33 Sentimental Thank You Gifts For Coworkers

33 Sentimental Thank You Gifts For Coworkers

Whether you’re leaving your work, or just thanking your coworker for covering for you and making your job more enjoyable, it is important to get them an awesome gift to show your appreciation. Finding great thank you gifts for coworkers can be difficult for some because you never quite know whether to go professional or personal. Well, luckily for you (and your workmates) we have put together a collection of gift ideas that contains the perfect combination of both! From unique and inexpensive gifts that are useful for the workplace, to sentimental gifts they can take home and enjoy, we have it all covered! Here are 33 perfect thank you gifts for coworkers.

  1. Passive Aggressive Notebook
  2. Who doesn’t love a good old passive aggressive comment in the workplace? Your coworker will get a kick out of this notepad and will love jotting down all their important notes while sending a passive aggressive message to anyone who sees!

  3. Scented Candle
  4. If you work in a highly stressful or demanding job, it might be nice to gift your coworker a candle that they can keep in their workspace. With approximately 50 hours of burning time and a range of scents, your coworker will be kept calm when times are tough, and fortunately it is inexpensive too!

  5. Mountain Desktop Organiser
  6. Bring your coworker’s love of the outdoors into their workspace with this unique desktop organizer. With compartments to hold documents, takeout menus, writing utensils and business cards, your coworkers desk will be at peak organization.

  7. Darth Vader Pen Holder
  8. Is your coworker a Star Wars fan? This awesome Darth Vader pen holder would make the perfect thank you gift for their office desk, or even for their home. This makes for a very sentimental gift for your coworker if they are a fan of Star Wars. If they are, be sure to check out our list on the ultimate gifts for Star Wars fans.

  9. Laptop Stand
  10. This laptop stand lifts any screen up to eye level and is designed with a tilt, which brings the screen closer to you. This is a quick, inexpensive gift for coworkers, especially if they work from home or travel frequently as part of their role.

  11. Contractor Pen
  12. If your coworker is a builder, plumber, illustrator, or maybe they just like cool pens, then this pen is an awesome gift. The multi-use contractor tool features level and plumb bubbles, drywall and angle gauges, a ruler, a magnetic strip and a mini-pen holder – what more could you want from the humble pen!

  13. Desktop Golf
  14. Your golf loving coworker can practice their putt at their desk with this miniature golf course. A great way for your coworker to pass the time between meetings or relax and unwind before a big pitch to your boss.

  15. Hand Lettering 101
  16. For the artistic coworker who spends all their time in meetings doodling on the corner of their notebook. This beginners guide includes detailed instructions for nine different hand-lettered projects, and is an introduction into lettering, so no experience needed!

  17. Drawstring Backpack
  18. This cool drawstring backpack is a great gift for your coworker, especially if they love heading to the gym before or after work. Made from thick polyester material that is durable and easy to wash, and with drawstring closures for easy and quick access, it’s the perfect multi-use (and unisex) backpack.

  19. Wrist Lanyard
  20. A quick and inexpensive gift for your coworker, these cool wristlet lanyards come in a range of colours and patterns and can be added to a keychain, wallet or backpack. This gift is made of durable polyester and genuine leather, with a quality metal clasp to attach quickly and easily. Get one for yourself too, and this can make a subtle but sentimental gift.

  21. Gaming Control USB
  22. Your gaming obsessed coworker will love this cute gaming control USB. USB’s are an essential part of most jobs, so this gift will definitely come in handy, and would make a great thank you gift or Secret Santa gift for your colleague.

  23. Oversized Drink Coasters
  24. These cool coasters are perfect for your coworkers office or home. The large size means that there’s even less risk of damage to tables, and they absorb moisture that drips from cold drinks and will not stick to the bottom of the cup. The modern designs will look great amongst their decor.

  25. Glowing Moon Money Box
  26. This super cool money box is made for kids, but who doesn’t love looking at the moon! Your work pal can save their loose change from their morning coffee, or use it as a swear jar. The realistic surface glows in the dark, which just makes it even cooler.

  27. Foot Hammock
  28. Since it would be frowned upon to set up an actual hammock in their office, gift them the next best thing. The foot hammock attaches easily to most desks and is adjustable, so your coworker can put their feet up and relax whilst still remaining at their desk.

  29. Vacuum Insulated Mug
  30. Ahh the good old travel mug! There’s a reason these keep appearing on our lists. Practical, used almost daily and long lasting, a great quality travel mug like this is an ideal gift for your coworker for any occassion.

  31. Four Leaf Clover Necklace
  32. This real four-leaf clover pendant is dipped in eco-friendly vegetable resin to create a wearable and unique necklace. It could make a funny and sentimental gift for a female coworker when you are leaving your job, as if to say “good luck without me!”

  33. Healthy Snack Box
  34. A perfect gift for the coworker who loves to snack! This collection includes a mix of healthy snacks that are both sweet and savory, including nuts, fruit chews, bars, popcorn and veggie chips. This would make a personal and delicious thank you gift for your coworker. Yum!

  35. Compact Foot Massager
  36. Who doesn’t love a good foot rub!? Now imagine being able to have one while you were on a conference call or waiting for a client to show up! Designed to target trigger points in the foot arch and heels, your work pal will love you for gifting them this compact foot massage roller that they can stash under their desk.

  37. Llama Doormat
  38. This is one your coworker can take home and enjoy everyday! This awesome doormat features our new best friend Larry the Llama, and will bring some colour and joy to the front or back entrance of your coworkers living space. Something a little bit different and unique!

  39. Funny Office Decor
  40. What’s better than a nice piece of sarcastic decor for your work friends wall! Spruce up their office with this cheap and minimalist piece of art that will get a good laugh each time someone reads it!

  41. Modern Wall Clock
  42. Every workspace needs a great clock, and this one fits the bill perfectly! The modern monochrome design is made with a reclaimed birch wood base, and hand painted with various colours to create a sleek and modern look. Your coworker might love it so much they decide to take it home!

  43. Serenity Stone Floor Pillows
  44. Your coworker will love being able to use these unique pillows at home or at work. The smaller cushions are great for yoga props while the larger one can be used for sitting on during meditation, or even sipping their morning coffee at their coffee table. If your coworker is a spiritual one, this makes for a classy and sentimental gift. Cute!

  45. Comfy Slippers
  46. There’s nothing like getting home from work and putting on a super comfy pair of slippers. The memory foam slippers mould to the shape of the foot and retain their shape. They would make a perfect gift if your coworker was on their feet all day as part of their job.

  47. Travel Passport Wallet
  48. Keep their travel documents organised with this useful and thoughtful gift. If your coworker is always getting off on business trips or has a holiday coming up, this will come in handy! This useful gift features compartments for their passport, cash and other travel essentials plus secure closure to keep everything safe.

  49. Storage Baskets
  50. Storage is always a great gift, because no matter who you are or where you work, you’re always going to have things that need organising in your workspace! Whether your coworker is keeping their desk clean or adding them to the storeroom of the cafe, they’ll look great and keep everything neat and tidy!

  51. Tie Rack
  52. You know that guy in your office who prides himself on his wacky and wonderful tie collection? This is the perfect gift for him, or someone like him! Ideal for hanging at home in the wardrobe, or even behind the door in his office at work, it can hold up to 20 ties and keeps them firmly in place.

  53. Handheld Vacuum
  54. This is another great one for home or office. For all the coworkers that must have a dust free space at all times, they need not wait for the cleaners each night to keep their workspace looking fresh and clean all day long.

  55. Throw Blanket
  56. There’s always that one coworker who is cold all the time. Solve their woes by gifting them a blanket that they can keep at their desk. Available in three classic colours and made of 100% cotton, the throw is a quick and easy gift for any always-cold coworker. And they will love you forever!

  57. Adhesive Phone Wallet
  58. This is a great one for those who are always on the go. The little pouch sticks on the back of any phone, and completely covers cards and cash. There is also an extra strap added to the inside to ensure nothing valuable falls out. Perfect for keeping credit cards, business cards and cash handy.

  59. Cactus Pens
  60. Is your coworker notorious for asking to borrow a pen and then never returning it? A fun gift that will also send them a hint is this pack of cactus pens! Complete with cactus sticky notes and a cool pencil case, this is a quick and easy gift that your coworker will love.

  61. Sunglass Case
  62. The flexible and lightweight case is made of quality neoprene and fits most sized glasses or sunglasses. With zip closure and a sturdy carabineer, your coworker can clip the case onto their backpack, belt loop or even their keychain!

  63. Planet Fridge Magnets
  64. These planetary fridge magnets are another cheap but really cool gift for your coworker. Perfect for use on the office whiteboard, or even at home on the fridge to keep their documents in check. A great little gift for Secret Santa, or for when you are leaving the job.

  65. Geometric Trinket Bowls
  66. The unique design and shape of these ceramic pots make them a great addition to any workspace or personal space. Your coworker might decide to use them as tiny planters for their succulent collection, or to keep their rings and necklaces, or even to keep on their desk and filled with candy and chocolates!

    Thanks for checking out our list of sentimental thank you gifts for your coworkers! Whether you are thanking them for their hard work, their friendship, or even saying goodbye, we hope that your coworker loves whatever you decide to get them from this list!