22 Practical Thank You Gifts For Nurses

22 Practical Thank You Gifts For Nurses

Nurses are selfless and caring, and they help with people when they are at their most vulnerable. It is important to show them how appreciated they are, whether they just helped with delivery or have been helping on an ongoing basis. We want to help with that, and so we have put together a list of the best thank you gifts for nurses and medical staff alike. These gift ideas are practical and have been vetted by my good friend who is an ED nurse, so you are sure to find something your nurse will truly love.

  1. Compression Socks
  2. Nurses spend their entire shift on their feet, so being comfortable is essential. Compression socks are a great practical thank you gift for nurses as they stop their feet from swelling, stop varicose veins, and reduce general soreness after a long day.

  3. Funny Mug and Wine Glass
  4. With “before patients” on the mug, and “after patients” on the wine glass, your nurse will get a good laugh out of this set, and no doubt find the messages relatable!

  5. A Punny Jumper
  6. Apparently “Tachy” is nurse talk for a fast heart rate, so your nurse is sure to get a kick out of this punny jumper! The Christmasy print would make it ideal for around the festive season, making it a funny Christmas gift for nurses.

  7. Prescription Pill Shot Glasses
  8. Nurses probably think about taking shots thousands of times per shift, and they might just get away with it with these shot glasses! Cleverly designed to look like pill bottles, these make a fun thank you gift for medical staff.

  9. Retractable Pen Holders
  10. Nurses need to carry pens around all day, and you can guarantee that they are always putting them down and never seeing them again. The reel extends comfortably and it stays extended so that nurses can use pens without the constant tugging. A handy and thoughtful thank you gift for a nurse or hospital staff that they are sure to get a lot of use out of.

  11. Stethoscope Holder
  12. Anything to make a nurse’s job easier is going to be a well received gift. The dual layered genuine leather lining on both interior and exterior surfaces provides a strong, long-lasting, water-resistant, secure holster for all stethoscope types. The dual-layer also prevents the accumulation and transmission of bacteria by making this scope holder easier to clean and sanitise. Perfect!

  13. Mini Perfume
  14. Being a nurse can be a messy and smelly job. Having a mini perfume on hand to apply when needed is going to come in handy! With a light blend of gardenia and essential oils, the compact vial can be kept in their pocket and rolled on when needed.

  15. Carabiner’s
  16. Carab-WHAT?! I hear you ask .. These little hook things that we see everywhere are like gold to nursing and medical staff. Whether they are hooking things onto their uniform, keys, or clipboard, it will be made much easier with this pack of carabiners, making this a very practical gift.

  17. Smart Watch
  18. Our nurses need to keep track of time for various check ups, tests and admissions, so a smart watch can be extremely useful for telling the time (duh), but also for the timer function and pedometer. A multi-use gift that nurses and medical staff will always love to receive.

  19. Adult Colouring Book – Nurses Addition
  20. Perfect for furiously colouring in on a stressful night shift, or calm colouring during much needed days off at home, this funny adults only colouring book is nurse specific and contains 40 pages of zen colouring designs with messages that only nurses can relate to.

  21. Organic Muscle Rub
  22. A cheap but thoughtful gift for nurses is this organic muscle rub. This soothing gel uses natural oils, including peppermint, basil, and ginger, to create the hot and cold sensation of other popular muscle rubs. After a long day on their feet, your nurse is sure to appreciate coming home to this.

  23. Mug Warmer
  24. Taking sips in between seeing patients means that nurses are regularly drinking stone cold tea or coffee. They can keep their drinks warm for their entire shift with this super practical little gadget. Simply plug into the wall and pop your mug on top!

  25. Carry Case For Stethoscope
  26. This sweet travel case is semi waterproof, shockproof, and durable, and is guaranteed to prevent any damage to stethoscopes. There’s also a mesh pocket inside to carry around other items like pens and flashlights. Perfect for nurses who work at multiple facilities.

  27. Plush Organs
  28. These adorable plush toys represent our different organs in a fun and playful way. They would make a great gift for paediatric nurses to keep at work for their mini patients to play with, or even to take home for their kids.

  29. Insulated Lunch Bag
  30. Their meal times don’t fall when ours do, and it might be hours before nursing staff get around to eating their lunch or dinner whilst busy on shift, so having an insulated lunch bag will come in handy. This bag has two sections that keep cold and warm items separate, plus a bunch of other compartments for snacks, drinks and cutlery.

  31. Snack Care Package
  32. This is a great gift basket for nurses, it’s full of yummy and healthy treats that will no doubt get any nurse through a long and tiring shift. Including chips, granola bites and even a slinky to keep them entertained!

  33. Medical Coffee Table Book
  34. This stunning coffee table book tells the fascinating story of medicine, from ancient times to the present day, charting developments in healing, diagnosis, surgery, and drugs in a vividly visual and accessible format. The perfect addition to any nurses book collection.

  35. Compact Foot Massager
  36. After a long shift on their feet, getting home to a nice foot massage probably sounds like heaven to any nurse out there! This compact foot massager is small enough to use while sitting on the couch catching up on Netflix, or even brought into work and used under the desk between seeing patients. Get one for yourself too!

  37. Uber Eats Gift Card
  38. Nurses are incredibly busy, which means sometimes stepping out to a cafe or even the local 7-11 isn’t possible. A gift card for Uber Eats is a thoughtful, simple, yet extremely practical gift for nurses, and will come in handy during those busy periods.

  39. Medical Wall Art
  40. These super cool and modern prints are uniquely designed to represent different parts of the anatomy, and would look great in the office or home of any nurse, medical student, chiropractor or doctor. Super cool!

  41. Wash Your Hands T-Shirt
  42. If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us, it’s to wash our damn hands! Nurses have been long trying to get this message through to us, so this t-shirt is a funny gift that your nurse is going to love wearing. If you like this gift, you’ll love our gift ideas for someone in quarantine !

  43. Doctor and Nurse Necklace
  44. These personalised pendants would make an incredibly sentimental gift for your nurse. Available in three different prints and colours, any nurse would be grateful to receive such a stunning gift.

    There you have our 22 practical thank you gifts for nurses. Whether you’ve been seeing a nurse regularly for an ongoing illness, or you had a once off hospital trip and want to thank the staff who cared for you, you are sure to find something on this list that is both practical and is something that your nurse will love.

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