21 Best Trivia Themed Gifts For Quiz Lovers

21 Trivia Themed Gifts For Quiz Lovers

Who doesn’t love a trivia night down at the local bar with friends?! There’s always that one friend who is way more into the trivia than anyone else. You know, the one that gets grumpy when no one else is taking it seriously. If this person is a true trivia buff, then they will love older music, history, geography, movies and sports. They will also be lifelong learners and love learning new facts . Here, we’ve compiled a list of 19 original and fun gifts for quiz lovers, fact lovers, and trivia lovers that they will absolutely love!

  1. Personalised Year of Birth Poster
  2. What more could a trivia lover want, than a poster full of facts about the year they were born! Personalised specifically for the gift recipient, this in a unique gift and would look great in a man cave.

  3. Escape Room Game Subscription Box
  4. If this person loves trivia and quizzes, chances are they love puzzles and escape rooms too! This subscription box makes for an amazing gift, as every month includes a new fun puzzle and adventure to help you solve a mystery from the comfort of your own living room.

  5. Things They Don’t Teach at School
  6. With 400 fun facts, random factoids, and tidbits of totally useless knowledge, this is an essential for any lover of trivia and random facts. You’ll be a trivia night pro after getting through these.

  7. Serial Killer Trivia
  8. True crime junkies unite! Freak out your friends with this true trivia collection. It will horrify and intrigue readers who love all things murder, crime and horror.

  9. Amazing Animal Facts
  10. A collection of 50 illustrated postcards, perfect for animal lovers and art lovers who love to learn. Each postcard presents a unique look at the animal kingdom with different facts and cute illustrations.

  11. Geek Battle Game
  12. Ideal for games nights at home, this game will have you laughing the whole way through. Test your knowledge on all things fantasy, sci-fi, video game, and other geek life categories.

  13. Literary Insults
  14. For all the literature lovers out there, this hilarious chart highlights some of Shakespeare’s greatest insults and would make a fun gift for any trivia lovers home, or even for the trivia venue host!

  15. Funny T-Shirt
  16. This funny t-shirt is ideal for weekly trivia nights with the gang. Everyone in the team could get one and wear it as a uniform!

  17. Cribbage
  18. Challenge your pals to a classic game of Cribbage! The perfect addition to any games night or quiet weekend at home when there’s no trivia to be had. Cribbage is the classiest of games, and quiz lovers are sure to love this unique and cleanly designed board.

  19. Vinyl Record Player
  20. This three-speed turntable plays all of your vinyl records and has built-in Bluetooth to wirelessly play music from your smart devices. Trivia and music lovers are sure to love this and can use it to play all their favorite old songs! Pair it with some of their favorite albums on vinyl for a truly amazing gift.

  21. Old World Globe Bar
  22. My grandpa loves trivia and is full of useless facts, and he has one of these bad boys in his kitchen. Coincidence? Or just a really cool gift for oldies who love trivia and geography?!

  23. New York Times – Women Making History (Coffee Table Book)
  24. This coffee table book celebrates those who dared to stand for equal rights through a collection of New York Times articles. Beginning with the Equal Rights Convention in 1866 and ending with the Time’s Up movement in 2018, this coffee table book is a unique gift for history lovers.

  25. Movie Theatre Pillows
  26. Trivia buffs know crap loads about movies. These cushion covers are the perfect addition to any trivia or movie lovers lounge room or bedroom!

  27. Coffee And a Classic Subscription Box
  28. This subscription box delivers exactly what it sounds like: Coffee, a new mug, and a classic novel. Figure out the recipients tastes and customize the genre to their liking for a special touch. Any quiz lover is sure to enjoy this one!

  29. Record Breaking Baseball Glasses
  30. This set of four tumblers feature some of baseball’s “unbreakable” stats. The records are printed within simple illustrations in classic colours and also listed on the opposite side, meaning your trivia loving beer drinker can brush up on their knowledge while enjoying a cold one!

  31. Lineup For Yesterday
  32. Ogden Nash’s famous poetry collection celebrates the greatest players in baseball history. Each poem is accompanied by colourful biographical notes and would make an awesome gift for sports trivia fans.

  33. Guitar Info Graph
  34. Combine their love of music and trivia with a cool infographic poster. Infographics are great gifts for quiz lovers and lifelong learners, because they are full of interesting facts!

  35. Trivia Tote
  36. A great little tote for uni students, office workers or even for a gym bag! Show your love of trivia and help the environment at the same time.

  37. Ticket to Ride Game
  38. This super fun game is great for the whole family. Connect iconic European cities and build your train routes to earn points. Players must compete to grab the best train cards and routes before their opponents!

  39. National Geographic Subscription
  40. A subscription to one of the most iconic prints of all time – National Geographic – is an awesome gift for trivia lovers, especially because it will last a whole year! Think of all the facts they will know once it’s up.

  41. Beer Pong Table
  42. A big part of trivia is the social aspect of going down to the local bar and grabbing a beer with friends. Set yourselves up for some killer trivia nights at home with a beer pong table!

    There you have our list of trivia themed gifts for quiz lovers! Whether you are buying for your dad who is just full of random facts, or your best friend who is the weekly trivia night master, you’re sure to find something unique and fun on this list. If you want to look at more awesome gift ideas, check out our crazy list of gifts for non-materialistic men. You are sure to find something unique and FUN.