32 Best Gifts for Step Dads

Gifts for Step Dad

Step dads are up there with the unsung heroes in our lives. They marry our moms and take us on as their own. No matter what circumstances brought him into your life, whether he’s been there since you were a baby or if he’s a new addition to your family, show him how much you appreciate him with one of these awesome gifts. As per our original research, experience gifts are always going to be a winner, but we’ve included a bit of everything in our list of the best gifts for step dads.

  1. Adventure Experience
  2. Gifting experiences is one of the best options for anyone in your life. Cloud9 Living’s adventure experiences will have your step dad living his best life, a great gift idea for his birthday or Christmas.

  3. Golf Experience
  4. Regardless of his ability, if he loves golf then this is the best gift for your step dad. You can gift him a lesson with a PGA pro or a round on a world famous course anywhere in the country.

  5. Jerky Subscription
  6. His jerky supply will never be running low once he’s got his hands on this subscription. Each month he’ll receive the most delicious and unique jerky flavors with varying spice levels that he can snack on year round!

  7. Driving Experience
  8. Cloud9 Living’s driving experiences are the perfect gift for rev-head step dads. Whether he wants to be passenger in a race car, cruise the coast in a luxury sports car or go off-roading in a Land Rover, he will never forget this gift from you.

  9. Beer Subscription
  10. Step dads who love cracking open a cold beer after a long day will definitely appreciate this subscription. Each month he’ll get the best craft beers from around the country delivered to his door.

  11. Water Experience
  12. If he’s more at home on sea than on land, consider a fun water experience for your step dad. You can choose from something extreme like white water rafting, jet-skiing or parasailing, or something more chill like a river cruise, kayaking or a sunset dinner cruise. Choose from locations all over the country!

  13. Hot Sauce Subscription
  14. Get the best artisan hot sauces delivered to his door each month. Each bottle is hand curated by the experts at Heat Hot Sauce Shop, and only the best sauces are chosen, including sauces that have won awards at hot sauce festivals.

  15. Escape Room Subscription
  16. This is one of the most popular subscriptions on Crate Joy, probably because it caters to such a large audience – including your puzzle solving, mystery loving step dad! Explore a new city and culture each month while solving puzzles and deciphering codes with fun escape room challenges!

  17. Wine Subscription
  18. You can’t go wrong with a good old bottle of wine as a gift. Even better is an ongoing supply of wine! Your step dad will receive delicious selections that he can enjoy with your mom over romantic dinners and date nights.

  19. Flying Experience
  20. Taking things to the extreme might be right up his alley, if that’s the case your gift needs to represent his thirst for adventure! Cloud9 Living’s flying gifts do just that. He can take flying lessons, go for a joyride, skydive, hang glide or even fly over an active volcano.

  21. Car Care Subscription
  22. My step dads other child was his car. If this sounds familiar, then this is for him! Every month he’ll get a new curated box of premium detailing products, towels, and accessories from top car care brands.

  23. Fishing Subscription
  24. If fishing is his hobby of choice, you won’t go wrong with this one. Each month he’ll get a curated package containing things like premium flies, essential fishing items, awesome stickers, comprehensive Fly Guides, and a one year membership to Trout Unlimited.

  25. Golf Subscription
  26. This golf subscription delivers either a box of golf gear like casual clothing and accessories, an essentials box containing things like golf balls and tees, or a monthly glove delivery. Pair this with the golfing experience above for the ultimate golf gift!

  27. Special Keychain
  28. Sometimes there are no words we can say to our loved ones to express how grateful we are to them, so if you’re lost for words let this personalized keychain do the talking. There won’t be a dry eye in the house!

  29. He Time Subscription
  30. Does your step dad always like looking his best? Is he a manscaper? Then this might be the perfect gift for him. He’ll get premium grooming and lifestyle products like skin and body care, aromatherapy, lifestyle accessories, and gourmet goodies.

  31. Cigar Subscription
  32. Gift your step dad the best cigars in the world and become the favorite step child! Each delivery contains four premium hand-rolled cigars from around the world and a free butane lighter and cigar cutter.

  33. Tie Subscription
  34. Having an established tie collection will be easy with this subscription. He’ll be spoilt for choice and will never be without options wether he is wearing them to work or to a formal event.

  35. Basic Man Subscription
  36. This is a great option if you’re stuck on what gift to get your step dad, because you can never go wrong with these essentials. Each delivery contains a high-quality t-shirt, performance boxer-briefs and pair of socks.

  37. Whiskey Wedge Glass
  38. This is a really cool and useful gift for step dads who love their liquor. Simply fill the silicone mould with water and freeze it to form a diagonally bisected glass that will keep his drinks cold and stop them from watering down.

  39. BBQ Grill Set
  40. Up his grill game with this essentials kit. It includes everything he needs to put on a killer bbq, with spatula, tongs, bamboo skewers, a grill mat, meat claws, a grill cleaning brush, an apron and heaps more. Everything is made from extra thick and solid stainless steel which will last him years.

  41. Watch
  42. You’ll never go wrong with a watch as a gift. This oversized rugged style watch is and immediately eye-catching thanks to its knurled top ring. It’s interchangeable with all Fossil 24MM bands and is water resistant to 165 feet!

  43. Sock Subscription
  44. This is a great gift for your step dad if he works in the business world or just if goes through socks like crazy! All socks in the subscription are high quality, professional dress socks that will stay in place and keep him comfortable all day.

  45. BBQ Box
  46. We know how serious some step dads take their barbecuing! He’ll be a grill master in no time with a subscription of custom crafted rubs, spice shakers, basting mops, digital thermometers, and other bbq essentials delivered each month.

  47. Waterproof Camping Bag
  48. These dry bags last years and provide waterproof protection for even the most rugged users, so your outdoorsy step dad can enjoy his adventures without having to worry about his stuff getting wet or damp.

  49. Personalized Record Cutting Board
  50. This customizable chopping board is early 12″ in diameter, the same as a traditional 33-1/3 rpm record and is the perfect size for prepping food! Customize the center label with a band and album name of your choice.

  51. Bottle Loft
  52. These magnetic strips hold beverage bottles suspended from the ceiling of your fridge, a nice easy gift for your step dad on his birthday or at Christmas. Pair it with a six-pack of his favorite bottled beverages!

  53. Baseball Blueprints
  54. Bring your step dads most memorable moments at the ballpark to life with a beautifully detailed blueprint that honors each stadium’s unique history and architecture in classic style. The illustration is accompanied by his favorite stadium’s design specs and highlights of major events. Ideal for baseball lovers.

  55. Special Golf Ball Marker
  56. Personalize this special golf ball marker for your legendary step dad. You can add your names on it to make it that extra bit special.

  57. Personalized Shaving Kit
  58. This little kit contains a high quality black badger shaving brush, a beautiful wood shaving bowl, a long handle double edge safety razor and also comes with aftercare products. Have it personalized with his initials for an added touch.

  59. Bike Cup Holder
  60. He’ll never go thirsty again as he rides through town. With a screw-free, steel spring-clip design, the easily detachable device clamps securely in place and within reach.

  61. Wall Mounted Phone Charging Station
  62. Your step dad will love the ease of this simply designed, goes-with-everything wood plank that doubles as a Qi-compatible phone charger. It’s also a spot to hang keys, thanks to its magnetic underside. We love a multipurpose gadget!

  63. Hilarious Mug
  64. This mug will make your step dad cry with tears of laughter. It’s so utterly ridiculous in all the right ways, how could he not love it?

    No doubt you’ve found some inspiration for gifts for step dads from our awesome list above! Don’t forget that with gifting, it’s the thought that counts, so your step dad will love whatever you choose for him and definitely feel loved and accepted! Want to keep gift hunting for gifts? Check out our personalized gifts for men!