The Best List of Gifts for Men in Their 50’s

Gifts for men in their 50s

He’s in the prime of his life come his 50’s, so it’s time to get serious about gift giving. He’ll probably tell you he doesn’t need or want anything, but don’t listen to him! Everyone wants to feel special and loved on their birthday, regardless of their age. So, what to get!? We recently conducted a survey that shows men in their 50’s particularly like receiving experience gifts, clothing and accessories and alcohol. Easy! We’ve searched high and low to bring together the best there is on offer for your special man on this special day. So, here is the ultimate list of gifts for men in their 50’s.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 50 Year Old Men

  1. Cocktail Kit Subscription Box
  2. Each of these subscription boxes provides everything he’ll need to create unique craft cocktails in his own home. There’s enough for 4 cocktails per box, so with any luck you’ll get to try them too!

  3. Wearable Acupressure Relief
  4. This brilliant little tool provides pressure to the LI4 acupressure point, one of the most powerful points on your body! It provides a natural relief of headaches and tension.

  5. Water Activity
  6. Whether he wants to go on a kayaking adventure in San Diego or on a romantic river cruise with his love, the water activities from Virgin Experiences will tick all the boxexs

  7. Painting Made By Artificial Intelligence
  8. If he is at all into art, technology, or both, then this is the perfect gift for him. Each painting is completely dreamt up by an AI that has been trained by studying the works of famous artists. The results are truly amazing, and the coolest part is – they only sell each painting ONCE!

  9. Action and Adventure Experience
  10. Celebrate 50 years with an action packed adventure that he will never forget. Virgin Experiences offer everything from fly fishing to bull riding school. Something to tick off his bucket list on his 50th!

  11. Jerky Subscription Box
  12. For all the jerky lovers out there! Each month he’ll receive a unique selection of gourmet jerky and beef sticks that can’t be found at the local store.

  13. Personalized Grilling Set
  14. His next BBQ will be extra special because he’ll be using his new personalized utensils! With his name displayed on the front of the case, he’ll cook with pride!

  15. Smart Watch
  16. A great milestone gift, this smart watch goes days without needing to be charged. He’ll be able to rest well and stay active with built-in health tracking and instant connection to his other smart devices.

  17. Beer Subscription
  18. This is a great one for your dad or boss, a subscription full of beer! Each subscription contains rare, fresh beers each month.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 51 Year Old Men

  19. Southern Cigar Co Subscription Box
  20. Each month he will receive a collection of the worlds best cigars, right at his doorstep! The first box also includes a cigar torch lighter and a free cutter. A great way for him to experience the flavors of the world without leaving home.

  21. Homemade Sauce Press
  22. Making his own sauce will become his new thing! The top is a small device used for nearly 100 years by top chefs and home cooks. He’ll just need to fill the hopper with his desired ingredients and turn the handle to puree them directly into the mason jar. Yum!

  23. Flying Experience
  24. From flying a cessna to hang gliding lessons, celebrating his 51st birthday will be a day he will never forget thanks to Virgin Experiences flying experiences!

  25. Puffer Vest
  26. Can’t you just imagine him on a fishing trip or a hike rocking this vest?! With a bunch of pockets for his phone, keys, cash and other essentials, it will keep him warm and organized.

  27. New Grill
  28. Perfect for summer night cook ups with the family, he’ll be able to proudly grill up his signature burgers and steaks for everyone to enjoy.

  29. Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Opener
  30. Now THIS will impress any baseball fanatic! Handmade from authentic game-day bats swung by MLB™ players, each bottle opener comes with a story card and which game the bat was used in.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 52 Year Old Men

  31. Aviation Prints
  32. These prints would make a great birthday present for your dad, uncle or boss who has a love for aviation. A super unique addition to his office or living space.

  33. Wooden Valet and Amplifier
  34. A space for all the bits and pieces that he empties from his pockets at the end of the day. Plus the built in amp means he can pump out his favorite jams at the end of a long day.

  35. Escape Room Subscription
  36. This best selling subscription of fun and exciting puzzles and challenges will keep any arm-chair detective busy and entertained! Each month is a different theme!

  37. Online Experience
  38. He doesn’t even have to leave the house to enjoy this gift! The online and virtual experiences on offer from Virgin Experiences range from online cooking classes to virtual stargazing!

  39. Air Pods
  40. Having hands free earphones is a game changer. AirPods are great for sporty and busy men who can’t have cords getting in their way. These ones are quick charge too, an extra bonus!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 53 Year Old Men

  41. Hot Sauce Subscription Box
  42. Hot sauce for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Each month he will receive the best hot sauces from around the world, enough to make his mouth water, both from deliciousness and spiciness!

  43. Rain Jacket
  44. If he’s into the great outdoors, fishing, hiking, long walks, you name it – then this rain jacket will become a staple in his closet. The waterproof fabric will keep him warm and dry!

  45. NHL Game Used Hockey Puck Bottle Opener
  46. Any NHL fan will go crazy for these used hockey pucks turn bottle openers. You can guarantee that this once in a life time gift will be a winner!

  47. Superman Experience
  48. Tinggly will give him a birthday he never forgets. No matter what he enjoys, there’ll be an experience for him under the Superman Experience category. From a tour of Universal Studios in LA, to a wildlife Safari in Wyoming, they cover it all!

  49. Whiskey Wedge Glass
  50. Any whiskey lover will appreciate this! The whiskey glass has a silicone mold for freezing ice diagonally in the glass so as to not water down his drink.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 54 Year Old Men

  51. Bluetooth Car Speaker
  52. He’s not getting any younger, which means he is probably starting to listen to his music at full volume! This bluetooth speaker clips into his car with ease so he can enjoy his favorite tunes or podcast as loud as he likes!

  53. Monthly Victory Box
  54. Keep him look sharp with this awesome monthly subscription box that delivers high quality fashion accessories and lifestyle products each month, including ties, socks, tie clips, lapel pins, grooming products and more!

  55. Pistachio Pedestal
  56. I can see it now, he’s sitting on the sofa watching the game, beer by his side and a plate of nuts close by, shells all over the place. Well that’s about to change! This genius little plate has a seperate tray for keeping the messy shells in order before they are tossed away.

  57. Beer Caddy With Bottle Opener
  58. This is super handy for days out with a six-pack! The case comes with a removable six-pack separator to keep brews safe and ice cold and has an attached bottle opener.

  59. Golfing Experience
  60. He will never forget this gift is he is a fan of golf. Virgin Experiences have experiences like playing a round of golf with a PGA Pro, putting lessons with some of the best in the biz, and rounds of golf on some of the most iconic courses.

  61. Leather Briefcase
  62. This dreamy briefcase has plenty of room for all of this essentials and will have him looking very stylish indeed!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 55 Year Old Men

  63. Personalized Whiskey Barrel
  64. Add a super cool and unique piece to his bar collection, a whiskey barrel with his name on it! These barrels are made of natural oak and available in 3 sizes (1 – 3 litres). They can be used for ageing his favorite spirits too!

  65. Wine Subscription
  66. Wine of the month? Yes please! Each month your man will receive bottles of wine from award-winning boutique vineyards, you can’t get better than that for wine lovers.

  67. Portable Grill
  68. This brilliant little kit is ideal for all the outdoor lovers who have always wanted to grill on the go! For starters, the kit weighs a portable 10 pounds and comes in a waterproof case. It’s easy to clean and has a non-stick grill, ideal for his next day hike or family beach and camping trips!

  69. Unforgettable Driving Experience
  70. From riding vespas through France, to desert motorbike tours in Dubai, he will never forget an experience like this! There are experiences closer to home too!

  71. Baseball Stadium Blueprints
  72. A cool piece of artwork for his man cave or office space, any baseball lover will appreciate the vintage blueprint aesthetic of these art prints.

  73. Post Fly Subscription Box
  74. Subscription boxes make them feel like they’re celebrating their birthday with every delivery. This monthly box for fishing lovers includes 12-15 trout flies or 4-6 bass/warm water or salt water flies, available for trout, bass, and salt water fly fishing.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 56 Year Old Men

  75. Solitary Bee Hive
  76. Inspire him to take up a new hobby, bee keeping! This cool bee condo provides protection and an ideal home to raise baby bees. Hang in a sunny spot facing southeast to catch morning sun. Full instructions included.

  77. Nike Sneakers
  78. These sneakers are strictly not to be worn with jeans! Keep him active and on the go with a comfy pair of sneakers that will last a lifetime!

  79. Food and Wine Experience
  80. Virgin Experiences offer an awesome range of experience for food and wine lovers. There’s something for everyone, and a nice memorable way to spend his birthday with his loved ones.

  81. Heavy Duty Apron
  82. Whether he’s tinkering away in his shed or working on the house, this top grain leather apron is just what he needs! The double stitched tool pockets and thick top and bottom hems add strength and structure.

  83. Personalized Amp Clock
  84. No doubt he has some amazing memories from is youth, rocking out with his mates in their garage band, or head banging in an arena to his favorite rock band. This clock is a tribute to electric guitar amplifiers of the 1950s with a customizable nameplate.

  85. Beard Care Club Subscription Box
  86. By his mid-fifties, he could be rocking one serious beard! This monthly box delivers balms and oils to keep his beard in check and looking sleek and silver fox-esque.

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  87. Basic Man Subscription
  88. Despite the name, this gift is anything but basic! Filled with daily essentials that he’ll wear day in, day out, this subscription is a great gift for dad’s or husbands!

  89. NYC Skyline Chess Set
  90. A unique take on a classic game, the chess pieces are reimagined as structures from around the iconic New York City. Fun to play with the family or keep set up as decor in his man cave.

  91. Golf Balls Subscription
  92. This subscription of used golf balls is perfect for any golfer in your life. The balls, despite being used, are in perfect condition and each box is filled with Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1X Golf Balls.

  93. Golf Club Set
  94. You’re getting him the balls, you may as well get him the clubs too! If he’s not already right into his golfing, he soon will be! This best selling set of clubs is all he’ll need to get out on the course and hit some holes in one!

  95. Smart Pack Travel Set
  96. When he sets off on his next trip, these space-saving expandable packing cubes and bags will be his go-to. Each one is marked on the outside, so he’ll know what goes where, and they’re constructed from durable, water-resistant fabric.

  97. Wooden Cufflinks
  98. These cufflinks are made from whiskey barrel pieces and are cut from a once-used barrel from the Jack Daniel’s distillery. So not only will he look sharp, he’ll have a unique conversation piece too!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 58 Year Old Men

  99. Razor Holder, Sharpener and Holder
  100. This 3-in-1 device will increase the lifespan of his razor by preventing oxidization, and keep blades clean between shaves while being stored safely in the holder.

  101. Fire Pit
  102. For lovers of backyard barbecues with the family and nights on the deck with friends, this fire pit is something he will be able to enjoy for years!

  103. Scenic Cruise
  104. Whale watching, riverboat cruises or a romantic sunset dinner on a yacht – these are just a few of the incredible experiences he has to choose from with his Virgin Experiences adventure!

  105. Wine Chilling Coasters
  106. These freezable reclaimed granite coasters keep glasses cold between each sip. Whether he’s enjoying a wine or a glass or his favorite liquor, this is a birthday gift he’ll enjoy over and over!

  107. Mountain View Knife Rack
  108. A beautiful wall-mounted panel that’s cut to resemble a mountain range, with a strong magnet beneath the surface that will keep all of his best knives up and out of the way.

  109. Plush Robe
  110. There’s nothing better than a giant plush robe, and this one is of 5 star hotel quality. He will feel like a king in his new robe!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 59 Year Old Men

  111. Mini Getaway
  112. Spending his final birthday before the big 6-0 with his family and friends will be extra special with one of Tinggly’s getaway experiences. Pick from destinations all over the world!

  113. Classic Watch
  114. Celebrate 59 years with a classic watch. Even if he is not a watch wearer, this one might convert him!

  115. Stone Drink Dispenser
  116. No doubt there will be a few bottles gifted to him for his 59th, and he’ll be able to enjoy them in a whole new way. This unique dispenser takes having a scotch on the rocks to a whole new level!

  117. Bedside Caddy
  118. All of his essentials will be kept nice and handy with this convenient storage pocket that slips under his mattress or under sofa cushions.

  119. Magnetic Bookmark
  120. If he has a habit of falling asleep while he’s reading (happens to the best of us) then this is an easy way to keep his place! Simply clip it onto the page when he’s feeling sleepy if he drifts off, it won’t matter!

  121. Sports Book Subscription
  122. Now this is cool! If he’s well into sports of all kinds and loves to read, this is perfect for him. Each month he’ll receive the most popular sporting books on the market.

  123. Sofa Arm Rest
  124. In his final year in his 50’s he’ll be able to put his feet up and relax and have all his essentials at hand. This handy table sits over most couch arms, so he’ll never misplace the remote or ask you to pass his glasses again!

    So there’s our epic list of the best gifts for men in their 50’s! Naturally, everyone is different so these gifts can be seamlessly interchanged between ages depending on what he’s into! Hopefully we have given you a great place to start your gifting journey. Don’t forget, the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart and have meaning to the recipient, so good luck!