The Ultimate List Of Gifts For Men In Their 20s

The Ultimate List Of Gifts For Men In Their 20s

Ahhhh your 20’s. What a decade. Friends, fun, parties, travelling, work, college. Your 20’s have it all. Gifting men in their 20’s can be a challenge, but if you know what current fad they’re into, or know what hobbies and interests they have, it’s not as hard as you’d think. Here, we’ve put together the ultimate list of gifts for men in their 20s, from experiences to clothes, and to suit all different budgets.

  1. Fun Birthday Experience
  2. Experience an awesome and adventurous day out to celebrate his 20th birthday milestone! There are a bunch of age appropriate experiences that he will love, from tubing on a lake in Texas, to graffiti lessons, and even brewery tours! Click the link to see some fun local experiences and start exploring the endless experience gift options that Tinggly has to offer.

  3. Surfing Subscription Box
  4. Surf’s up with this totally awesome subscription box. Perfect for beginners or even those with a little more experience. Delivered every 3 months, each box contains up to three premium surf apparel & accessories tailored to his style.

  5. Fancy Watch
  6. Stepping into adulthood should be done with a watch that makes him feel like he’s growing up. Be done with the cheap watches, and behold an awesome sports watch that will last him years!

  7. Cool Hoodie
  8. You really can’t go wrong with a good old hoodie! This one in a vintage wash will be worn to death and will become his new go-to for any outfit.

  9. AirPods
  10. He’ll be the envy of all his friends as he listens to his favorite tunes in comfort and convenience. The AirPods charge in their case, wirelessly, too! Super convenient and a great gift for his 20th birthday.

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  11. GoPro Camera
  12. It’s his 21st birthday, that means a lot good times are on the horizon! He’ll love documenting everything with his new GoPro. Perfect for traveling too!

  13. Wireless Bluetooth Charging Speaker
  14. A cool gift for his 21st birthday! Capable of charging any wireless charging compatible device and ideal for house parties, days at the beach with friends or just chilling at home with some tunes!

  15. Sink or Shoot Party Game
  16. This fun game is what 21st birthday dreams are made of! Every time you guess one of your opponents coordinates correctly, they drink! Super fun to play with mates.

  17. Adventurous Day Out
  18. If getting his adrenaline pumping sounds like something he’d love, check out the incredible days out that are on offer from Cloud9 Living. There’s something to suit all levels of extreme!

  19. VR Gaming Headset
  20. If you thought that guys grew out of gaming as they get older, well, I’m here to tell you that’s simply not true. This headset has everything they need to explore a virtual reality.

  21. Backpack
  22. Ideal for college, traveling, or going to work, it’s nice and sturdy so won’t ware out with everyday use. Lots of room for laptops, books, clothes and everything else!

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  23. Cool Pendant
  24. This awesome pendant will complete the outfit of any sneaker lover or basketball fan! Available in black, silver and gold to suit all kinds of styles.

  25. Sleek Wallet
  26. This super sleek wallet is made from environmentally-friendly leather, holds up to 12 cards, and has space for spare change and cash. A quality wallet will last him years!

  27. Adidas Slides
  28. Comfy and easy to wear, slides are the ultimate essential in any young mans shoe wardrobe.

  29. Ballpark Blueprint Wall Art
  30. A great addition to the bedroom of any baseball lover. The illustration is accompanied by your favorite stadium’s design specs and highlights of major events.

  31. Beer Subscription Box
  32. He’ll totally love getting new and tasty beers delivered to his door each month. He’ll receive a variety of hoppy beers from two or more breweries, perfect to expand his palette!

  33. Foldable Sunglasses
  34. A cool pair of shades that literally fold right up and fit in your pocket! With gradient lenses, a full metal frame, and screwless hinges, they’re also super durable, light weight, and polarized!

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  35. Water Experience
  36. From a flying jetpack in Hawaii, to private surfing lessons, if he loves spending his free time in the water, these experiences are for him. Choose from a great range of activities and locations.

  37. Home Team Baseball Game
  38. A new addition to family or roommate games nights, and a great way to enjoy baseball in the off seasons!

  39. A Cap
  40. A classic cap is the perfect accessory to top off any casual look. This one will match with any outfit!

  41. Spicy Snack Subscription
  42. What young guy doesn’t love snacking!? With five different spicy snack boxes to choose from, whether he’s a hot sauce fiend or has a sweet tooth, he’ll love adding some spice to his life.

  43. Army Man Bottle Opener
  44. Something a little more simple, a fun bottle opener makes a great gift for a friend, workmate or your brother, and it’s something you know he will use!

  45. Bluetooth Speaker for his Car
  46. If he travels a lot in the car for work, or loves to go on road trips, this car speaker is going to be well loved! Echo and noise reduction help block road sounds, and the battery lasts for ages!

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  47. Fancy Cologne
  48. Growing into a young man means stepping away from the Lynx and going the extra mile with your scent of choice. Marc Jacobs scents for men will have him feeling luxurious and fancy!

  49. Vintage Menswear Subscription Box
  50. Vintage apparel lovers will thoroughly enjoy this awesome subscription box. Each box contains up to two items of clothing, paired with a few accessories or artefacts from well known American brands, and some brands that didn’t stand the test of time.

  51. Flying Experience
  52. For the adrenaline junkies or the aspiring pilots out there, a great gift for his 24th birthday is a flight experience from Cloud9 Living. There’s everything from skydiving to flying a helicopter.

  53. Giant Jenga Game
  54. Camping trips, bbq’s and games nights will have an added touch of friendly competition with this giant Jenga game. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, the blocks are light weight and easy to carry too.

  55. Funny Car Air Freshener
  56. This funny air freshener will have everyone who gets in his car giggling and quoting Anchorman for the duration of their journey. Milk was a bad choice!

  57. Leather Laptop Sleeve
  58. This awesome leather laptop sleeve will keep his laptop clean and scratch free between home and college or work. The inside has felt wool so not only does his laptop scratch free, it also gets a little clean every time it’s taken out, super cool!

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  59. Fun Getaway Experience Gift
  60. This milestone birthday deserves an awesome and memorable gift. Choose from a range of different overnight stays around the country, there’s everything from luxury stays to rugged camping trips.

  61. Car Care Subscription Box
  62. Car lovers will love nothing more than opening their door each month to a carefully curated box of goodies that will keep their prized possession in top notch.

  63. Customized Wireless Charging Pad
  64. Personalized with up to three lines of text, he can charge his devices on this sleek wireless charger. Ideal for his office desk or nightstand, it’s a simple yet useful gift, and with a nice little added message he is sure to love it.

  65. Universal Travel Adapter
  66. If you know he’s got a trip booked, you will make his travel experience that much easier with this practical gift for his birthday. Compatible with over 150 countries, there’s basically nowhere in the word this won’t work!

  67. Tool Kit
  68. Maybe he’s moving into his old place, or maybe he just loves fixing and building things. Either way, he’s going to be ready for any handyman jobs with this at home tool kit.

  69. Apple Watch
  70. Tech lovers and guys who are super active will get a lot of use out of an Apple watch. It tracks workouts and activity, and makes it easy to connect with the people and information that he cares about.

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  71. Exotic Driving Experience
  72. Whether he’s into luxury and vintage cars, or is a speed demon and loves race cars, Cloud9 Living’s car experiences will be something any car lover will never forget!

  73. Utility Truck Tent
  74. This is a great gift for lovers of the great outdoors. The user-friendly tent assembles in the back of any pick-up style car or truck, and has a sewn-in, bathtub-style floor that will keep him dry and bug-free.

  75. Beard Cream
  76. By 26, he’s had the time to grow in some serious facial hair. If he takes pride in his beard, this deep-conditioning beard balm is ideal for moisturizing and softening troublesome hairs.

  77. Insulated Lunch Bag
  78. If he spends his workdays outside on job sites, this insulated lunch bag is going to come in very handy. It will keep his food and drinks fresh all day, and it’s light weight so won’t be a bother to carry around.

  79. Gaming Headphones
  80. Growing out of gaming isn’t a thing when it comes to males. These noise cancelling headphones with Bluetooth will become an essential next time he’s online gaming. They are great for travel too!

  81. Beeropoly Drinking Game
  82. At 26 years old they will be looking for new fun drinking games other than the classics, and beeropoly is the perfect gift! The game brings people together over drinks and a fun game, and the board is hand made and beautiful.

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  83. Funny Basketball Themed Travel Mug
  84. This hilarious travel mug is the ultimate accessory for the basketballer in your life, especially if he fancies himself as the next Steph Curry! Looking for other basketball gifts? Check out our ultimate list of gifts for basketball lovers.

  85. Nano Dry Towel
  86. Ideal for sports, outdoor adventures or after work gym sessions, this ultralight and super compact towel is made of nanofiber. With threads even thinner than microfiber, the fabric absorbs 2.3 times its weight in moisture without the bulkiness!

  87. Streetwear Subscription Box
  88. Gifting clothes is always a winner for guys, but it can be hard to get right. Leave it to the experts at Fly Society. They carefully curate only the coolest threads for each months box.

  89. Custom Leather Keyring
  90. Add a touch of “adult” to his keys! Available in different colors, and customizable to reflect his name or initials, this would be nice little gift for your boyfriends birthday.

  91. Pick Punch
  92. Guitar players probably go through more picks than they care to admit. This nifty little tool lets him turn regular household items into guitar picks. Old milk bottle? Expired credit card? Finished tube of toothpaste? It all works!

  93. Authentic Football Stadium Watch
  94. If he lives, breathes, sleeps and eats football, this is the watch for him. The watch face is crafted from salvaged seats from iconic stadiums around America. A special gift he will cherish for life!

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  95. Blueprint Destination Map
  96. Traveling the world can take up a lot of their 20s, so whether they have just come back from an epic around the world holiday, or you’re inspiring them to get going, this highly detailed map comes with pins to commemorate each destination.

  97. Life and Culture Experience
  98. There are so many hidden gems in every part of the world, if he’s keen on discovering or experiencing something a bit different on this birthday, this could be the gift for him. From food and wine tours, to blacksmith classes!

  99. Comic Book Subscription Box
  100. Collecting comic books is definitely one of those lifelong traits. Each box contains over $60 worth of new issues, back issues, #1 issues, and variants. A comic collects dream!

  101. A Kayak
  102. Living near a body of water has many advantages, and one is being able to take the kayak out an paddle the day away in almost any kind of weather.

  103. Rollbar Bluetooth Speaker and Stand
  104. Amp up his experience while watching movies and listening to music. Simply prop your tablet or smartphone onto the rollbar and enjoy the mini cinema!

  105. Water Resistant Jacket
  106. A good hoodie that’s water resistant is a staple in any guys wardrobe. Perfect for all occasions and in two colors that will match with any of his other clothes.

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  107. Card Player Snack Set
  108. How cool are these snack bowls!? Shaped in the four suits, any poker or card player will love serving snacks on games nights in these!

  109. Handmade Ring
  110. This ring is made with forged carbon fiber, which is one of the lightest and strongest materials in the world. The inner layer is made of Californian Redwood burl, making the natural colorings super unique.

  111. Workout Shorts
  112. Working out, going for a run, riding a bike, or just going for a walk requires a decent pair of shorts that will keep him cool and feeling comfy. These ones tick all the boxes.

  113. Personalised Fishing Pail
  114. This is a really cool gift for any fishing enthusiast. The bucket is the right size to hold all of the fish he’s about to catch, and it also doubles as a seat for him to sit on while he waits for his catch!

  115. Bucket List Experience
  116. For his last birthday in his 20’s he might have a few things he is keen to tick off his bucket list, be it bungee jumping in his hometown, or going on a secret food tour in Berlin, he will never forget this gift!

  117. Beer Growler Carrier and Glasses
  118. He can take this along to next picnic, barbecue or tailgate party – and it comes with the glasses too which is super handy! A cool unique alternative to a boring beer carrier!

    Well, there is our epic list of the best gifts for guys in their 20’s! His 20’s are all about having fun with friends and family and making memories, so gifts that he can use, experience and wear are always going to be well received.