27 Best Gifts for Someone Going Through a Breakup

Gifts for Someone Going Through a Breakup

Going through a breakup is not fun for anyone. Whether they’ve been together for a few months or a few years, it’s never easy and it’s always nice being there for whoever is dealing with the heartbreak. To cheer them up, even temporarily, why not get them a little gift? We’ve put together this list of the best gifts for someone going through a breakup. Some are funny, some are useful, and some are just downright delicious. Save this list for the next time your bestie texts you with the bad news!

  1. Chocolate Subscription
  2. If there’s a person on this earth who doesn’t turn to chocolate when they’re in a state of disarray, I’d like to have a word with them. Your heartbroken buddy will totally appreciate you gifting them the good stuff after their breakup.

  3. Spa Day
  4. Unwinding at a relaxing spa day is just what they’ll need after a breakup. They can choose from a range of various spa treatments including massages, facials and manicures to take their mind off their broken heart, if even just for an hour.

  5. Ice Cream Subscription
  6. An ice-cream subscription for someone going through a breakup, does it get any better? Go join them on the couch with a trashy series on Netflix and a bucket of ice cream.

  7. TheraBox
  8. Self care during a breakup is essential. This best selling subscription box will have her feeling amazing in no time, with carefully curated items designed to uplift and inspire recipients.

  9. Bath Bevy Subscription
  10. If there’s one thing a tub is good for, it’s crying in after you’ve gone through a breakup. This subscription will keep their skin silky smooth and make their breakup bath times a little bit nicer.

  11. Goddess Provisions Subscription
  12. She’s a goddess and needs to remember it! This subscription box sends out the coolest alternative goodies for spiritual souls, like crystals, aromatherapy, vegan beauty, superfood snacks and tools for spiritual growth. Just what she needs after a rough trot.

  13. FabFitFun Subscription
  14. Taking out your frustration on a workout is a great healthy way to release all that hurt and anger over a breakup. This subscription will keep them busy, fit and active during their tough time.

  15. Wine Hamper
  16. Wine with the girls (or guys) after a breakup is one of the fundamentals of friendship. Gift this to your bestie who is going through a breakup and be their shoulder to cry on.

  17. Mini Getaway
  18. Grab your bff and take them on a mini getaway to get their mind off their breakup. This is sure to help them through their difficult time, choose and experience you can enjoy together as they heal and move forward.

  19. Adventure Activity
  20. Maybe their way of dealing with grief is by getting out there and doing something fun and crazy and adventurous. Cloud9 Living’s adventure activities will definitely cheer them up!

  21. Mini Instax Camera
  22. This cool camera will inspire them to get out there, have some fun and make new memories that they can capture and keep forever. Or, if they want to stay home and take photos of themselves crying in bed, that’s ok too!

  23. Introverts Subscription
  24. This set would be great for corporate clients or employees alike, it has scotch caramels, whiskey shortbreads or bourbon marshmallows, along with a standout glass and mixer.

  25. Weighted Blanket
  26. Weighted blankets are perfect for helping reduce stress and anxiety and for helping the user get to sleep quicker. Breakups can cause major changes in sleeping patterns so having a comfort like this will make it a little easier for them to doze off.

  27. Beer Hamper
  28. Sometimes you just need to hit the beers and get on with it! This hamper is the perfect breakup gift to encourage a good time, it comes with a bottle of wine and delicious snacks too, great for sharing with friends who can support the heartache!

  29. Healthy Snack Subscription
  30. Look, extreme snacking is an inevitable part of any breakup. So help them stick to their healthy eating habits whilst they go through it, be a pal and hook them up with this healthy snack subscription box.

  31. Sweet Snack Subscription
  32. On the other hand, if they’re a sweet tooth and demand the good stuff, let them have it! This super sweet subscription will hit all those cravings during their breakup blues.

  33. House Plant Subscription
  34. Replace the love of an ex with the love of a house plant. This subscription will keep them busy and brighten up their space after a broken heart.

  35. Clean Slate Necklace
  36. This cute necklace symbolizes a clean slate, a fresh start and new beginnings. It can be personalized too, so add a nice little message for a special gift for someone going through a breakup.

  37. She Explores Book
  38. This adventure-inspiring book will inspire her to live her best life even after dealing with a breakup. It tells the stories of 40 women and their incredible journeys along with breathtaking photography to accompany each one.

  39. Queen Necklace
  40. It’s really tough seeing someone we care about get their heart broken, so show your bestie just how much of a queen she is with this cute necklace. It will serve as a daily reminder that she is a damn queen and deserves to be treated like one.

  41. Funny Tee
  42. While we’re doing funny, this tee will give them a giggle and send a strong message to anyone who looks her way. The perfect post breakup attire!

  43. Happiness Planner
  44. Intention setting and self development will help get their head and heart on the road to recovery a lot quicker. This helpful book prompts things like starting each day with an inspiring thought, cutting out things that hold you back, and mastering the art of resilience. Perfect for someone who’s just gone through a breakup!

  45. Brotein Box Subscription
  46. For the guys who’ve had their hearts broken, it might be time to hit the gym and let off some steam and get their mind off things. This ongoing subscription is filled with the best gym snacks out there.

  47. Culture Carton
  48. Your mate might be in need of a lifestyle pick me up after his breakup, so this is for him. This subscription sends out the best quality products including style accessories, leather goods, grooming products, gourmet food, and more.

  49. Living Single Mug
  50. Give your bff a bit of a lol after their breakup with this cute mug that celebrates living single, decorated with iconic 80s babes showing us how it’s done.

  51. Funny Candle
  52. In no way to we condone burning any of his or her possessions, so get this candle and light her up! Sometimes opting for funny when it comes to breakup gifts is the best way to go to for someone going through it!

  53. Shower Steamers
  54. There’s nothing better than letting a hot shower wash over you as you bawl your eyes out over your lost love. Well, the shower part is nice, the lost love, not so much. These shower steamers will make their crying time in the shower that much more enjoyable.

    Thanks for checking out our gifts for someone going through a breakup. We hope we’ve inspired you to grab something nice to cheer up the broken hearted person in your life. After more gifts? Check out our ultimate list of gifts for men in their 30’s or birthday gifts for female friends!