19 Unique Gifts for Origami Lovers

19 Unique Gifts For Origami Lovers

Origami is a skill that takes a great deal of patience and a load of talent (two things I don’t have). There are a bunch of really cool gifts out there for anyone who has a passion for the traditional art of paper folding, and a lot of them don’t even involve paper! We’ve put together this list of super unique gifts for origami lovers that they are sure to love, so enjoy!

  1. Origami Menagerie Necklaces
  2. These sterling silver origami necklaces make for the perfect gift for an origami lover who loves jewelry (who doesn’t?). Choose their favorite animal and watch their faces gleam with excitement when they open their gift!

  3. Cork Wallet
  4. Dad’s get up in the night to help bubs back to sleep too, so having a nice comfy place to sit at all times of the night will be essential to new dad life.

  5. Paper Crane Wall Art
  6. This incredible brightly colored piece of art features paper stacked and swayed into large geometric formations. A must for any serious origami lovers!

  7. Origami Fox Gym Bag
  8. For the gym-going lovers of origami, this cute bag comes in a bunch of different colors and is the perfect size for joggers and water bottles.

  9. Origami Cushions
  10. These cute cushions feature the iconic paper crane origami shape and come in a bunch of colors. This is a great easy gift for origami lovers to add to their decor.

  11. Gold Paper Crane Earrings
  12. These 14k gold earrings are a cute little nod to origami that can be paired with just about any outfit. The perfect little accessory!

  13. Safari Baby Blanket
  14. Get your little on board with your love of origami! This ultra soft baby blanket features origami zoo animals and is perfect for animal themed nurseries! If you’re looking for more animal themed gifts for kids, check out our awesome list of gifts for kids who love animals.

  15. Origami Paper Magic Kit
  16. This child-friendly activity boosts hand-eye coordination, geometry skills, and problem solving all at once, and the outcome is 20 amazing pieces of paper art!

  17. Star Wars Origami Kit
  18. What could be cooler than transforming a piece of paper into an iconic character from Star Wars? Very little, that’s what. This kit contains everything they need to create their own little masterpieces. For more Star Wars related goodies, check out our list of gifts for Star Wars fans!

  19. Origami Master Tee
  20. Hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Show everyone who’s boss with this funny tee. The unisex make and print means it’s a nice simple gift for your masterful sister, boyfriend, dad or Aunt!

  21. Origami Planters
  22. Add a touch of origami to your outdoors with these planters. They come in white, grey or black and they’re great for indoor plants too!

  23. DIY Paper Whale Lamp
  24. How cool is this! In this kit you’ll get everything needed to piece together this incredible origami-esque whale lamp. This is a really unique gift that the recipient will love being able to create!

  25. Crane Laptop Case
  26. Keeping it pretty simple, this would be the ideal gift for your origami loving college friend or co-worker. Featuring the most iconic piece of origami – the paper crane.

  27. Origami Swan Necklace
  28. This simple necklace adds a nice little touch to any look. You can choose from a range of finishes and different chain lengths too, which adds a nice personal touch.

  29. The Origami Garden Book
  30. With a focus on mindfulness, this book will teach you how to make perfectly formed origami objects that are pleasing to fold and make, and each design is themed around the garden – cute!

  31. Constellation Paper Strips
  32. There are obviously thousands of origami paper designs out there, but this one appeals to those who love astrology and outer space. These strips come in 8 different designs to make cute little origami stars.

  33. I Fold Paper Tee
  34. Show off your skills with pride! This tee will become their go-to, with its relaxed fit and funny message. Available in black or white. Personally, I’d get both so I could wear them more often!

  35. Paper Crane Stickers
  36. A nice and easy gift for any origami lover. These stickers would be good as a little add on, or for a “just because” gift for your bff. Stick them on your water bottle, laptop, alarm clock – wherever!

  37. Origami Mugs
  38. There are few things I love more than mugs, and these origami inspired mugs are the COOLEST gift out there for any tea or coffee lover who is also into paper folding.

    There you have our list of super unique and awesome gifts for origami lovers! We’ve mixed it up a little, with some decor and other little bits that don’t usually come to mind when you think of paper folding. We hope to have inspired you to find something the origami master in your life is going to love and appreciate.