50 Best 50th Birthday Gifts For Mom

50th Birthday Gifts For Mom

Mom is entering into the best years of her life come her 50th birthday, so it’s time to get serious about gift giving. Knowing mom’s, she’ll probably tell you she doesn’t want anything, but we all know you’ve got to get her something, and it’s got to be good! So .. what to get mom for her 50th!? We conducted a survey that shows women in their 50’s particularly like receiving experience gifts, clothing and accessories and home decor. So with that in mind, we have put together the best gift there is on offer. So, here are the best 50th birthday gifts for mom.

  1. Spa Day Experience
  2. A good massage, mani or pedi will go down a treat for mom on her 50th birthday. Choose from a range of spa day experience for mom to be pampered and treated like the queen she is on her special day.

  3. Self Care Subscription
  4. Every mom on earth needs some self care! We all see how hard our mom’s work, so on her 50th birthday why not gift her something that will encourage her to wind down and take some much needed time for herself.

  5. Bucket List Experience
  6. Mom will love checking something off her bucket list! Tinggly’s bucket list experiences range from the fairly chilled right up to the extreme, so no matter what kind of vibe she’s going for there’ll be something for her.

  7. Cocktail Subscription
  8. Next time you go to mom’s for dinner she’ll have an array of cocktails for you, handmade by her! This amazing subscription delivers the yummiest ingredients that mom can use to whip up the best cocktails for her and her friends (and you)!

  9. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  10. Spending the morning of her 50th birthday above the clouds will be something mom will never forget. Join her for one of the most magical moments you’ll share together! As with all Tinggly’s experiences, they never expire and can be delivered in an email voucher.

  11. AirPods
  12. AirPods will up mom’s game in so many areas, gym, running errands, chilling out at home, listening to music or talking to you on the phone. So easy and convenient!

  13. Mini Getaway
  14. You’ll win child of the year with this gift! Choose from a range of amazing locations around the country, whether she’s loves camping in the wilderness or living it up in the city, there’ll be an experience in here that she will never forget.

  15. Tour and Sightseeing Experience
  16. Experience gifts are the most popular, hands down! They are especially great for milestone birthdays like mom’s 50th! Cloud9 Living’s tours and sightseeing days include everything from historic city tours to walking food tours.

  17. Helicopter Ride
  18. This is a once in a lifetime gift that mom will never forget. Choose a location either close to home or somewhere else more scenic to get a whole different experience. The best thing about Tinggly is their experiences never expire, so if she decides to wait a bit for her experience she can.

  19. Apple Watch
  20. Mom won’t know herself once she straps this bad boy on her wrist. She will be able to do just about everything on her Apple Watch, and it’s ideal for those who are always on the go or who live an active lifestyle.

  21. International Wine of the Month Subscription
  22. Each month mom will receive premium wines from two different award-winning boutique vineyards, accompanied by profiles on the winemakers, tasting notes, recommended food accompaniments, and complementary recipes.

  23. Echo Dot
  24. Can’t you just imagine him on a fishing trip rocking this vest?! With a bunch of pockets for his phone, keys, cash and other essentials, it will keep him warm and organized.

  25. iPad
  26. Netflix, Candy Crush (is that still cool?), Zoom – whatever mom needs to do online she can do it from her new iPad. Super light weight and compact, she can take it with her to work or when she’s off traveling.

  27. Skin Care Subscription
  28. Get mom’s skincare routine on point with this subscription that delivers the best of the best. She’ll feel silky and smooth, moisturised and fresh day in and day out thanks to the goodies in this box.

  29. Food and Drink Activity
  30. Mom and her pals will love spending the day out and about enjoying delicious food and drinks. Choose from a range of locations and different variations like wine tastings, cooking classes or food tours. Fun!

  31. Smeg Espresso Maker
  32. How cute is this little guy? Mom’s morning coffee will be perfectly fresh and frothy with this easy to use espresso maker. There’s a milk frother and all!

  33. Scenic Cruise
  34. Picture it, your gorgeous mom sipping champagne on a sunset yacht ride with her besties. What more could she want for her 50th birthday? Book yourself a place on there too and enjoy it with her!

  35. Action and Adventure Experience
  36. This one is for the bad ass mom’s who love a little adventure and adrenaline. Choose from one of Cloud9 Living’s adventure experiences for a gift mom will never forget. There are once in a lifetime experiences like bull riding, trapeze classes and even ninja classes!

  37. Kindle Reader
  38. Kindle’s are so good for mom’s who love to read! They are perfect for traveling, the commute to and from work, days on the couch, soaking in the tub or reading before bed. They are super light weight and there’s literally endless options for mom to read.

  39. Coffee and a Classic
  40. This super cool subscription delivers a delicious coffee blend along with a book to enjoy each month. Such a cool gift for your mom if you know she loves to sit and read as she sips her morning coffee.

  41. Eco Friendly Subscription
  42. If mom’s doing her bit to save the plant then consider this as a gift for her 50th. Each box is thoughtfully curated around a theme to reduce plastic waste in one area of her life at a time, with eco-friendly replacements for the things we use each day.

  43. Bath Bevy Subscription
  44. A good bath can do wonders for our well being and mental clarity. Gift mom this awesome subscription that’s filled with lush bath bombs, scrubs, soaps and more. Pair this with the swivel bath tray below for the ultimate gift!

  45. Custom Bangle
  46. This beauty is designed with a seamless clasp and can be worn stacked with other accessories or as a standout piece on its own. Have it customized with a special message for her birthday.

  47. Air Fryer
  48. Air Fryers are the answer to every cooking need out there. Want french fries? Air fryer. Cake? Air fryer. Lasagna? Air fryer. They can do everything and they self clean too, what more could you want?

  49. Adults Art and Craft Subscription
  50. We love a crafty mom! This super fun arts and crafts subscription for adults will keep mom’s creativity live and well and promote her love for the hobby. Plus, she’ll have heaps of cute creations to display around the house!

  51. Gardening Subscription
  52. Gardening is the best way to wind down and chill out! For mom’s who love to garden, this is a great gift idea for her. She’ll get everything she needs to keep her garden fresh and growing yummy produce!

  53. Yoga Subscription
  54. Everything mom needs to get into yoga or to keep her on track with her current yoga routine will be delivered in this subscription. With things like self care essentials, healthy living tools and other accessories to help her with her technique and practice.

  55. Personalized Picnic Table
  56. This cute picnic table transforms into an awesome and handy wine carrier! Perfect for lunch in the park with the kids, and then dinner and drinks later with the girls!

  57. Breakfast Tray
  58. Mom’s breakfasts in bed will be super glam with this adorable and stylish breakfast tray. Whip her up your famous scrambled eggs and her favorite coffee and bring it to her on her special day!

  59. Block Necklace
  60. This super cute necklace is the perfect 50th birthday gift for mom, with a personal touch. Choose letters to represent your families initials, add in a little love heart and you have yourself a very special gift that she will cherish.

  61. Introverts Retreat Subscription
  62. If mom loves keeping to herself and spending her weekends at home enjoying her own company, then she will love this subscription box. Filled with all kinds of goodies to make introverts happy!

  63. Wine Rack
  64. This compact and stylish little wine rack is the perfect size for the bench top and to keep her favorite three bottles on rotation.

  65. Pyjamas
  66. These super cute pj’s will make the perfect addition to mom’s pj collection. Made from super soft and comfy organic cotton that will keep her warm when it’s cold, and keep her cool when it’s hot. And honestly how cute is the pattern!

  67. Jewelry Subscription
  68. This awesome subscription will deliver the trendiest accessories to your mom each month, including necklaces, earrings and rings that will match with her existing pieces and pair well with any of her outfits.

  69. Gemstone Face Roller
  70. These beauties feel soo nice and leave your face feeling smooth, revitalized and fresh and mom will love being able to incorporate her new face roller into her daily skin care routine.

  71. Swivel Bath Tray
  72. Mom will be able to sit back and relax in a nice soothing bath and have her book, candles and wine at the ready and safe from getting wet. This cool swivel tray fits over all regular sized tubs and would be great on its own or paired with the Bath Bevy Subscription above.

  73. Yoga Mat
  74. Mom will thank you for upping her yoga sessions. This awesome mat won’t slip out from under her and will stay dry throughout her workout.

  75. Earrings
  76. These stunning earrings will make a great addition to any of mom’s formal outfits or even paired with something a little more casual like workwear. They’re simple and elegant and would be great for any mom!

  77. Cheese Swivel Board
  78. There’s nothing quite like a killer cheese board, and they don’t come much better than this one! It’s got plenty of space for all of mom’s favorite nibbles plus hidden compartments for the cheese knives!

  79. Faux Fur Throw
  80. This ridiculously snuggly throw is the perfect addition to mom’s sofa or her bed. Grab it in a color that will suit her existing decor for a thoughtful gift she will love.

  81. Cabana Tray
  82. This handcrafted bamboo, rattan and manila rope tray will add a natural element to mom’s space. She can use it as a centrepiece on a coffee table, dining table, or on its own on the counter, it’s going to look cute anywhere!

  83. Formal Necklace
  84. A stunning necklace like this is the perfect statement piece for mom’s 50th birthday. If you want to go all out on her special day, pair this necklace with the earrings above for a gift she will cherish forever.

  85. Linen Tote
  86. This cute tote comes in three colors and is the perfect size for mom’s busy day on the go, or her leisurely weekend days out.

  87. Moscow Mule Set
  88. Mom can now enjoy her Moscow Mules out of this awesome jog and cup set designed specially for keeping drinks chilled and keeping them cold over time. It’s the perfect set for dinner parties or dinners with friends.

  89. Dressing Gown
  90. A lush dressing gown is always a great gift for mom. Pair this super soft gown with one of the self care subscription boxes above or even the breakfast tray for a super special gift that mom is sure to love.

  91. Personalized Necklace
  92. These gorgeous necklaces can be custom made to reflect whatever style or vibe mom has going on. The tiny discs can be imprinted with the letters of you and your siblings.

  93. Dried Bouquet
  94. Flowers are the best addition to any gift for just about anyone in your life, but they have such a short lifespan! These beauties will last a lifetime, just pop them in a nice vase (we’ve listed one below!) and there you go!

  95. Mom Mug
  96. Every mom needs a mom mug! This beauty will take pride of place in her cups cupboard and be her go-to for her morning tea or coffee.

  97. Vases
  98. Perfect for fresh birthday bouquets or stunning dried arrangements, these vases make stunning centrepieces or even keep them together as a set to add to the decor.

  99. Personalized Spoon
  100. For lovers of backyard barbecues with the family and nights on the deck with friends, this fire pit is something he will be able to enjoy for years!

    So there’s our list of the best 50th birthday gifts for mom! We have ticked all of the boxes with this epic list, we’ve got experiences, self care goodies, things for the home and everything in between. Hopefully we have given you a great place to start your gifting journey. Don’t forget, the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart and have meaning to the recipient, so stick with that and you won’t go wrong!