20 Best Wedding Gifts For Your Son and Daughter In Law

Wedding Gifts for Son and Daughter in Law

There are few days more special to a mom than her son’s wedding day! This puts a lot of pressure on finding the perfect gift. That’s where we step in. We’ve put together this list of carefully considered gifts to ensure that her son and new daughter in law start their married life off in bliss! From experiences they can enjoy together to personalized keepsakes, you’ll find the best wedding gifts for son and daughter in law on this list.

  1. Spa Day Experience
  2. This is a beautiful (and relaxing) experience they can enjoy together after their busy wedding day. Choose from a range of locations and services on offer by Virgin Experiences, like a romantic couple massage!

  3. Mini Getaway
  4. Outside of their honeymoon, every newlywed couple deserves a nice little weekend away to relax and spend quality time together. On the other hand, they also have fun adventurous getaways too for something a bit more extreme.

  5. Just Married Experience
  6. These fun experiences will bring them closer together, as they enjoy a day out as newlyweds. There are a bunch of amazing experiences on offer all over the world, so you could even book them an experience at their honeymoon destination.

  7. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  8. There are few experiences more romantic than a hot air balloon ride. This is such a thoughtful wedding gift for son and daughter in laws because it’s something they can experience together and the best part is, Tinggly vouchers don’t expire so they can use it whenever they like, maybe for their anniversary!

  9. Cocktail Subscription
  10. This is a fun gift for your son and daughter in law to enjoy well into their wedded life together. Each month they’ll get 3 unique recipes by top bartenders plus everything they need to make 12 drinks (4 from each recipe) – yummy!

  11. Wine Subscription
  12. This delivery comes with hand selected wines based on the newlyweds flavor preferences, and often include a featured item that pairs perfectly with the month or season. Perfect for date nights!

  13. Personalized Wine Table
  14. This transformable table / wine arrier can be engraved with their family name and special date. Packing up their spread will be easy with the carrier, then simply extend the legs to turn it into a table.

  15. Food and Drink Experience
  16. Choose from an experience they can enjoy together after their special day, like having a professional chef come to their house to cook up a delicious feast, or going on a beautiful wine tasting day.

  17. Tours and Sightseeing Experience
  18. A fun day out together at a location of their choice, be it in their city or at other iconic locations around the country, will make a super fun wedding gift for your son and daughter in law to enjoy together.

  19. Wedding Keepsake Library
  20. This is a stylish and special way to store precious keepsakes from their special day. Their precious items will be safe in acid-free drawers, vertical files, fabric bags, and stitched envelopes. Each is finished with a hand-painted personalization.

  21. Scenic Cruise
  22. Sailing into the sunset with your new hubby or wife, ahhhh … so romantic! This beautiful experience from Virgin Experiences will keep the romance alive and be a fun day or night out for them whenever they choose.

  23. Anniversary Wine Box
  24. This special personalized wine box houses three bottles to be opened on a couple’s 1st, 3rd and 5th anniversaries, a nice keepsake for them to keep enjoying year after year.

  25. Date Night Subscription
  26. Each month delivers a complete date night to be enjoyed from home, with things like interactive activities, accessories for ambiance, snacks or mixers and chef curated dinner menus. Cute!

  27. Intersection of Love Outdoor Sign
  28. This personalized outdoor sign is customized with their last names and pays tribute to the year their paths first crossed, and also the year they got married. Something they can keep in their family forever.

  29. Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase
  30. This champagne bottle keepsake is a reminder of their special day, personalized with their names and special date. Your daughter in law can even use it to keep her wedding bouquet in!

  31. Mystery Box Subscription
  32. This one is a bit different but something super fun for future date nights. Every month subscribers receive a new stand-alone case file with everything needed to close the case and solve the mystery.

  33. Personalized TV Tray
  34. A cool and personal addition to their house, this TV table features their names and the location and date of their special day. They’ll enjoy many meals and drinks on this bad boy.

  35. Anniversary Journal
  36. This beautiful anniversary journal commemorates their anniversaries, from their 1st to their 60th. Through prompts, the happy couple with be guided through romantic reflection and mutual aspirations.

  37. Personalized Wine Cooler
  38. Another beautiful personalized wedding gift for your son and daughter in law to enjoy well into their marriage. Perfect for family gatherings.

  39. Personalized Family Portrait
  40. A beautiful personal wedding gift for your son and daughter in law, this custom print would be especially sentimental for couples with kids. Pop it in a frame for a super special gift.

    That wraps up our list of the best wedding gifts for your son and daughter in law! Personalized gifts and experiences are featured heavily on this list, as we know they are the most well received and people love them! Looking for more wedding gifts? Check out our unique wedding gifts for your sister.