28 Best 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Women

28 Best 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Women

50 is the new 30. 50 year olds today are performing at the Super Bowl Half Time Show and running marathons, which means getting a gift for her 50th birthday needs to reflect the young at heart bad ass that she is. The traditional gift for a 50th birthday is gold, but women that have hit the half century mark actually crave experience gifts, clothing and accessories, and home decor gifts the most. To that end, we’ve got personalized gifts, practical household items and experiences she will never forget on our list of 50th birthday gift ideas for women.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  2. A ride in a hot air balloon is usually a once in a lifetime experience, so it makes sense to gift her something this epic on her 50th birthday. Choose a location nearest to her – or not, and make a little vacation out of it!

  3. Serenity Crystal Bundle
  4. This serenity crystal bundle comes with the most calming of crystals. All three of Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz are included in the package, all of which are said to calm the mind, boost self-esteem, and bring you positivity.

  5. Mini Getaway
  6. Tinggly offers mini getaways in over 100 locations. This is a great gift for your bestie, wife or mom. Book yourselves a girls weekend in your favourite city, or make a vacation out of it and pack your suitcase and passport!

  7. Personalized Bracelet
  8. This is a good one for mom or aunty, or someone you are really close with. Each bracelet is hand stamped with a name, special date or even a favourite quote, so you can make it super sentimental.

  9. Swivel Cheese Board and Knives
  10. A great gift for lovers of entertaining – and cheese! Made of bamboo, this cheese board converts to a multi-level wheel and incorporates storage for serving tools. So cool!

  11. Learning and Discovery Experience
  12. Great American Days offer a bunch of different experiences that she can do in a day. Whether she is keen on taking up surfing, flying on a trapeze or taking a movie and tv tour around town, she’ll be sure to remember her experience for years to come, and it could be a really fun thing to do together!

  13. iPad
  14. You don’t realize how much you need an iPad until you actually get one. From games, to Netflix, to eBooks, to just surfing the internet, having an iPad is a game changer, especially if she loves to chill out at home on a weekend.

  15. KitchenAid Mixer
  16. With over 10 attachments, the KitchenAid Stand Mixer can mix (duh), knead and whip ingredients together quickly and easily. From yummy cakes and sweets, to homemade bread and pasta, she’ll be able to do it all.

  17. Menopod Cooling Device
  18. Let’s face it, ageing comes with its downsides. Women especially deal with a lot of changes as they get older, and this nifty little device is designed to make one of the biggest bodily changes a little easier. Made to relieve hot flashes and migraines.

  19. Outdoor Wine Table
  20. This is a great one for mom. She’ll love sitting outside with her gals, sipping on red wine and catching up about everyones lives. It’s collapsable too, so once she’s done it’s easy to pack up and bring inside.

  21. In the Company of Women
  22. Inspire her to keep kicking goals well into her 50s and beyond with a book that celebrates kick ass women throughout history. Makes for a fantastic coffee table book as well!

  23. Coffee Machine
  24. Being able to enjoy delicious coffee at home is something all 50 year olds deserve! This easy to use machine will give her yummy cups of liquid gold whenever she desires.

  25. Yoga Mat
  26. If she’s still bending and stretching on her 50th birthday, a yoga mat will make a great and useful gift. Yoga promotes health and well-being and is great for keeping the mind and body active at any age.

  27. Epic Food Subscription Or Gift Box
  28. Mouth offer one time gift baskets as well as monthly subscriptions. They have a huge variety of gift baskets available, everything from wellness products, to pickles and yummy snacks.

  29. Solar Tea Lights
  30. A cute little addition to her outdoor area, the colorful, swirled glass lamps glow during the night with solar-powered LED bulbs, making it a great eco-friendly gift. Display them on the outdoor setting or on the windowsill as a group, or spread them out throughout the yard.

  31. Merlo Wine Soap
  32. Mmmm wine … wouldn’t you love to bathe in it? If her answer to this is YES, then this is a fun gift for her 50th birthday. Wine soap has resveratrol in it, which is thought to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Plus it smells yummy!

  33. Day Spa Experience
  34. Who doesn’t want to feel pampered and relaxed on their birthday? Treat her to a relaxing day out with mani’s, pedi’s or massages, available in multiple locations.

  35. Custom Family Portrait
  36. A custom family portrait is a great sentimental gift for her 50th birthday. These cute illustrations are customized to suit her family, and even include pets!

  37. Birth Month Flower Earrings
  38. Unique and quirky, these earrings feature dried and pressed flowers, showcased beneath clear resin. Each month of the year has a particular flower associated with it, so these have a special meaning too!

  39. Herbal Warming Slippers
  40. Plush delicious slippers are such a tiny luxury in our lives. These babies soothe your feet, and have removable insoles that she can heat up in the microwave for ultimate comfort.

  41. Face Roller
  42. Face rollers act like a tiny facial massage. Using a face roller can help ease puffiness and leave the skin glowing. She can use it with her existing skin care routine or on its own.

  43. Garmin Smart Watch
  44. Monitor fitness levels, track steps and activity, even pay for stuff! Smart watches come in super handy, especially for those who live an active life. A great practical gift for her 50th birthday.

  45. Harvest Basket
  46. These cute baskets are ideal for picking veggies from her garden, or taking to the local markets on the weekend. The basket is made of mesh, so it’s easy to clean after each use.

  47. Leather Travel Rucksack
  48. A beautiful new bag for her travels or for everyday use. Made of genuine leather, so it will last her years and years!

  49. Tea Drops
  50. If she’s more of a tea gal, these tea samplers are perfect. The tea drops are made from genuine tea leaves that are pressed together, and theres a bunch of different flavors for her to try.

  51. Adidas Running Shoes
  52. Inspire movement with these quality running shoes by Adidas. Whether she’s a marathon runner, or enjoys casual strolls with the dog, her feet will be comfy and well supported.

  53. Birchwood Candle Holders
  54. These candle holders are made from beautiful untreated wood, so no two are the same. They are made to fit tea candles, and they’d look great amongst boho or neutral decor.

  55. Bath Tray
  56. At 50, she deserves to spend hours in the tub, uninterrupted. This tray fits to any size tub and lets her sit her books, wine glass and snacks close by without getting them wet.

    That completes our list of the best gifts for her 50th birthday! If the recipient is your mom or someone you are really close with, why not gift them one of the experiences and go along with them! Regardless of who you are shopping for, we hope you were inspired by our choices and loved our gift recommendations.