27 Expensive Gifts for Your Boss (Worth The Price!)

The Best Expensive Gifts For Your Boss

Gifting your boss is not easy! Even if you have a great working relationship, your gift to them should be professional, but still have a touch of personalization. If you are on the hunt for a gift for your boss that goes above and beyond a new pen or a funny mug, we’ve searched the web for the best expensive gifts that are sure to keep you in the good books for years to come. Here is our list of the most luxurious but expensive gifts for your boss that are well worth the price.

  1. Executive Wood Gift Set
  2. The perfect luxury gift for your boss. This gift set includes a classic wood journal, a wood slim line pen, and a business card holder. Customize it with an engraving of your logo to add a special touch. Oh! And for every one of these gift sets purchased from Gifts For Good, a tree is planted and the exact coordinates of the Tree are included on a card with the gift! How cool is that?

  3. Painting Made By Artificial Intelligence
  4. This is one of the most unique gifts money can buy. These paintings were made by AI and would look great in your bosses house or office. The pieces are great at striking up conversation about what defines art and your boss is sure to love it.

  5. Bucket List Experience
  6. If your boss loves all things action and adventure, this bucket list experience gift is a great idea. They can choose from a bunch of different adventures and locations.

  7. New Chess Set
  8. This chess set is an amazing gift for executives (especially if they’re as into the Queens Gambit like I am!!). The pieces and board are magnetized so they stay in place even when on the move.

  9. Food and Wine Experience
  10. Everyone loves food and wine, so you can’t go wrong with this one! Choose from a range of great experiences and locations around the country for a gift your boss will never forget.

  11. Gourmet Wine Gift Basket
  12. A huge basket of delicious wine and accompaniments is an excellent gift for your boss. They’ll love unwinding after a hard day in the office with one of their wines.

  13. Personalized Decanter Set
  14. Scotch is one of the classiest drinks out there and this personalized decanter set is the stuff of scotch fans’ dreams. The set includes a decanter, two glasses, whiskey stones, and a personalized wooden box.

  15. Golf Experience
  16. If you boss loves to spend their free time on the golfing green, why not gift them an experience they will never forget. Virgin Experiences offer experiences with pro golfers, and rounds on the most legendary courses in the country.

  17. Panel Heater
  18. Thin, compact and whisper quiet, this heater is perfect for your boss’s office during winter. It will keep them warm and it won’t disturb them while they work.

  19. Unwind Sent Gift Set
  20. This gift makes for the perfect luxury corporate gift. As is in line with Gifts For Good’s mission, each gift set provides 1 hour of dignified labor for an individual in Los Angeles with developmental disabilities. The set contains a handmade coconut wax candle, scented room spray, four premium cut Agate Coasters and an eco-friendly aromatic reed fragrance diffuser.

  21. Personalized Leather Duffle Bag
  22. Gift your boss this extremely high quality personalized leather duffle bag. It is 100% hand-made and has lots of pockets to keep all their belongings.

  23. Wellness Mat
  24. The gift your boss never knew they needed! The mat is ergonomically engineered to make standing more comfortable, by providing cushioned support for backs, knees and feet. Perfect for long days and nights in the office.

  25. Spa Day
  26. No doubt your boss works their fingers to the bone and deserves a day of pampering. Choose from locations all over the country. This expensive gift for your boss is sure to be well received!

  27. Unique Wall Art
  28. A super unique piece of wall art that your boss can hang in their office to show that they are the brains of the company. Or, to show how stressed they are!

  29. Bluetooth Speaker
  30. You don’t often come across a bluetooth speaker that looks sleek and sophisticated like this one! Its design gives it that professional look, and it delivers crisp sound on up to 15 hours battery life per charge.

  31. Luxury Portfolio
  32. This compact organizer combines style with an added executive feel, with a gusseted file pocket, and 3 additional file pockets that fit all kinds of devices and daily essentials.

  33. Cycladic Head Sculpture
  34. The MET Museum’s Cycladic Head reproduces an original marble head (ca. 2600–2400 B.C.) of the early Spedos type, and would look amazing in their office. Perfect for art collectors!

  35. Indoor Plant
  36. Add a touch of greenery to their office with a no-fuss indoor plant. This one is easy to care for, so it won’t take much to keep it alive, and it will bring some of the outdoors in.

  37. Leather Laptop Case
  38. Ideal for boss’s on the go, they can keep their laptop safe and clean, thanks to the thick soft padding and durable leather. Personalized with their initials, it’s a great gift for any occasion.

  39. Charging Pad
  40. Functionality is key with this part charging pad, part tray. Made from pebble-grain Italian leather, it will elevate the look of your boss’s desk and keep all of their essentials together.

  41. Oversized Sand Art
  42. A statement piece like will become the talking point of their office. Made from stainless steel, the inside houses sparkling light and dark sands that trickle together to form different landscapes with every turn.

  43. Desk Lamp
  44. Perfect for home or office, not only is this lamp super stylish and modern, it also has a built in USB port, so your boss will be able to work under this lamp while charging their devices.

  45. New Watch
  46. Zales have a really lush range of watches for males and females, so regardless of who your boss is, there’ll be a super impressive watch on there for them!

  47. Personalized Envelope Clutch
  48. Personalized with up to 3 initials, this attractive leather envelope clutch has an extra special touch and makes a great gift for your boss. Whether they use it for professional or personal reason, it’s versatile and has enough inside storage for either.

  49. 3 Day Getaway
  50. For an almost guaranteed top spot on the list of favorite employees, gift your boss a mini-getaway! Being able to choose from locations anywhere in the world means that they can add a few extra special days to the end of their next business trip.

  51. Charm Necklace
  52. This sterling silver evil eye charm is thought to ward off bad energy and has been worn for centuries as a symbol of protection against misfortune.

  53. World Cork Map Wooden Wall Map
  54. This wooden wall map is a luxury gift that any boss who loves to travel would adore. Your boss can keep track of everywhere he has visited, and keep it as beautiful home decor!

    There you have our top picks for expensive gifts for your boss! Regardless of what you end up going with, your boss will no doubt appreciate the thought behind your gift, and hopefully look upon you favourably when it comes time for an end of year bonus!