24 Awesome Car Accessory Gifts For Her

Awesome Car Accessory Gifts For Her

Whether she’s a rev head who lives for fast cars, or she spends a lot of time driving for work or leisure, buying car accessory gifts can be hard if you aren’t into cars yourself. So to make your life that little bit easier, we’ve put together this list of the best car accessory gifts for her, and taken all of the guess work out!

  1. Car Care Subscription Box
  2. If her car is her baby and she loves taking good care of it, this subscription box might just be the gift for her! Every month she will receive premium detailing products, towels, and accessories from top car care brands.

  3. Personalized Accessories
  4. Adding a personal touch to her car will make long drives a tad more enjoyable, not to mention making her car look cute! The personalized collection includes plate frames, keychains, seatbelt covers and more.

  5. Serenity Crystal Bundle
  6. Keep her calm and boost her self esteem while driving with this serenity crystal bundle. These 3 crystals have soothing energy that calms your mind and emotions, which will help her feel safe and avoid road rage! She can either wear them or hang them on her rear-view mirror.

  7. Cup Holder Phone Mount
  8. Following maps will be much easier with this phone mount, the extension allows you to position your phone in a more comfortable location – your cup holder!

  9. Reusable Car Trash Bag
  10. Ever jumped in a girls car and had to wrangle your way through piles of empty water bottles, fast food wrappers and old fruit?. These reusable trash bags sit neatly in the front of her car and will ensure it’s nice and clean from now on!

  11. Bluetooth Transmitter
  12. Her car will be bluetooth compatible with this little device, it’s great for making hands free calls and playing tunes direct from her smartphone. It also has a USB port for charging accessibility.

  13. Sun Vizor Organizer
  14. Gone are the days where her sunglasses, loyalty cards, pens and receipts are strewn about the dashboard or glove box! This organizer easily attaches to her sun vizor and keeps everything safely in one place.

  15. Driving Experience
  16. This isn’t exactly an accessory, but nonetheless, if she is a car lover she is going to love getting to have a once in a lifetime experience thanks to Virgin Experiences.

  17. USB Aroma Diffuser
  18. Her car will smell amazing every day, this waterless diffuser uses 20 drops of essential oil and is plugged into a USB port in the car.

  19. Rainbow Rear View Mirror Charm
  20. These adorable macrame rainbows are nice and easy gift for her car that she will love. Ideal for a workmate or as a nice little something for your bff!

  21. Beauty for Cars and Self Care Subscription
  22. This is so cool! She’ll receive a mix of products that includes both beauty, self care and auto products, the perfect combo!

  23. Neck Massager
  24. If sitting in her car for long hours is something she needs to do for work, a neck massager that she can attach to her headrest is an ideal gift that she will love!

  25. Peony Flower Air Fresheners
  26. Air fresheners don’t have to be ugly or tree shaped! These cute peony shaped air fresheners will leave her car smelling yummy and looking cute.

  27. Travel Cord Holder
  28. Another one to keep her car clean and her belongings in order. All her chargers and cords can fit into this compact little roll up pouch and kept in the car for easy access.

  29. Tile Mate
  30. If she is really into her car, she is probably also really into losing her keys. Get her this tile mate which can clip onto her keys and the smart technology will make sure she never loses them again!

  31. Key Ring
  32. She’ll never lose her keys again with this genius little bracelet key chain. It loops around her wrist just like a bracelet, therefore (hopefully) eliminating the risk of her leaving her keys behind when she’s in a hurry.

  33. Car Vacuum Cleaner
  34. Her car will be spotless with this handy and compact car vacuum. It comes with a bunch of attachments for hard to reach places, and is cordless so it’s super easy to use.

  35. Cool Things to do in The Car Game
  36. This fun gift will keep her entertained during long road trips with the girls or holidays with the kids!

  37. Golden Girls Sun Shade
  38. A sun shade featuring the most iconic shady queens! Her car will be kept cool while parked in the sun with this funny sun shade. The perfect accessory!

  39. Emergency Car Kit
  40. This is a great gift for your bestie, sister or daughter who has just got their license or a new car. The kit contains everything she’ll need to keep herself out of car trouble.

  41. Clothes Hangers
  42. This is a great car accessory gift for those girls who carry their wardrobe in their car. Whether it’s her work blazer or a formal dress, she can keep it crease free and clean with these easy to use hangers.

  43. Trunk Organizer
  44. Another great organizer for her car, this time to keep her trunk in order! The heavy duty organizer includes 3 roomy storage sections, 4 mesh pockets, and 2 pockets with lids for safe containment of smaller items.

  45. NanoDry Towel
  46. This is a great one for gym goers and yoga lovers. The pocket sized, super quick dry towel can kept in the car (between washes!) for convenience after a sweat session.

  47. Reusable Cutlery
  48. If she’s always on the go and eating her breakfast, lunch or dinner in the car between home and work, this travel cutlery set can be kept in her car for convenience.

    There you have our top picks for car accessories for her! We hope this list has given you some ideas for the car lover in your life, whether it be a birthday gift or a Christmas present. If you are still on the hunt for more gift ideas, check out our ultimate list of gifts for women in their 30s!