25 Special 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

25 Special 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

Turning 50 is a monumental occasion, which can make gifting someone on their 50th birthday a tad difficult. For someone like your husband, dad, favorite uncle or brother, you want to go big and bold to truly celebrate the half century milestone. We’ve covered all of the above, with gifts that will knock his socks off, and funny gifts that will make him laugh! So let’s get right to it: here are the most special 50th birthday gift ideas for men.

  1. Experience Happy Birthday Gift Box
  2. In case you haven’t heard, people LOVE experience gifts, and what better way to celebrate turning 50 then gifting a beautiful memory?! This gift box is amazing. You can get it personally delivered to the recipient, and they get to choose an experience of their dreams from hundreds of fun options. If you’re lucky, they’ll choose you to go with them!

  3. Smartwatch
  4. A more traditional “watch” looking smartwatch for him, this bad boy features heart rate & activity tracking, has built in GPS for distance tracking, is swim proof plus heaps more.

  5. Custom Sports Coasters
  6. You really can’t go wrong with personalized sports gifts. These wooden coasters are lazer engraved with your last name and favourite sports team, making them a super cool and personal gift for his 50th birthday.

  7. Personalized Golf Ball Markers
  8. Sticking with the on personalized sports memorabilia theme, but this time we’re moving onto golf. All golfers need ball markers, so why not make them personal! If golf is his thing, he’ll appreciate these.

  9. Upcycled Granite Whiskey Chilling Stones
  10. For the lovers of a stiff drink, this set of 6 handcrafted chilling stones are made from natural granite and come with tumbler glasses and a hardwood tray. Keep his drink cold without diluting it!

  11. Golf Ball Whiskey Glass
  12. Pair his new whiskey chilling stones with this cool golf ball designed glass. Perfect for lovers of golf, and an ideal 50th gift for your favourite boss or coworker.

  13. Vinyl Record Holder
  14. Does he have a bustling record collection that needs some sorting out? This sleek black stand can hold up to 120 records, depending on which size you order, and can also be used for holding books.

  15. Fish Finder
  16. Any fishing enthusiast needs this gadget in his kit. Clear Vü Scanning Sonar Shows whats is in the water around the boat. It’s easy to use and provides a wide range of information that means more fish!

  17. Poker Chip Set
  18. Add to his man cave or his games night collection with this poker chip carousel. It includes 50 white, 50 red, 50 green, 25 blue and 25 black chips and will make him feel like he’s in Vegas.

  19. Bar Tending Kit
  20. A great gift for any at home bar enthusiast. This complete set contains products such as a 3-tier salt rimmer, juice containers, and everything else he needs to serve up some amazing cocktails.

  21. AirPods
  22. He’ll love being able to listen to all his favourite tunes, podcasts or audiobooks with the convenience of the AirPods. A great 50th gift for dads or husbands!

  23. Bullet Casing Shot Glasses
  24. A great addition to any man cave or bar, these two ceramic shot glasses are shaped like shiny gold 50 calibre bullet casings. He can put them to use on his 50th birthday.

  25. City Brewery Tour
  26. Treat him to a great day out at a behind the scenes tour of a brewery! Choose his nearest city and let him enjoy an awesome day out sipping on his favourite flavours. A great gift for non-materialistic men.

  27. Kindle
  28. Kindle’s are such a great gift for anyone who loves to read but doesn’t have the space for a ton of books. He’ll have access to millions of titles, and the adjustable front light means he can read comfortably from day to night.

  29. Sofa Arm Tray
  30. Made from top quality bamboo, this arm tray table fits on any sized sofa. Perfect for resting his morning coffee on or his Friday night wine.

  31. Outdoor and Adrenaline Experience
  32. Get his heart rate up for his 50th with an experience he will never forget. From bungee jumping to paint balling to skateboard lessons, there’s a bunch to choose from no matter what he’s into.

  33. Eco Plus
  34. Easy to set up and pair with his smartphone, he can voice control his music, check the weather or find out the words to his favourite Beatles song, plus a bunch of other features that he’s sure to find useful.

  35. Gardeners Tool Seat
  36. If he spends hours in the garden, this lightweight garden stool combines the features of a tool bag and a folding chair. Ideal to keep him organized in the garden!

  37. Lawn Mower
  38. If he loves his lawn, he’ll love being able to keep it looking sharp with a new lawnmower. Its battery-powered motor makes for quick and tidy work.

  39. Driving Experience
  40. If cars are more his thing, why not gift him with an unforgettable experience like a fast car ride along, or getting behind the wheel of a sports car for the day.

  41. Portable Outdoor Heater
  42. Keep him and his guests warm when they’re enjoying the outdoors with this portable outdoor heater. Small enough to suit small yards, but powerful enough to keep everyone warm even in large yards.

  43. Man Can Spa Gift
  44. For all the silver foxes out there who love to manscape, this luxury set includes scrub soap, heavy-duty hand butter, spicy shave gel and more. He’ll be looking 50 and fine with these.

  45. Grill Brush
  46. Grilling will never be the same for him once he’s scrubbed his grill down with this bad boy. The brush features two continuous springs to get the grease and food particles off your grill grates.

  47. Master of The Grill
  48. On the topic of grilling, this gift basket is any barbecue lovers dream. Filled with the yummiest snacks, marinades and condiments to enhance his barbecuing experience.

  49. Coffee Maker
  50. What human being doesn’t want to brew their own cafe style quality at home? This tiny machine will fit in any space, be it his kitchen or office, it’s super easy to use and the removable drip tray means he can fill his travel mugs too.

    There you have our top picks for gifts for his 50th birthday. Such a memorable occasion deserves to be celebrated, so we hope whoever you’re buying for gets a nice surprise no matter what unique gift you choose to go with!