25 Practical and Fun Work From Home Gifts

25 Fun Work From Home Gifts

Working from home is new to a lot of us, and it’s a lot harder than most could have expected. From endless distractions (When was the last time I cleaned out my garage? Should I rearrange my sock drawer?) to endless snacks. Heck, some of us even have kids at home! If you’re on the hunt for some fun and practical gifts for people now working from home, we’ve got you covered with this list of 25 of the best work from home gifts.

  1. Do Not Disturb Sign
  2. This is a fun one for anyone who has kids, siblings or even spouses that don’t seem to be able to leave you alone whilst you’re WFH. Hang it up on the home office door and work away in peace!

  3. Dumbbells
  4. Working out at home is the new thing. Dumbbells are great for beginners and can be used for all kinds of workouts! Great motivation for your working from home pals.

  5. Magic Bullet Blender
  6. Who doesn’t love a good smoothie every now and then! If you know someone working from home who’s jumped on the smoothie bandwagon, this is a great gift. With different sized cups and functions for blending, chopping and mixing, they can get creative in the kitchen too!

  7. Laptop Stand
  8. Having an organized and ergonomic working space is key when working from home. This laptop stand raises your screen to eye level, and the tilt design brings the screen in closer. Designed to also stop laptops from overheating, making it a “cool” gift for someone that works from home!

  9. Noise Cancelling Headphones
  10. Your housemates, family members or even your kids may not have received the working from home memo and are distracting you from your job. These noise cancelling headphones will block out any background noise so you can listen to your favourite tunes or connect to your Zoom meeting in peace!

  11. Neck Massager
  12. Being bound to a desk all day is not great for our bodies. Working from home means that we are more likely to be putting a strain on our necks and backs as we go from bed, to couch, to bed. A massager is the perfect solution!

  13. Memory Foam Seat Cushion
  14. Our bums and backs need support now that we’re spending so much additional time on them. This memory foam cushion is ideal for prolonged periods at the desk and provides additional support to our back and legs, making it a practical work from home gift.

  15. Mini Handheld Fan
  16. Since we’re all stuck inside with minimal fresh air, this little fan is a great working from home gift because it can sit on a desk or clip on to a desk lamp. The USB charger is super handy too, no need for batteries!

  17. Air Fryer
  18. Sticking to any kind of diet or meal plan is hard when you work from home. To keep you on track with a well balanced diet, this air fryer gives you an awesome alternative to deep fried foods and is great for making quick and easy lunches.

  19. Indoor Plant Collection
  20. Adding a touch of greenery to a workspace or living space can significantly improve wellbeing. This set of three cacti require very little care, just some sunlight and the occasional water. Great for first time plant owners!

  21. Wireless Phone Charger
  22. This wireless charging dock is compatible with most current iPhone and Samsung models and is a great accessory for any home office to reduce the amount of cords around the desk.

  23. Self Care Planner
  24. Self care at a time like this is super important, especially when adjusting to new normals, like working from home. This journal is a great gift for younger women who may need a little motivation. Filled with quotes by inspiring women, this six-month daily planner tracks health and wellness with sections for goals, gratefulness, meals and more.

  25. Bamboo Desk Organiser
  26. Keep your new desk nice and clean with this tiered, compact organiser. It features 6 compartments and 2 deep drawers for storing small items and it’s made from bamboo wood, so it’s good for the environment!

  27. Moon Beam Sleeping Aid
  28. A big change in lifestyle can sometimes make it harder to unwind and fall asleep. This little machine helps you fall asleep more easily with a gently pulsing light that projects on the ceiling, creating a hypnotic effect that helps quiet anxious thoughts and slow down your breathing to a sleep-inducing level.

  29. Zero Waste Reusable Lids
  30. Now that most of us have all the time in the world to cook and meal prep, these flexible silicone lids are going to come in really handy! They stretch to fit over a heap of different sized bowls, plates, containers and dishes and are microwave and dishwasher safe. No more cling wrap or foil!

  31. Super Hard Puzzle
  32. Puzzles are the new thing. My 75 year old grandma is finally finding a use for the 194 puzzles she has collected over the years! This extremely difficult puzzle is ALL WHITE and has over 1000 pieces. Perfect for WFH lunch breaks.

  33. Coffee Gift Set
  34. WFH means even more daily coffees than usual. No judgemental coworkers eyeing you off as you walk back towards the kitchen for coffee number 4. This gift set is a coffee lovers paradise, with 16 different blends from all over the world, so they can sample a new one each day!

  35. Clip On Webcam
  36. Zoom meetings are taking over our lives, and if your laptop is a little out of date, or you’re working from a desktop computer, then a webcam is essential. Simply clip this one on your PC and away you go!

  37. External Hard Drive
  38. Free up your computer with an external hard drive. It’s the perfect working from home gift for anyone who is using their own personal PC for work. Store all your work or personal items on the hard drive, with 2 terabytes of storage you’ll never run out of space!

  39. T2 Gift Set
  40. We’ve covered coffee lovers, but tea lovers are also out there and also increasing their intake! This set from T2 includes their most popular breakfast blends. Perfect to sip on as you get ready for a big day of WFH!

  41. Storage Shelves
  42. Lots of us are rearranging our houses or apartments to adapt to WFH life, which means lots of rooms are being transformed or changed around. This 5 stand bookshelf is tall but narrow, making it ideal for small spaces where you need some extra storage.

  43. Bamboo Pillow Set
  44. You’ll notice a theme here, with lots of gifts that promote comfort, self care and a good nights sleep. A great set of pillows will make a world of difference to anyone working from home, you’ll wake up feeling well rested and ready to tackle the day.

  45. Waterproof Desk Mat
  46. This desk mat is designed to be big enough to accommodate your laptop, mousepad and keyboard. It’s made of heavy-duty and durable materials, is easy to clean and is waterproof, ideal for a home office!

  47. LED Desk Lamp
  48. Some of us produce our best work after dark (me, writing this blog at 10:50pm!). This awesome lamp has five different colour modes, seven brightness levels AND a USB port, so you can charge your phone at the same time!

  49. Coffee Machine
  50. You didn’t think you’d make it through this list without coming across a coffee maker did you!? Now that there’s no commute into work with a coffee stop on the way, bring the cafe to you! Compatible with the three most common coffee pod sizes.

    There you have our best finds for fun and useful working from home gifts. Working from home is not easy, so maybe even buy a few of these gifts to spoil yourself! Whoever you are buying for, we hope that they are keeping safe and well during these difficult times.