29 Unique and Relaxing Gifts For New Moms

29 Relaxing Gifts For New Moms

So, someone in your life has just had a baby, how exciting! Of course, we all want to bring a gift when we meet the baby for the first time, but choosing great gifts for new moms can be more challenging than you’d expect. It’s hard to look past an adorably tiny onesie or a cuddly baby blanket, but chances are they already have plenty of those on hand. Here you will find gifts that promote self care and relaxation for new moms, as well as unique and practical items for the baby.

  1. Linen Baby Carrier Sling
  2. Linen acts as a natural heat regulator, meaning the baby will be kept cool in the summer and warm in winter, plus it resists stains and has anti-allergenic properties, making it totally perfect for delicate little humans. This sling can be used for newborn babies, right up until they are toddlers. It’s machine washable and folds us nice and small to fit in the baby’s nappy bag.

  3. Fingerprint Necklace
  4. For a sentimental gift she will truly treasure forever, a silver pendant with her baby’s fingerprint is a unique gift for a new mom. A kit is shipped to the family, where they can take their baby’s print, send it to the creators and get their one of a kind pendant sent back.

  5. White Noise Machine
  6. If the baby is a fussy sleeper, a noise machine might be just what the new mom needs. With 14 soothing sounds, plus an adjustable night light, the sound machine will soothe and calm babies and toddlers to sleep faster and help them sleep longer. It can also relax the new mom and help her get some much needed rest!

  7. MILF Mug
  8. Don’t worry, we’ve got some funny gifts for new moms on the list too! This cheeky mug is a perfect baby shower gift, or for your favourite coworker who is about to take her maternity leave. Double points to you if she is also a Friends fan!

  9. Home Meditation Kit
  10. New parents are busy… and stressed. Help this new mom find some small morsel of peace and tranquility with this home meditation kit from Brookstone. This is a truly caring gift that the new mom will surely appreciate!

  11. Neck Massager
  12. Imagine the joy she will get from being able to have a neck or back rub as often as she wanted. The physical strain of having a newborn can definitely take its toll, so help her relax in the comfort of her home while she nurses the baby to sleep.

  13. Sriracha Outfit
  14. Ok, I know I said that the new parents would have enough baby clothes already, but how could you go past this!? If mom and dad like a little spice on their plate, then they will love nothing more than dressing their pride and joy in a bottle of their favourite sauce. LOOK HOW CUTE!

  15. Pyjama Set
  16. There’s no job more tiring than being a new mom, so she is going to want a pair of pyjamas that are comfortable and functional for life with a newborn. This super soft, super comfy set is both of those things. Made in a relaxed fit, with an easy drawstring waist and button down shirt, perfect for long days on the couch with the baby, or as a gift for a new mom who’s still in hospital.

  17. Waterproof Bathroom Kneeler Pads
  18. The new parents are about to spend some serious time on the bathroom floor, make it a little more comfortable for them with these waterproof knee and elbow pads. The breathable mesh pockets allow for quick and efficient drying when bath time is over.

  19. Aveeno Essentials Pack
  20. A hamper is a great idea for a Christmas or Mother’s Day gift for new moms. Packed with all of her favorite Aveeno items for herself and the baby, and made with safe and natural ingredients, mom and her baby will be smelling delicious and feeling silky smooth for months.

  21. Breast Therapy Pack
  22. There’s not a new mom out there who won’t appreciate a gift that will give her some booby relief! Cold therapy helps relieve engorgement while hot therapy encourages milk let-down and helps relieve plugged ducts & mastitis. They are also designed to work with a breast pump to encourage let-down and reduce time spent pumping.

  23. Baby’s First Year Memory Book
  24. This one is a great gift for new mom’s and dad’s, because it lets them record all of those priceless moments they are about to have with their baby. From the first full nights sleep, to the first smile, mom and dad can record it all in this gorgeous little memory book.

  25. Temperature Control Mug
  26. Surely one of the toughest things about being a new parent is giving up your right to a hot coffee! Well, thanks to you, the new mom and dad won’t have to worry about that. The Ember Smart Mug keeps your hot drink at the exact temperature you prefer for up to one hour. Perfect!

  27. Letters To My Baby
  28. This cute gift for new moms and dads will let them capture the little day-to-day things they might otherwise forget, with prompts to get them started. The letters can be postdated, sealed, and gifted to the baby once they have grown up, as a graduation gift or even when they are expecting their own baby.

  29. Personalized Family Print
  30. The best gifts for new moms are those that hold sentimental value. Personalized to the new family with their names and date of establishment, they will love being able to hang their custom print proudly in their home, or even in the baby’s room.

  31. Wooden Baby Toys
  32. These gorgeous wooden Arctic animal toys are a great gift the new parents can keep stashed away for when the baby is a little older. Made from solid ash, and detailed with water-based paints, these eco-friendly toys are safe for babies and the environment!

  33. Personalized Animal Prints
  34. These cute and unique prints are made with love and will look super cute in the baby’s nursery! Available in a range of different designs, choose the print you think will look best amongst the decor, and have it customized to display the name of the new little human.

  35. Burrito Baby Blanket
  36. If you are looking for a funny gift for a new mom, please, look no further. We’ve all heard parents comment on how their little ones look like a burrito when they are swaddled, well, this baby WILL be a burrito with this hilarious blanket. The new parents will laugh each time their baby is wrapped up in this one.

  37. Kid Quotes Memory Book
  38. Kids say the darndest things. From dropping an unintentional F-Bomb in the middle of Target, to accidentally spilling secrets, the new parents will be able to record all the funny and inappropriate things their little angel says, once they are old enough to talk!

  39. Wireless Photo Printer
  40. You can guarantee that the minute the baby is born, the new mom’s camera roll will be filled with nothing but snaps of her bundle of joy. With the Polaroid Wireless Photo Printer, she can quickly and easily print all her favourite snaps to proudly display throughout the house, or pass on to friends and family.

  41. Bamboo Pillow Set
  42. A full night’s sleep will come few and far between once the baby arrives, but you can help the new parents enjoy those precious moments of rest with great quality pillows. Made from shredded style pressure relieving memory foam means these pillows will never go flat and will help the new mom relax.

  43. Padded Play Mat
  44. These versatile (and seriously cute) padded mats are great for tummy time, changing diapers, or even a little afternoon nap. Choose from a range of different designs to suit the little one’s nursery. A fun and trendy take on a baby play mat.

  45. Reusable Baby Wipes
  46. A great environmentally friendly option for a daily essential. The wipes have no added chemicals, making them safe for newborns, and can also be used to clean up spills, wipe dirty noses or even to clean up food! A great penny saver too!

  47. Stroller Garland
  48. Baby will be entertained from crib to stroller with this cute stroller garland. Made of natural products and with no added chemicals or colouring, the garland won’t harm the baby if they decide to have a little nibble on the pieces.

  49. Kindle
  50. From late nights up with the baby, to days on the couch while baby is asleep, any new mom is going to love having some time to herself to catch up on her favourite novel. The Kindle has an adjustable front light, meaning mom can enjoy her book even in the darkness of the baby’s nursery.

  51. Eco-Friendly Play Gym
  52. An essential in any home that contains a newborn baby, the play gym keeps babies of all ages entertained for hours upon hours, and lets new moms and dads have some much needed rest. A beautiful and modern take on the more traditional play gyms.

  53. Family Photo Album
  54. Give them a place to store all their favourite memories with a beautiful family photo album. From their first baby, to their last, they can look back on all their special moments together as a family. A perfect addition to any living room coffee table.

  55. Herbal Warming Slippers
  56. A practical gift for any new mom, she can soothe her soles with these comfy, plush and aromatic spa-style relaxation slippers. Made for pampered resting (not walking!), the new mommy will be prompted to spend some time with her feet up. The removable insoles are filled with aromatic lavender buds and thermally conductive flax seeds.

  57. Personalized Bangle
  58. For a sentimental gift for the new mom in your life, a bangle with the names of her new baby and partner will be a winner for sure. Held together with a heart, she will love wearing this everyday. Customizable with names and dates, making it a great personalized gift for new moms.

    There you have our best picks for unique and relaxing gifts for new moms. Whether you are spoiling her right after the birth, or pampering her after having to deal with a crying burrito for the first few weeks, these gifts will help her get some much needed relaxation time. If you are still looking for more awesome gifts for moms, check out our ideas for meaningful mother’s day gifts! You will find a ton of gifts that all moms will love.