The Ultimate List of Christmas Gifts for Girls Under 10

The Ultimate List Of Christmas Gifts For Girls Under 10

Buying kids Christmas gifts can be an actual nightmare, especially if it’s left until the last minute (tip, don’t EVER leave it until the last minute). To help with the rapid development and interest changes of girls ages 1-10, we’ve looked all over and put together the ultimate gift guide to make your life easier (and make your little one the happiest kiddo on the block come Christmas morning)! We’ve covered everything, from classics like a new bike, to hands-on cooking kits. So here you have our ultimate list of Christmas gifts for girls under 10!

    Christmas Gift Ideas For 1 Year Old Girls

  1. Personalized Piano
  2. Little ones love nothing more than bashing away on musical instruments, despite the headaches it causes the rest of the household! This gorgeous little piano will be her first taste of the musical world, and it can be engraved with her name and a special message too!

  3. Birthday Girl Unicorn Shirt
  4. Etsy has so many gorgeous tees, hoodies and onesies for little ones. This cute unicorn tee can be customized with the little ones name to make it truly special. Grab a size bigger so she can wear it for longer!

  5. Lady Legends ABC Book
  6. It’s never too early to start teaching the alphabet, and what better way to do it than through iconic women! This is a book that she can keep until she’s much older, that can inspire her with stories of world-changing women.

  7. Wooden Balancing Toys
  8. Educational toys for babies are the best way to go. This beautiful set helps develop motor skills through balance and coordination and can also be a cute way to eventually teach them about the weather.

  9. Personalized Toy Basket
  10. If you don’t want to add clutter to their toy collection, gift them some storage for their existing toys! Personalise it with their name on the front too! If you’re after more non-materialistic gifts for toddlers, check out our list!

  11. Personalised Name Puzzle
  12. Name puzzles are a gift that they will have for years. I still have mine and I am 31! A super cute gift that they can play with too.

    Christmas Gift Ideas For 2 Year Old Girls

  13. Counting Hands Blocks
  14. These cute blocks teach little ones how to count with their fingers, so they can learn as they play! They’re made from beeswax, maple, cotton, jojoba oil and walnut – no nasties!

  15. Cute Sweater
  16. Entering the “terrible two’s” can definitely get wild! This sweater would look adorable with a little skirt or leggings and lil baby sneakers!

  17. Garden Plate and Utensils
  18. At an age where eating a meal or snack can turn into a mess within seconds, they’ll at least be having fun while getting food on every inch of themselves and surroundings. The utensils resemble a garden hoe, rake and shovel, so cute!

  19. Car Seat Safety Poncho
  20. This adorable animal poncho has been designed with kids safety in mind. Having the kids strapped in their seats with bulky jackets on is dangerous, so this warm and cosy poncho is designed to be worn over a seat belt, ensure a snug fit underneath.

  21. Princess Play Tent
  22. Let them explore the depths of their imagination and have a really cool place to hide, nap, watch movies and play! The perfect addition to their play area.

  23. Wall Art for their Bedroom
  24. Adding some life to their bedroom walls in an easy way to make their bedroom more fun and playful. This cute set of three can be customized with colors that will suit their room.

    Christmas Gift Ideas For 3 Year Old Girls

  25. Cute Sunglasses
  26. Little lady will be a trend setter with these cute little sunglasses. Add them to any outfit or take them with you to the beach to keep the sun out of her eyes.

  27. Craft Subscription Box
  28. Keep her busy during down time with these monthly craft boxes. Each box features a different theme and can be used by two kids, so it’s perfect for siblings or when she has her little friends over.

  29. Fairy Kit
  30. This gorgeous little set will capture the imagination of any fairy lover. She can create everything from fairy beds to fairy dust.

  31. 3 Wheel Scooter
  32. The perfect little scooter to start her off. The front of the scooter is a cute dog face, and the rear wheel lights up – what more could a kid want!

  33. Personalized Growth Chart
  34. Don’t damage your walls with growth markings! These cute growth charts are personalized with your little ladies name and would make a great addition to her bedroom or play area. She’ll love being involved with tracking her own growth too!

  35. Peppa Pig Russian Nesting Dolls
  36. This super cute Peppa Pig set is 100% handmade, and hand painted with a child-safe paint and eco varnish. Your little Peppa Pig fan will learn about shapes and sizes as she enjoys her new gift!

    See it on Etsy

    Christmas Gift Ideas For 4 Year Old Girls

  37. Learning Activity Box
  38. Set her up for years of learning with this preschool fun subscription box. Each box is full of fun, simple activities that will have your child excited to learn and start school.

  39. Mythical Creature Bath Fizzies
  40. Add some fun and color to bath time with this fun set of toy filled bath bombs! Each sulfate-free fizzy comes with a clue to help little ones guess what mythical friend hides inside. Fun!

  41. Beeswax Crayons
  42. Adding to their art collection with environmentally friendly gifts is the way to go! These awesome crayons are made from beeswax, and are super vibrant and colorful – ideal for big projects on colored paper.

  43. Princess Bedding
  44. Your little princess will LOVE going to sleep with this whimsical bedding. The set features a printed pillow crown and glittering duvet dress.

  45. Unicorn Cooking Set
  46. Inspire her love of cooking with this adorable and fun cooking set. It includes unicorn themed cookie cutters, a unicorn apron and other essentials for baking delicious treats.

  47. Flamingo Lamp
  48. Give her room a little makeover with this cute lamp. Ideal for animal lovers or girls who love pink! For more animal gifts, check out our list of gifts for kids who love animals!

    Christmas Gift Ideas For 5 Year Old Girls

  49. Walkie Talkies
  50. She’ll love playing hide and seek or talking to her friends across the street with these cool walkie talkies. A staple for any childhood toy collection!

  51. Llama Backpack
  52. If she’s off to school or preschool soon, this adorable backpack will make it all the more fun! It’s roomy enough to fit books, toys and snacks, so it would be great for days out with family too.

  53. Search and Find Story Book Puzzle
  54. Puzzles are a great learning activity for kids, and even better, this one turns into a little game once it’s complete! Once she’s finished the puzzle, she can find her favorite characters from the border in the puzzle.

  55. Science Themed Subscription Box
  56. This is a great gift to fill in those days at home over the holidays with her friends or family. Choose from one of three levels of hands-on science kits, designed by real science teachers!

  57. Light Up Tracing Pad
  58. Perfect for little art lovers, this cool gift will keep her busy for days on end. The evenly lit surface makes tracing lines easy to see so her options are endless!

  59. Kids Smart Watch
  60. This cool watch helps kids learn to tell time, with 55 digital and analog watch faces that they can customize. It’s splash proof too, so she won’t need to take it off for everyday play. It’s got a heap of fun features that she’s love!

    Christmas Gift Ideas For 6 Year Old Girls

  61. DIY Craft Kit
  62. This little kit contains everything she needs to create her very own fox, deer, and bear ornaments. Once she has finished making them, she can hang them proudly in her bedroom or on the Christmas tree!

  63. Donut Hoodie
  64. What 6 year old doesn’t love donuts?! This cute hoodie is perfect for Christmas, nice and simple but will keep her toasty and warm while it’s cold.

  65. Customized Cushion
  66. Little ones love personalized gifts! These cute cushions are perfect for her bedroom, and can be customized with her name or just an initial. Super cute!

  67. Floor Darts Game
  68. A super fun game for the whole family, floor dart, or, “Flarts” (hilarious!) is quick and easy to set up, and will keep her entertained for hours.

  69. Girls Can Subscription Box
  70. For young fearless girls who dare to dream! Each crate comes with the Girls Can activity book, hands-on STEAM activities, and a ton of inspiration to start her off on the right foot.

  71. Glow Slime Kit
  72. There’s no denying that kids are obsessed with slime, and what could be better than slime that glows in the dark! This set encourages hands-on creativity and problem solving along with serious science.

    Christmas Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Girls

  73. Exotic Driving Experience
  74. Charades is a family classic that always get lots of laughs and lets the healthy competition out! A game that can be enjoyed for years!

  75. Giant Inflatable Blowing
  76. This looks SO fun! Set up the giant inlatable outside on the lawn or down the hall for an .

  77. Baking Subscription Box
  78. Baking at home is such an iconic part of childhood. This awesome subscription box gets delivered once a month and contains all the goodies needed to whip up some yummy treats.

  79. Cute Rings
  80. This cute set comes with three rings, each with magical color changing capabilities to reflect her mood. At 7 years old, color changing rings are where it’s at!

  81. DIY Water Bottle
  82. With everything she needs to create her own unique water bottle, this kit is great for kids who play sports, or even just to jazz up her drink bottle for school!

  83. Cute Quilt
  84. A super cute addition to her bedroom! The printed quilt has a pretty scalloped design on one side and a solid purple on the other, so she can flip it over when she wants a little change!

    Christmas Gift Ideas For 8 Year Old Girls

  85. DIY Dream Catcher Kit
  86. Being able to create something from scratch that she can then display in her bedroom will give her a sense of pride and achievement. Order a couple so she can make them when her friends come to visit.

  87. Personalized Beach Towel
  88. Your little lady will love having her own towel to take with her to the beach or when she goes to her friends house for a swim. Having it personalized with her name makes it even better!

  89. Running Shoes
  90. Support her inner athlete with a pair of shoes that will support her feet and keep her going for hours. Choose from a range of colors to suit her personal style.

  91. Gardening and Nature Subscription Box
  92. Once a month she’ll receive two planting activities and two nature craft activities with instructions, quizzes and games aimed at teaching her about the seasons, plants, insects, birds and animals. Super cool!

  93. Epic Art Kit
  94. An epic gift for any aspiring artist, this kit contains a bunch of essentials to keep her cranking out masterpieces day after day.

  95. Labyrinth Board Game
  96. The aim of the game is to find the shortest route through the Labyrinth to win! A super fun game for her to play with the family on games nights or weekends at home.

    Christmas Gift Ideas For 9 Year Old Girls

  97. Bubblegum Making Kit
  98. This is such a cool gift idea for kids! The kit contains everything needed to create the chewiest treat from home. Such a fun way to spend an afternoon!

  99. Cute Hair Clips
  100. A cute and simple little gift for her on Christmas morning. These adorable hairpins will add a touch of color and sparkle to her outfits.

  101. BFF Bracelet Making Kit
  102. This awesome kit lets her create a huge range of different styled bracelets, so the possibilities and outcomes are endless! Her little besties will love getting their unique bracelets.

  103. The Power Book
  104. For the inquisitive minds out there, this inspiring book delves into the basis of what makes people and things powerful. She will learn to see the invisible force and understand her own everyday power.

  105. Kids Echo Dot
  106. Designed with kids in mind, she can ask Alexa to play music, hear stories, call approved friends and family, and explore a world of kid-friendly skills.

  107. A Trampoline
  108. Speaking from experience, waking up to a trampoline on Christmas morning is one of the highlights of childhood. From double bouncing her younger brother, to laying in the sun reading her favorite book, it’s something that will be enjoyed for years by the whole family.

    Christmas Gift Ideas For 10 Year Old Girls

  109. An Awesome New Bed
  110. What better Christmas gift for your big 10 year old than an awesome bed to make over her room. She will feel like a queen when she hops into this beauty each night. There’s space for all her favorite books and toys, and even a USB port!

  111. Young, Gifted and Black Book
  112. Celebrating women of color, she will meet 52 game-changing, history-making figures with the turn of each page, and learn how these icons left their mark on the world. A brilliant book to inspire young ones.

  113. Kindle for Kids
  114. If she loves to read, but you don’t want books taking over the house, a Kindle is just what she needs! It’s purpose built for kids reading, so there are no harsh lights, and no games, adds or other distractions.

  115. Theatre Themed Subscription Box
  116. Fulfil her dreams of tearing up the Box Office! Each box comes with unique scripts based on life lessons for kids, plus costumes, props and a curriculum that includes acting lessons, warm ups and games. So cool!

  117. New Bike
  118. It’s time for a big kid bike! She’ll feel adventurous as she takes on hills and winding paths, and she will be supported and safe on a sturdy frame that’s built to last.

  119. Kids Ukulele
  120. A great place to start if she’s musical and wants to explore what’s out there. This is the perfect introduction to teaching kids about basic rhythm, strumming, and other musical techniques, as well as explore their own creativity.

    Well, there is our epic list of the best Christmas gifts for girls aged 10 and under! We’re all about fun gifts that educate and inspire little minds, so we love to search for gifts that are a little outside the box, and more on the creative and hands on side, rather than gifts that keep kids glued to screens all day! We hope you’ve found some inspo on our list!