21 Best Gifts For Non-Materialistic Men

21 Simple Gifts For Non-Materialistic Men

Finding gifts for non-materialistic guys is a challenge. You want the gift to be personal without going overboard, and you don’t want it to build up clutter. According to our research, men like receiving experience gifts the most, so gift accordingly! Fortunately for you, we have scoured the web and put together a list of the best gifts for non-materialistic men that they will love!

  1. Cooking Master Class With Gordon Ramsay
  2. This is the least material gift out there… it’s fully virtual! The age old expression goes: give a man a fish and feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and feed him for his entire life! Well, who better to learn from than the MasterChef himself? In this MasterClass, Gordon Ramsay will teach him everything he needs to know to cook himself gourmet meals of his own.

  3. Driving Experience
  4. A great non-material gift for any guy who loves fast and expensive cars. Cloud9 living offer a range of driving experiences, from a Nascar ride along to an Italian supercar experience, in locations all over the country.

  5. Wireless Charger
  6. Finally he can get rid of all those pesky cords all over the place! This little contraption here is the perfect gift for non-materialistic men as it can can charge all his devices at once with the same charger. No clutter!

  7. Meditation and Mindfulness MasterClass
  8. Ahhhh the non-materialistic gift of learning to chill out. What could be better?! Now is the perfect time for your guy to take some zen time for himself and master the art of mediation from the comfort of his own home. If he is currently stuck at home, check out our hilarious gifts for someone stuck in quarantine.

  9. Birthday Experience
  10. If you are looking for a non-material gift for his birthday, get him this happy birthday experience gift box from Tinggly. With this gift, he gets to choose the experience, whenever and whatever he wants. From whale watching, to bungee jumping, and all the fun things in between. Fun!

  11. Hot Sauce of The Month
  12. Another fantastic gift that men will absolutely love. Subscription boxes only come once a month and are great for non-materialistic people. Only the best sauces are chosen for these monthly boxes, and they will be delivered right to his door each month. Spicy!

  13. Food or Drink Experience
  14. With Cloud 9 Living, you can book a food or drink experience closest to him, and bring yourself along for the ride. Experiences are an amazing way to strengthen a relationship, and everybody loves a fun adventure full of food and drinks!

  15. Simplistic Tourmaline Bracelet
  16. This simple guys bracelet is the perfect accessory for adding a little something to an everyday outfit, without going over the top. Black tourmaline is said to deflect negative energy too!

  17. Romantic Mini Getaway
  18. Experience gifts with the ones you love are the best! Spend 3 days in a destination of their choice. From the beaches of Australia, to the cities of Europe, the choice is theirs with this awesome 3 Days in 100 Cities from Tinggly.

  19. Sofa Arm Table
  20. Designed with folding sides that adjust from narrow to wide to fit any sofa or armchair, the sofa trays can be used to hold cups, or as a great alternative to a small end table. Super practical and won’t create any clutter, making it a great gift for non-materialistic men.

  21. Random Acts of Kindness Kit
  22. This is a perfect gift for non-materialistic guys. With the 26 cards in each kit, recipients are prompted to pick up someone else’s tab at a restaurant, write a letter to someone who inspired you, pick up the trash on their street, give genuine compliments and so much more!

  23. Kindle
  24. An awesome alternative to a house full of books or magazines, a Kindle is a super simple way to read a ton of material either at home or on the go. This is a great gift for non-materialistic men who hate clutter!

  25. 50 States Traveled Journal
  26. This is a great gift for any non-materialistic guy about to set off on his travels. Each state has two pages of prompts to help commemorate the journey, including spots for the cities visited, best meals and funniest moments.

  27. Spanish Lessons
  28. Gifting experiences and educational courses is a great idea for anyone who isn’t into materialistic possessions. And Spanish happens to be one of the sexiest and most useful languages out there. Choose from a range of courses suited for varied levels of experience and outcomes. A gift that will last a lifetime!

  29. Personalised Socks
  30. A simple yet personal gift for non-materialistic guys, socks are something you know he’s going to use. This set of five are customised with any name, date or phrase that you choose.

  31. Whiskey Wedge and Glass
  32. This nifty tool is perfect for any whiskey lovers out there. Simply freeze water in the glass with the silicone ice form inserted; ice freezes in the shape of a wedge on one side of the glass and keeps drinks colder for longer.

  33. Pencil Puzzle
  34. Puzzles and hands on games are great gifts for guys who aren’t into materialistic things, and this 1000 piece puzzle will keep him busy for ages! He could even frame it upon completion and hang it up at home for a cool handmade piece of wall art!

  35. Plain Hoodie
  36. You really can’t go wrong with a plain black hoodie. Whether he wears it to work, or just chilling around the house, a good hoodie is an essential item in any guys wardrobe, materialistic or not!

  37. Reusable Straw
  38. Get your guy to do his bit for the environment with a reusable straw. The telescoping, reusable straw is convenient and a step towards a plastic free ocean!

  39. Giant Jenga
  40. An awesome gift for guys who love to spend time outside with mates, and doesn’t mind some competition! Perfect for parties, days at the beach, or games nights with friends.

  41. Mounted Wall Shelves
  42. Super stylish and a simple but useful addition to any home office or bedroom. Great for organization of small areas and for storing books, office supplies or a little indoor plant. Organizational gifts are always loved by non-materialistic men!

    Thanks for checking out our list of gifts for non-materialistic guys! Simple, but useful items that they can use or do, rather than just have. We hope whoever you are buying for loves whatever you choose for them!