The Ultimate List Of Gifts For Star Wars Fans

The Ultimate List Of Gifts For Star Wars Fans

Star Wars fans range from the middle aged, to the newly born, thanks to the incredible success of the franchise since the late 70s. This classic and imaginative series has amassed hoards of dedicated fans from across the globe. We’ve put together the ultimate list of Star Wars gifts that are sure to please fans of any age, whether they’ve only just started watching, or if they’ve been a super fan since day one. From the high end Star Wars gifts, to the cheap and funny, here are 30 amazing gifts for Star Wars fans.

  1. Star Wars AirPods Case
  2. We’re starting off the list strong! This cute AirPods case features a StormTrooper on the front, and would make a great Christmas gift for Star Wars fans. The added carabiner makes the case hassle free, it can be clipped on to any bag, belt or wallet and won’t go missing!

  3. Retro Star Wars Arcade Game
  4. This is an amazing high end star wars gift. If you have a Star Wars geek or super fan on your hands, this retro arcade classic may have just found its new home. With games featuring their favourite Star Wars rebels, and no quarters needed to play, you may never see them again!

  5. Darth Vader Device Holder
  6. The Darth Vader device holder is a super cool Star Wars gift for men or kids. Standing 8 inches tall, Darth Vader can hold gaming controls, and any model smartphone, making him the perfect accessory to a games room or office desk.

  7. X Wing Fighter Blueprint
  8. A truly unique gift for Star Wars fans, this vintage style blueprint of the X Wing Fighter will look great in any room, even if it’s not Star Wars themed. The print is available in four sizes and various colours and is sure to be treasured by the lucky recipient.

  9. Darth Vader Pen Holder
  10. Another Darth Vader that holds stuff, but this time it’s your stationery! This guy would be a funny gift for the Star Wars lover in your office, or for bringing a little fun to the kid’s homework station at home.

  11. Baby Yoda Head Earrings
  12. There’s no denying that Baby Yoda is the cutest creature that ever graced our television screens. These quirky earrings will add just the right amount of Star Wars to any outfit, whether you’re going to the office or going to a star wars party! This is a great gift for female star wars fans.

  13. Star Wars Trilogy Posters
  14. These minimalist and colourful Star Wars Trilogy prints are surprisingly modern and put a fresh and fun twist on what we’ve come to expect from Star Wars wall art. First drawn by hand and then illustrated digitally, these prints are a must for any fan.

  15. Storm Trooper Whiskey Decanter
  16. This is the greatest Star Wars gift for Dads. If his two favourite things are Star Wars and Whiskey, need you look any further!? Designed to resemble the Storm Trooper Helmet, this is a must for any Star Wars collector and will definitely be a talking point at your next party!

  17. Marble Coaster Set
  18. This set of four coasters are made from highest quality natural marble, handcrafted by professionals and printed with Star Wars art. This unique set would make an ideal housewarming gift, or a fun addition to the man cave of any Star Wars fan, new or old!

  19. LightSaber Chopsticks
  20. Have you ever been eating your takeaway while watching Star Wars and thought to yourself, ‘Gee, I wish I had a pair of LightSaber chopsticks to eat with!’ You have? Well, here they are! Add some fun to meal times, or pop them in the Christmas stocking of your favourite Star Wars fan for them to enjoy. This funny star wars gift will be cherished for years to come!

  21. Death Star Popcorn Maker
  22. If you’re a true Star Wars fan, or you know of one, there is no end to the Star Wars themed items they will have in their house. Add to the collection with this awesome Death Star popcorn maker. Once your corns are popped, sit back and watch your favourite Star Wars movie.

  23. Chewbacca Slippers
  24. Keep their tootsies warm inside the head of everyone’s favourite Wookie! Perhaps not the most attractive set of footwear, but nonetheless, these Chewbacca slippers will make a funny Star Wars gift for men and women, and no doubt scare the house pets!

  25. 3D Night Light
  26. This awesome night light would make a great Star Wars gift for kids. With three patterns included, the Dead Star, R2-D2 and The Millennium Falcon, any young Star Wars fan is going to love getting into bed every night with this on their nightstand.

  27. BB-9E Droid Mug
  28. Take your coffee or tea drinking to the dark side with this awesome Droid Mug. The mug is designed to look just like BB-9E from the movies, and has a removable lid to keep drinks warm. It’s a great little addition to any Star Wars collection.

  29. Star Wars Toaster
  30. It’s not enough that the outside of the toaster is detailed with a TIE Fighter and the Millennium Falcon, this toaster also has two different toasting slots that imprint both symbols of the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Um, YES! This would make a fun Star Wars themed wedding gift, and will be absolutely loved by any kids who get to use it.

  31. Darth Vader Light Clapper
  32. Use The Force to turn your bedroom over to the dark side, with this awesome gadget. Clap to activate a lamp and hear Darth Vader speak “The Force is strong with this one”. Clap off and hear him say “You underestimate the power of the Dark Side.” Great for kids, or grownups who are kids at heart.

  33. Yoda Cutting Board
  34. If you’re looking for a wedding gift for Star Wars fans, this might be it! The boards are available in different shapes, sizes and even different types of wood, so you can choose the style for the lucky recipients. They will love prepping their meals on this!

  35. Leather Money Clip
  36. This would make a great birthday or Christmas gift for a Star Wars loving guy. The money clip has six pockets for cards and a magnetic clasp for cash, and the engraved Star Wars print can be added to any part of the wallet.

  37. Princess Leia Mug
  38. This hilariously designed mug will make drinking your morning tea or coffee fun – and probably get a giggle from anyone who sees you drinking from it! The dual handles are designed to mimic Princess Leia’s iconic hairstyle from the original movies and is a fun addition to any Star Wars collection.

  39. Boba Fett Backpack
  40. Any college going Star Wars fan will love walking into campus with this unique backpack. Designed after Boba Fett, and featuring an internal laptop pocket and several other storage pockets, it’s the perfect college bag, or can even be used for travelling.

  41. R2-D2 Droid
  42. Drive R2-D2 through an app on your smartphone, go from bipod to tripod stances, or trigger emotive waddles. With authentic movements and integrated lights and sounds, they will feel like they are in a Star Wars movie! Definitely one for the mega fans.

  43. Millennium Falcon Tie
  44. If you’re attending a Star Wars themed wedding, or if you know a man who would love to wear a Star Wars tie to the office everyday, this is a great gift. The Star Wars blueprint pattern tie features the millennium falcon and is a unique addition to a Star Wars merch collection.

  45. Star Wars Hero Vehicle Bluetooth Speaker
  46. This highly detailed speaker will look super cool in any Star Wars fan’s house. With streaming range up to thirty feet, the speaker connects with all Bluetooth tablets and smartphones, and lets you take calls via speakerphone. It even includes the Star Wars theme song!

  47. Drawstring Backpacks
  48. Drawstring backpacks are perfect for the gym, sports, a day at the beach, or even a trip to Disneyland. The set of three Star Wars themed bags include your favourite characters, and are lightweight but strong enough to carry all your goodies.

  49. AT-AT Bookends
  50. These AT-AT bookends are designed and engraved with very fine detail, and will keep all your Star Wars books in order while looking seriously cool. The cork lined bottom keeps them in place and supports your books, and they are available in two different sizes. An amazing gift for a star wars fan who loves to read!

  51. Star Wars Lego
  52. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy Lego, especially when it’s Star Wars themed. Kids (or adults) will love getting to build their own Yoda and can display him proudly amongst their other memorabilia once he’s complete, or knock him down and start again!.

  53. LightSaber Toilet Roll Holder
  54. Just in case there wasn’t enough Star Wars in the house already, bring it into the bathroom too! This funny and unique gift for Star Wars fans will be the focal point of their loo. Choose between Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader’s LightSaber.

  55. Vintage Luke Skywalker Print
  56. Hang this stunning piece of artwork proudly in your favourite location in the home or office and surround it with your other Star Wars goodies! The vintage look adds a touch of character and is a bit of a step up from a traditional movie poster.

  57. Star Wars Monopoly
  58. This special edition Star Wars 40th Anniversary version of everyone’s favourite game is bound to become a family favourite or a go-to for your next games night with other Star Wars fans. With tokens that represent your favourite characters and a stunning themed board, it could even be kept as a collectors item.

  59. Limited Edition Watch
  60. Citizen and Star Wars join forces to release these limited edition watches. With incredible detail and craftsmanship, the designs are inspired by your favourite characters and scenes. A great idea for a Christmas gift or Anniversary gift for a Star Wars fan.

    There you have the ultimate list of gifts for Star Wars fans! I am sure you will find multiple items here that will be cherished by a fan for years to come, making them amazing gifts for any occasion. I personally own some of these items and they certainly do not disappoint!

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