21 Best Pharmacy Graduation Gift Ideas

21 Best Pharmacy Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduating as a pharmacist is an amazing achievement! Show your new smartest friend or family member how proud you are of them with a gift that celebrates this incredible time in their life. We’ve put together a list of the best pharmacy graduation gift ideas that they are sure to appreciate. From unique pharmacy-related decor to much deserved experience gifts (people LOVE experience gifts), you are sure to find something amazing here.

  1. Vintage Decor
  2. This set of six vintage prints are a great addition to the home or workspace of any pharmacist who loves the history of the industry.

  3. Chill Pill Soap
  4. A fun gift for your graduating pharmacist, these bars of “chill pill” soap are lavender scented and come in a pack of four. These would also be a fun gift for a nurse! Check out our list of practical gift ideas for nurses for more awesome items.

  5. Funny Mug
  6. Perfect for those early morning coffees, or late night coffees! Also gotta love that it’s poking fun at the fact they are qualified drug dealers in fancy coats!

  7. Wine Subscription
  8. Being a pharmacist is no walk in the park. Not that I would know, but I can assume it’s a huge job that requires lots of wine. A wine subscription is a great way to congratulate your graduating pharmacist and help them celebrate.

  9. Pills Necktie
  10. This would be great for him to wear at his graduation or any celebrations that follow. Or if he attends formal events in the future and wants to name drop his new profession.

  11. Mini Vacation
  12. Graduating as a pharmacist is not easy, so help them celebrate and unwind with a mini vacation! Tinggly let’s them choose the location, and maybe they will even bring you along, so what are you waiting for?

  13. Funny Book
  14. Well we know they didn’t get any F’s in their exams, otherwise you wouldn’t be celebrating their graduation. They can laugh at the expense of others who completely missed the mark on their exams in this hilarious book.

  15. Personalized Leather Journal
  16. Whether they are using it at work, or they decide to take it home and write about their experiences, a personalized journal makes a great gift for any graduation.

  17. At Home Meditation
  18. Things are about to get stressful, so gifting them something to chill them out is going to be well received. A quick and easy at-home meditation course for the newly graduated pharmacist is the perfect gift!

  19. Pharmacy Gothic Notepad
  20. Featuring the iconic artwork of Richard Cowdrey, these fun notepads are the perfect addition to any pharmacists stationery collection.

  21. Periodic Table Cubes
  22. For the graduate who loves the scientific side to their new profession, these Periodic Table cubes are a simple but cool way to add their passion into their space. Plus, each cube is made up of the exact element shown containing the amount of metal displayed on each – how cool!?

  23. Pharmacy Life Coloring Book
  24. This hilarious coloring book shows just what pharmacy life is like, and can only be understood by those in the profession. A fun way for them to de-stress after a long day of slinging pills!

  25. Day Spa Experience
  26. Treat the newly graduated pharmacist to a relaxing day at the spa! They’ll thank you a thousand times over for finally helping them relax and unwind.

  27. Confetti Gourmet Graduation Gift Basket
  28. What better way to celebrate graduation than with an absolutely gourmet gift basket of yummy treats?! This gift basket has it all: cookies, brownies and many more yummy treats – and covered in confetti!

  29. Friends Inspired Tee
  30. Just a t-shirt inspired by the greatest TV show of all time (sorry Seinfeld fans)! If you know they are a Friends addict, they will LOVE wearing this tee outside of work.

  31. Syringe Pens
  32. A fun gift for the new graduate! The pack contains 4 Syringe Pens and 6 Syringe Highlighters, a great addition to the new pharmacist’s desk drawer.

  33. Molecule Cookie Cutter
  34. Their next batch of cookies will have a cool pharmaceutical feel to them. Choose from a bunch of different molecules, or choose one of each, for a fun and science-y gift.

  35. Prescription Bottle Earrings
  36. How cute are these! An adorable little accessory for any graduating pharmacist and a fun way to add a touch of their profession to every day life.

  37. Personalized Mortar and Pestle
  38. Personalized gifts are always a winner, especially for sentimental occasions, like graduating as a pharmacist! This old school mortar and pestle will come laster engraved with their name for a nice personal touch.

  39. Rustic Apothecary Desk Organizer
  40. This classic apothecary designed desk organizer is crafted from solid wood and would fit in perfectly amongst any pharmacist’s space and can keep all their essentials neat and tidy.

  41. Personalized Rx Golf Towel
  42. If you know the graduate is a golf lover, this personalized Rx Golf Towel is the perfect combination of their two passions! Get their name embroidered for an extra personal touch.

    Thanks for checking out our list of gifts for graduating pharmacists! What they have achieved is nothing short of amazing, all those long nights spent studying have finally paid off, so we hope their graduation gift is well received.