26 Cheap Eco-Friendly Gifts That Help The Environment

26 Cheap Eco-Friendly Gifts That Help The Environment

We can all do our bit to be a little more environmentally conscious, from using less plastic to buying more eco-friendly products. A good way to encourage others to start is by buying our friends and family eco-friendly gifts come Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and so on. No more wasteful gifts! Fortunately for you, we’ve put together a collection of cheap eco-friendly gifts that help the environment and will still be absolutely loved.

  1. Bees Wax Wrap
  2. An eco-friendly alternative to cling wrap or foil, this reusable food wrap is made from organic cotton infused with sustainably harvested beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. It also happens to be extremely cute, making it the perfect cheap gift for environmental activists.

  3. Waste Not Book
  4. This is a great gift for eco-friendly beginners! This inspiring, fun-to-read reference book is packed with practical, easy tips for living less wastefully, from planning a zero waste wedding, to buying products with less packaging.

  5. Compost Bin
  6. This user friendly composter is great for families or couples who have a lot of food waste. Just chuck in your food scraps, and turn it 5-6 times every 2-3 days, easy!

  7. Bamboo Tooth Brush
  8. Tooth brushes are often overlooked as being wasteful, but when you think about it, we go through so many during our lifetime and they all end up in the landfill. These bamboo toothbrushes are cheap, great for the environment, and even the packaging is eco-friendly!

  9. Wine Bottle Drinking Glasses
  10. These super cool drinking glasses are actually repurposed wine bottles that have been collected from the community. Each set is crafted by hand and is planet friendly!

  11. Reusable Food Bags
  12. Ziplock bags are a thing of the past (and so wasteful)! The new way to store your lunch is in these 100% non-toxic platinum silicone bags. They are self-sealing, contain no BPA, no PVC, and no latex so they are better for you and your food!

  13. Natural Kids Paint
  14. Teaching our kids about the environment is important, and it can start with playtime! These paints are made from natural earth pigments and can paint on wood, rocks, paper, fabric, glass and more, making them ideal eco-friendly gifts for kids.

  15. Eco Friendly Shampoo
  16. This luscious brand uses biodegradable packaging that creates zero waste. They offer a range of eco-friendly shampoos and conditioners that are great for you and the environment!

  17. Reusable Straws
  18. Possibly the easiest place to start on your eco-friendly journey is reusable straws. Keep them in your bag and in your car for convenience, and save the environment while doing so. A super easy and cheap eco-friendly gift!

  19. Recycled Plastic Board Shorts
  20. A lot of big name fashion brands are jumping on the eco-friendly train and coming out with clothes and shoes made of recycled materials. Quicksilver has a range of clothes made from recycled 4-way stretch polyester that comes from plastic bottles. These board shorts are included in that range!

  21. Chilling Stones
  22. These natural and hygienic stone disks chill your drink fast and won’t dilute your scotch, vodka or coke. The set of 6 handcrafted chilling stones are upcycled and made in the USA from natural granite.

  23. Zero Waste Coffee Filters
  24. Coffee filters are another super wasteful item we use far too often. These reusable coffee filters are made of unbleached cotton muslin fabric and are easy to clean.

  25. Circuitboard Notepad
  26. This super unique notepad is made from a recycled circuitboard and contains recycled paper – win win! This would make a great gift for computer or technology lovers and is definitely something they won’t already have!

  27. Wooden Baby Toys
  28. These super cute wooden toys are a great gift for new parents. They are made from solid ash, and detailed with water-based paints, so they are safe for babies and the environment! If you’re looking for more awesome gifts for new parents, we recently made a list that people are absolutely loving. Check it out over here.

  29. Cork Backpack
  30. This incredibly unique and eye-catching backpack is made from 100% cork, so it’s completely eco-friendly and vegan too! A great gift for your environmentally conscious girlfriend or sister.

  31. Personalized Wooden Bamboo Flask
  32. Crafted from high quality stainless steel with an eco friendly bamboo outer layer, this flask can be customized with the recipients name and a message on the lid too. Perfect for your eco-friendly pal who is always on the go!

  33. Recycled Material Leggings
  34. These eco-friendly leggings are made from post consumer plastic water bottles and turned into a techno-fabric that’s breathable and will keep you cool during a workout or yoga. An awesome cheap gift for your eco friendly girlfriend.

  35. Zero Waste Natural Deodorant
  36. A plastic free and natural alternative to something we use everyday! These deodorant balms are made from all natural ingredients and come in a plastic-free and biodegradable cardboard tube. Get this gift for your eco friendly (and stinky) boyfriend!

  37. Bamboo Cotton Buds
  38. We’ve all seen that viral photo of the little seahorse with its tail wrapped around a cotton bud in the depths of the ocean. A plastic free alternative that won’t end up in the sea are these biodegradable sticks made from bamboo and cotton.

  39. Reusable Produce Bags
  40. These bags are a great cheap eco-friendly gift for those who are just getting the hang of using less plastic. Take them to the shops and markets and pop your fresh fruit and veggies in!

  41. Earth Friendly Dog Poop Bags
  42. Even cleaning up your dogs poop can now be environmentally friendly! These bags are leak proof, have an odour-blocking scent and are made from recycled materials. What more could you want from a poop bag!?

  43. Wool Dryer Balls
  44. Dryer sheets are a thing of the past! These 100% New Zealand wool dryer balls soften your clothes without the harmful and toxic chemicals found in fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

  45. Reusable Makeup Wipes
  46. As someone who LOVES makeup, I can vouch for the fact that makeup wipes are essential, but they are extremely bad for the environment. These eco-friendly alternatives are made from 100% bamboo cotton and are great for your skin and the earth!

  47. Cork Wallet
  48. Made from 100% cork leather, this unique wallet is a cheap eco-friendly gift for your best mate, brother or dad. It’s light, it looks awesome and it’s made from wine corks! And it helps the environment! Win, win, win, win?

  49. Reusable Mug
  50. Perhaps an obvious one, but nonetheless a super easy way to be more eco-friendly. Take your keep cup to your favourite local cafe and stop contributing to plastic cups and lids ending up in landfill!

  51. Reader Suggested Gift
  52. Reader Suggested Gift Alert! Can you think of any other eco-friendly products that would make for an awesome gift? Follow us on Facebook and comment with your gift suggestion for a chance to be featured right here in our reader spot!

    There you have our awesome collection of cheap eco-friendly gifts that help the environment! Some are quite standard, but a great starting point for those looking to make a change in their shopping habits and lifestyle. There are lots of eco-friendly alternatives to things we use everyday that are bad for the environment, so hopefully this list is motivation for you to make the switch too!