hold his phone horizontally or vertically, perfect for completing tasks while talking or video calling handsfree!

  71. Razor Holder
  72. This cute little guy will keep his razor safe and sound between shaves. It easily sticks to windows or tiles, and will be a great source of moustache inspo!

  73. Personalized Golf Balls
  74. Personalized sporting goods, such a great gift! If he’s a golf lover, customize these balls with his first or last name and the year, or a funny picture for a gift he will love and be able to use for years.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 35 Year Old Men

  75. Coffee Of The Month
  76. For all the coffee lovers out there, he’ll get selected blends delivered to his door each month and get to sample different coffee flavors from all over the world.

  77. Bucket List Experience
  78. Halfway through his 30s, he may be ticking off some bucket list items as he travels the world, or even just over the weekend in his own city. Tinggly offer a bunch of really incredible experiences all over the word, so he’ll be able to tick something off the list no matter where he is.

  79. Hilarious Birthday Card
  80. If you plan on gifting your mate a voucher or some cash for his birthday and need the perfect card to house them, here it is. I need not explain the hilarity behind this!

  81. Keto Snack Box
  82. Help him with his fitness goals by gifting him this low-carb keto gift box. Every month, he will be showered with healthy, low-carb snacks that will help him lose weight and achieve his goals. A very healthy and practical gift for any guy looking to lose weight!

  83. Google Nest Hub Max
  84. If he’s a family man and loves all things tech, the Google Nest Hub Max is going to be a great gift for him. Leave video messages and make video calls, set reminders, even watch what’s going on at home when he’s out of town or at the office.

  85. Sports Watch
  86. If he’s into traditional watches over smartwatches, a sleek sports watch like this is a great addition to his collection. He can keep track of the date, and with the 5-bar water resistance, it won’t matter if he gets it wet in the shower.

  87. Scotch Infused Toothpicks
  88. Infused with single malt scotch, the generously sized toothpicks are soaked in premium scotch and then kiln dried. Flavors are released by gently biting the picks. He’ll feel super fancy chewing on these!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 36 Year Old Men

  89. Flying Experience
  90. Whether he’s into sightseeing and taking in the views, or wants to get his adrenaline pumping by jumping out of a plane, there’ll be something amazing for him with Cloud9 Living’s awesome flight experiences.

  91. Sound Bar
  92. This is a great gift if he takes his movie and Netflix watching and music listening seriously. He can control the sound bar with the Sonos app, or hands-free with built-in Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice control.

  93. Running Shoes
  94. His feet will be well supported and feel the ultimate level of comfort as he jogs, hikes, or simply walks in his new shoes. The segmented crash pad helps absorb shock to cushion every stride.

  95. Bottle Loft
  96. Save space in the fridge and have his favorite bottled beverages easily accessible. These super strong magnetic strips keep any bottled drink chilling on the ceiling of your fridge.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 37 Year Old Men

  97. Fun Together Experience
  98. He will love getting to spend his special day with his significant other, or even one of his mates. Choose from a range of fun and adventurous days out for two, either close to home or somewhere he wants to take a holiday!

  99. Fancy Barware
  100. An awesome addition to any home bar, he’ll impress his guests with his cocktail making abilities and his new stylish barware.

  101. Wine To Go
  102. Choose two delicious drops for him to enjoy anywhere. This set includes a 2 bottle wine caddy and a corkscrew, making it perfect for dinner at a friends place, or romantic picnics on the beach!

  103. Star Wars Wall Art
  104. Just because he’s in his mid 30’s, doesn’t mean he’s out growing his obsession with Star Wars! This canvas print is a great addition to his man cave, office, even his bathroom if he so desires. Looking for other Star Wars gifts? Check out our ultimate gift list for Star Wars lovers.

  105. Basketball Dart Board
  106. Combine his love of basketball with the fun of darts. This cool and unique dartboard will have him scoring bulls-eyes and slam dunks on his birthday! For more awesome basketball gifts, check out our other list on the most unique gifts for basketball lovers.

  107. Luggage
  108. Whether he’s setting off on a holiday with his family, or traveling frequently for work, he’ll be set to go with a new suitcase. Spacious on the inside and strong and sturdy on the outside, perfect!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 38 Year Old Men

  109. Wooden Cufflinks
  110. Stylish and tarnish resistant cuff links, plated with rhodium and a sleek wood accent, perfect for formal or semi-formal occasions. Personalize them with his initials for a sentimental gift.

  111. Personalized Beer Tub
  112. Enjoy a nice cold beer every time with this cool (literally) personalized beer tub. Perfect for a mans porch or outside area, and have it say whatever you want on the front!.

  113. A Nice Shirt
  114. Every guy needs a collection of quality shirts for various occasions. Wether he’s wearing it to work, to a meet the in-laws or to a wedding, he’ll be good to go.

  115. Ultimate Shaving Kit
  116. Some guys take their grooming seriously, this 4 piece set will keep him clean shaven and add a touch of sophistication to his shaving routine. The brush can be personalized with any initial too!

  117. Life and Culture Experience
  118. From private cooking lessons, to dancing lessons, to art classes, there are so many activities offered by Cloud9 Living to keep him busy and learning new skills on his birthday!

  119. Personalized Grill Tools
  120. Any grill master is going to be stoked to have their own personalized grill set! This kit includes everything he needs to cook up a serious feast, and is customized with his name for a nice personal touch.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 39 Year Old Men

  121. Luxury Cigar Subscription Box
  122. At 39 years old he might already be a fan of cigars, and this luxury cigar subscription box is a special gift that will spoil him every month with premium cigars!

  123. Golfing Experience
  124. What better way to spend the last year in his 30’s than on the golfing green. Cloud9 Living offer lessons for beginners and private rounds with some of the greatest golfing pros!

  125. Man Soap
  126. This set of three soaps contains a deep cleansing bar, a revitalizing bar and a hydrating bar, each with their own unique and manly scent!

  127. Cool Sunglasses
  128. With the weather warming up now, it’s the perfect time to get him some cool new shades. Quay have a huge range of styles to suit whatever look he’s going for.

  129. Barbecue
  130. Take his love of grilling to the next level with this impressive cooking station. Ideal for family cooks up and parties, this grill can fit up to 28 burgers at one time!

  131. Urban Map Glasses
  132. These cool glasses feature the streets of some of the most iconic cities in America. Choose his favourite city for a personal touch that he’ll love. These would be a great housewarming gift too!

  133. Cool Shirt
  134. A neat casual shirt is an essential in any guys wardrobe. From the office to after work drinks, or weekend dinners with the family, you can’t go wrong!

    Well, there is our epic list of the best gifts for guys in their 30’s! Obviously these gifts can be interchanged between ages, but hopefully it’s given you some cool inspo for whoever you are gifting! If you’re getting him an experience gift, make sure he takes you!