21 Small Gifts That Don’t Take Up Much Space

21 Epic Gifts That Don't Take Up Much Space

Not everyone out there wants something big and extravagant for their gift! Maybe they live in a tiny house, maybe they are trying to Marie Kondo their space, or maybe they have a bunch of kids who’ve taken over most of the free space at home! Whatever the reason, there are plenty of awesome small gifts out there that take up little to no space, and they are all here on this list! So, here you have 22 of the best (and smallest) gifts that don’t take up much space.

  1. Adventure Experience
  2. Experiences take up no space at all, so they are the perfect gift idea for anyone who is not wanting to add extra clutter to their life. Cloud9 Living have a range of awesome adventurous days out all over the country.

  3. Abstract Wall Art
  4. Apart from on the wall, art work doesn’t take up any space! Plus, it adds personality to any living area, office or bedroom. These unique pieces will look great paired together or spread around their house.

  5. Scent Subscription Box
  6. Subscription boxes with items that are useful can make a really cool gift that take up little to no space! Fragrances are nice personal gift for either male or female too.

  7. Kindle E-Reader
  8. An E-Reader is brilliant for any bookworm who doesn’t have the space to have books upon books upon books, or for minimalists who like to keep the clutter at bay. If you’re looking for more non-materialistic gifts, check out our list.

  9. Bluetooth Speaker and Clock
  10. This cool alarm clock is unique with its wooden bottom and sleek design, and kills two birds with one stone with it’s multiple functions, so saves on space!

  11. Indoor Plant
  12. Indoor plants do wonders for wellbeing and overall aesthetics of a room, plus they take up minimal space! A great gift for anyone who doesn’t want clutter but still wants a cute house!

  13. Flying Experience
  14. Whether they want to skydive, fly in a Cessna, or watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon, Cloud9 Living have super fun experiences for any level of adventure. Plus it takes up no space!

  15. At Home Meditation
  16. These at home lessons are designed for beginners, and will bring peace, balance and tranquility into their lives, and obviously takes up no space at all! Win-win!

  17. Wine and Chocolate Hamper
  18. With a choice of top range wines and chocolates, no doubt this hamper will only be taking up bench space for a few days, I mean, look how delicious!

  19. Baking Subscription Box
  20. Baking is such a great activity for kids and parents, and who doesn’t love yummy cookies and cakes and other sugary sweets. The gift of food is the ideal gift that doesn’t take up much (or any) space – apart from in your tummy!

  21. Bottle Loft
  22. This gadget saves fridge space by hanging onto the inside ceiling and suspending your favourite 6-pack from the magnetic strips. Genius!

  23. Yoga Mat Storage Shelf
  24. Declutter their workout space with this super smart storage shelf. Their yoga mat slips into the back, and there’s shelf space for their other bits of equipment.

  25. A Day Out Together
  26. Whether you’re gifting your husband, wife, best friend or mom, you’ll find an awesome day out for the two of you on Tinggly. From food orientated tours, to horse riding through the country, there’ll be something fun for you to remember for years!

  27. Fresh Flower Subscription
  28. Fresh flowers delivered to their home each week is such a thoughtful gift, and the good thing is they take up very little space but make such a difference to any room!

  29. Bedside Storage Pocket
  30. Another awesome space saving gift, this little pocket hooks onto the side of their bed and keeps all their nightstand essentials together, without the clutter.

  31. Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder
  32. A great space saver for the kitchen, the block sits flush against the wall and keeps knives neat and tidy and out of the way.

  33. Bath Caddy Tray
  34. This bath caddy is designed to fit over any tub and is perfect for holding books, glasses of wine, candles and their phone. The best part is, it doesn’t take up much space at all!

  35. Milk Frother
  36. If they don’t have the bench space for a full blown coffee machine, the next best thing is a hand held milk frother! It’s small and it turns any cup of coffee into a frothy dream.

  37. Mini Projector
  38. They won’t need much more than a bit of empty wall space to enjoy a cinema like experience at home! This mini projector connects to smartphones and gaming devices and delivers a quality viewing experience.

  39. Mini Holiday
  40. Gifting someone a holiday is automatic grounds for the good books! Tinggly offer getaways at hundreds of hotels around the world, so they can pack up and head off to a destination of their choice thanks to you!

  41. Silver Plated Bottle Stoppers
  42. The only space these will take up is that of the bottle opening! Personalized with their initials, this is great little gift with a personal touch.

So that’s our list of small gifts that don’t take up much space! Heck, some are so small that they don’t take up any space at all. Definitely stick with the experience or food gifts for those minimalists out there who definitely don’t want any added clutter in their home and you can’t really go wrong!