28 Best Stocking Stuffers For Adults

28 Best Stocking Stuffers For Adults

From family Christmas celebrations to Secret Santa’s at work, we are all on the hunt for awesome stocking stuffers for adults at some stage during our Christmas shopping. Why not use this as a chance to gift them something useful and thoughtful, rather than just settling for a box of candy (delicious, but come on, step it up!). In this list, we’ve gathered the most awesome and useful stocking stuffers for adults that will fit all budgets. Happy shopping!

  1. Mug Warmer
  2. Any tea or coffee drinker will tell you that it’s no fun making your hot drink and then getting distracted, only to come back to a cup of cold grossness. Keep drinks warm for hours with this cool little device!

  3. Face Roller
  4. It may seem like a strange concept, but face rollers are actually a really helpful step in any skin care routine. They help with enhancing blood circulation and reducing puffiness. Plus it feels nice!

  5. Silver Plated Fortune Cookie
  6. This super cool silver plated fortune cookie contains a message customized by you! A special keepsake that they’ll love.

  7. Stylus For Touch Screens
  8. They’ll be able to get creative on their iPad, or send emails and messages with more precision. Compatible with Apple and Android tablets and phones.

  9. Bathtub Wine Holder
  10. There’s always that one co-worker or friend that would drink wine in their sleep if they could. This wine holder for their bathroom will go down a treat!

  11. Personalized Money Clip
  12. A safe way to carry cash and cards, plus a nice little personal touch with their initials stamped on.

  13. Gold Plated Golf Balls
  14. Any golf nut will proudly display their new gold golf balls in their man cave, office, or sports club. A great collectors item!

  15. A Foot Care Package
  16. Considering how much time we spend on our feet, they don’t get the love and care that they deserve! This pack will leave their feet fresh and feeling like they’ve just stepped out of a spa!

  17. Reusable Cutlery Set
  18. Ideal for the environmentally conscious, this set contains everything they need to eat and drink on the go without using any plastic. Looking for other eco-friendly gift ideas? Check out our list of the best affordable eco-friendly gifts!

  19. Things They Don’t Teach You in School
  20. For the lovers of useless information, or those who think they already know it all, these cards are filled with facts that you never knew you needed!

  21. Bullet Pens
  22. This is a great one for your boss or favourite co-worker. Shaped like a .50 caliber bullet, there’s room for a little personalized message or their initials too!

  23. Plant Shaped Trinket Dish
  24. These super cute trinket dishes are great for office desks, or at home on the nightstand. They can be customized with initials and little gold detailing too!

  25. Solar Photography Kit
  26. This is a super cool and unique gifts for photography lovers and creatives! Place any object on the Sunography paper, leave it in the sunlight, and rinse with water to produce your own cool blue prints.

  27. Bluetooth Speaker Doc
  28. This little device does it all! Plays music, charges your gadgets, and the built-in microphone allows you to conference call from any location without touching the phone. Perfect for offices!

  29. Travel Wallet
  30. When traveling for work or leisure, having all your documents in one safe location is a huge time saver, not to mention keeping them secure and away from possible leaky drink bottles or hand creams.

  31. Skin Care Pack
  32. This complete four-step skincare pack will purify, polish, plump, and nourish your skin with time-tested nutrients. Perfect for all skin types and a nice way to spoil whosever stocking you are stuffing!

  33. Blank Comic Book
  34. Create comic upon comic of whatever the heck you want with this awesome blank comic book. Featuring 110 pages of of panelled layouts ranging from 2 panels to 9 panel layouts.

  35. Moon Phase Earrings
  36. Perfect for lovers of all things space and astrology, these cute statement earrings represent the different phases of the moon.

  37. Headphone Case
  38. Untangling headphones takes approximately 17 hours and uses 170% of your patience, to make life easier, this nifty little pouch keeps cords wrapped neatly and the headphones in place, saving you years of untangling time!

  39. Dinosaur Taco Holders
  40. What’s not to love?! Dinosaurs that hold your tacos in place! When they aren’t holding your tacos, they’ll make a cute addition to your kitchen!

  41. Handheld Luggage Scales
  42. Eliminate that moment of fear before putting your luggage on the scales at check-in! These handheld scales are super easy to use and will become an essential for any traveller.

  43. A Cool Mug
  44. There’s something really enjoyable about drinking your tea or coffee from a unique, handmade mug! Choose from a bunch of gorgeous designs. Perfect for home or office!

  45. Foldable Sunglasses
  46. Super convenient and compact, these sunglasses take up very little room once folded up. Ideal for travelling and busy on-the-go days!

  47. Olive Wood Coasters
  48. A nice little gift for your workmate or teammate. Each coaster is hand carved by artisans from natural olive wood. Each coaster has a cardboard base to protect surfaces.

  49. Grow How Kit
  50. For anyone who is wanting to kick off their life as a plant mom or dad. The set includes a small Bloomscape Philodendron Heartleaf plant, a propagation kit and more.

  51. Foldable Travel Cord Roll
  52. Easily pack electronic cords and other knick knacks with this travel roll. No more tangled messes when you travel or go from home to work.

  53. Smart Watch Band
  54. If you know that their smart watch gets used on the daily, a new band might just be the way to go! Compatible with any traditional smart watch.

  55. Random Acts of Kindness Kit
  56. From picking up someones tab at a restaurant, to picking up the trash on the street, this stocking stuffer for adults will make the world that little bit better.

    So that’s our list of stocking stuffers for adults! Filling stockings doesn’t have to be all gag-gifts and bars of re-gifted soap – it’s Christmas after all, they deserve a little spoiling!