30 Best Gifts to Cheer Someone Up

Gifts to Cheer Someone Up

When someone you care about is going through a hard time, it can be hard to know what to say to cheer them up. Whether your friend or a family member is dealing with a hard time at work, battling anxiety or depression, going through a breakup or they are just having a few rough days as we all do, getting them a gift to cheer them up is the perfect way to show you care. We’ve put together this list of gifts to cheer someone up, from funny gifts to meaningful wellness packages, these are sure to cheer anyone up.

  1. Spa Day Experience
  2. A pamper day will cheer anyone up, so regardless of who it is in your life that needs cheering up, consider gifting them a spa day experience. Who doesn’t want to feel pampered and relaxed during a difficult time?

  3. Self Care Subscription
  4. The key to cheering someone up is gifting them something that will make them feel better day after day, and this subscription will do just that. Each month they’ll receive one research inspired therapeutic activity to wire their brain for more joy plus up to 8 self-care wellness goodies to reduce stress and enhance their life.

  5. Cocktail Subscription
  6. Hate to be that person, but having cocktails on hand would certainly cheer me up! Each month 3 unique recipes by top bartenders are sent out, plus everything they need to make 12 drinks. Happy times ahead!

  7. FabFitFun Subscription
  8. Getting the endorphins running is an instant way to cheer up. The FabFitFun subscription delivers the best women’s lifestyle goodies like beauty products, wellness items, fitness gear, and home goods.

  9. Chocolate and Book Subscription
  10. How amazing does reading a book in the genre of your choice while you snack on hand-selected chocolate and sip on a hot drink sound? That’s what they’ll get each month with this awesome subscription, Definitely a winning combo to cheer someone up.

  11. Wine Hamper
  12. Tell me you wouldn’t feel instantly cheered up if you opened your door and saw this!? Containing a pair of Francis Ford Coppola California wines from the award-winning Diamond Collection, the complex cabernet and merlot feature luscious plum and red raspberry flavors and are paired with a variety of complementary gourmet snacks. Delish!

  13. Mini Getaway
  14. Getting away for the weekend on a little adventurous trip will surely cheer anyone up! Cloud9 Living offer getaways with a difference, from whale watching expeditions to camping trips in the woods, they’ll feel refreshed and full of cheer upon their return.

  15. Candy Subscription
  16. Candy! If monthly deliveries of sugary goodness doesn’t cheer them up, what will!? They can take their yummy snacks to work with them or keep their stash at home for a pick me up whenever they need one.

  17. He Time Subscription
  18. Guys need me time, too! Having access to premium grooming and lifestyle products will definitely cheer him up. This subscription includes up to 10 products with things like skincare, aromatherapy, accessories, and gourmet goodies.

  19. Beer Subscription
  20. Each month they’ll receive a variety of hoppy beers from two or more breweries, accompanied by a newsletter which details tasting notes, beer and brewery profiles, and recommended food accompaniments. The perfect way to cheer up the beer drinker in your life.

  21. Flower Subscription
  22. Flowers are the universal go-to gift to cheer someone up! No matter the event that lead to them needing to be cheered up, a bunch of flowers is always going to be a winner. This ongoing subscription sends fresh flowers from sustainable farms around the globe. All flowers are hand picked and sent to fresh wither bi-weekly or monthly.

  23. Bath Bevy Subscription
  24. Relaxing in a tub with yummy smelling surroundings is a sure fire way to get cheered up. This subscription includes bath bombs, bubble bath, bath salts, whipped soap scrubs and more.

  25. Coffee and Cookies Subscription
  26. I know personally a cup of coffee is all I need to be cheered up! Add in a cookie and I’d be beyond thrilled! This subscription contains a curated pairing of freshly roasted international craft coffee along with perfectly flavor-paired gourmet cookies.

  27. Tea Subscription
  28. Maybe a nice cup of tea is more their jam. Curling up on the sofa with a good book and a cup of tea is definitely a nice way to cheer up and get some R&R! This subscription can be curated around samplers, herbal or decaf tea, black tea or green tea.

  29. Beer and Wine Hamper
  30. Gather your friends, whip out this hamper and let the good times roll! Regardless of who in your life needs cheering up, they’ll appreciate this hamper full of goodies and will be feeling better in no time!

  31. Happiness Journal
  32. Get them into the practice of five minute daily journaling to reflect reflect on their day and bring out the positives to keep them in a good mood. Thinking about the good parts of their day, the things you are grateful for and your truths will help cheer them up!

  33. Cheer Up Ring
  34. You can’t get more direct than a ring that tells you to cheer up! This cute little accessory is the perfect reminder to keep it cheerful and not take life too seriously.

  35. Pampering Set
  36. Gift them some much-needed “me” time with this nourishing bath and spa collections. The gift of relaxation is definitely going to cheer up a friend in need. This little kit contains body oil, lip balm, calming soap and a candle.

  37. Succulent Subscription
  38. Adding greenery to your home could cheer anybody up! It also improves air quality and general wellness, so how could you not be cheered up by having a house full of these cute succulents!

  39. Candle Subscription
  40. There’s something about lighting candles that cheers us up real quick. Each month of this subscription features a different on-trend candle container that complements the current season and is handpicked to match their scent preferences.

  41. Smile Pendant
  42. Maybe the gift to cheer them up needs to be a little more in their face. In that case, this cute necklace that they can wear each day will be a constant reminder for them to smile!

  43. Success Crate
  44. Maybe they’ve had some bad luck in business lately and need something to cheer them up and get their head back in the game. This subscription helps entrepreneurs and everyday people feel empowered. Each delivery includes a NY best seller and exclusive goodies curated to help reach goals faster.

  45. Natures Wellness Subscription
  46. General wellness is guaranteed to make anyone feel better. This monthly aromatherapy and lifestyle subscription box features non-toxic, natural, vegan and cruelty-free skin-care and household products that will leave them feeling cheery all year round.

  47. Shower Steamers
  48. Sometimes all it takes to cheer up and put yourself in a better mood is a refreshing shower. These calming shower steamers will add a beautiful aroma and extra element of relaxation to their shower.

  49. Mindfulness Dice
  50. This set contains six color-coded blocks with 36 practices and thousands of possible combinations to perform and leave them feeling their best. They’ll discover calming meditations, positive mantras, mind-boosting journaling and therapeutic self-care goals.

  51. Affirmation Cards
  52. This set of 40 daily motivational cards will help them immerse in relaxation and get energized to meet their full potential every single day. Whenever they need cheering up, they can turn to these cards to get their positive mindset back on track.

  53. Rude / Funny Candle
  54. If you’re going the tough love approach, here’s the gift for you. Your friend will get the message and then be able to chill in the ambience of their new fragrant candle. All they have to do to cheer up is read the label over and over!

  55. Dammit Doll
  56. Maybe their way of cheering up is by letting out their frustration. When the stresses of work, life, kids etc just get too much, they can take a second and smash the Dammit Doll around until they have cheered up!

  57. Smiley Face Socks
  58. How could you feel down with these adorable socks on your feet? Not only will they keep their feet feeling super comfy all day, they’ll be reminded to smile every time they look down.

  59. Personal Mini Bar
  60. On the go cheering up just got easier! This cheeky little kit contains five 50 ml bottles, ready to fill with their favorite spirits and mixers. They’re nestled in a compact vegan leather case. The foam insert keeps their tiny bottles of cheer in place, ready to whip out whenever they feel the need!

    Thanks for checking out our best gifts to cheer someone up! We hope you found something that will help them feel better! You can’t really go wrong with the ongoing subscription gifts we’ve listed, which is why they feature heavily in this list – we know they’ll love them! If you’re still looking for gifts to make someone feel better, check out our gifts for someone going through a breakup.