11 Useful and Hilarious Gifts For Short People

11 Useful and Hilarious Gifts For Short People

Every friendship group or family has that one person who is half the size of everyone else. They are always usually the loudest or craziest too! Regardless of their size, they still need to be spoiled with awesome gifts come their birthday, Christmas or otherwise. Here, we have put together a list of the 11 funniest gifts for short people. From the useful to the straight up comical, this list will cover it all!

  1. Folding Step Stool
  2. The lightweight but sturdy folding step stool is easy to use and opens with one flip of the hand. It’s easy to carry from room to room, so your short recipient can add an extra few inches to their height whenever they need.

  3. Short Story Petite Clothing Subscription Box
  4. If she is under 5’4″, this is the perfect gift. This subscription box comes once a month, and is full of some handpicked clothing based on their size, style, and budget. Perfect for a fashion reset!

  5. Grabber Tool
  6. Gone are the days of your tiny friend standing on chairs to reach items that are too high. This grabby tool will be their new favourite item, as they can reach for things they’ve never reached for before, from the top shelf of the pantry, to the depths of their closet, nothing will be out of reach anymore.

  7. Booster Mat
  8. Being vertically challenged might mean your little friend needs a little extra boost to see over the car steering wheel, or over their bowl of soup at the dinner table. The booster provides support for legs and back, in the car, at the computer or just at home.

  9. A Book About Being Short
  10. Being short doesn’t have to be a disadvantage! This book would make a great gag gift for the short person in your life. Part advice book, part memoir, and part science primer, this fascinating book explores the marketing, psychology, and mythology behind our obsession with height.

  11. Under Desk Footrest
  12. If your short friend works at a desk, their feet might not even reach the ground! Get them something to elevate their little legs. The free floating platform tilts back and forth for leg stretches and increased circulation, and the textured surface creates a massaging effect on soles of bare or socked feet. This makes for a very useful gift for short people!

  13. Funny T-Shirt
  14. We know it’s a bit cheesy, but who doesn’t love that from time to time!? This cute tee is a perfect gift for your tiny bestie, and sends across a message that says, I get it, I’m short!

  15. Fun Size Mug
  16. Add to their collection of mugs, and tease them at the same time! This mug pokes fun at your short friend in a tongue-in-cheek way and is a great novelty gift for any short person!

  17. Tall and Short Friend Bracelet
  18. Let your little bestie know how much she means to you! If you are tall bestie and you’re looking for a gift for your short bff, these gorgeous hand stamped bracelets are perfect. Grab one for yourself too, so you can match!

  19. Mini Fuji Camera
  20. A mini camera for a mini human! The Fujifilm cameras are super popular for printing out your favourite moments on retro looking polaroids. Take to parties, picnics at the beach or a night in with the gang. The camera comes with a bunch of accessories, including different lenses, stickers and a carry case!

  21. Mini Fridge
  22. Mini items make hilarious gifts for short people. Well, we think so anyway! This adorable mini fridge is compact enough to fit on any counter top, and can actually be used to keep things cool or warm. From soft drink, to milk, to medication, this gift might be funny but it’s still useful!

    So there you have 11 of the most useful and hilarious gifts for the short person in your life. Kidding aside, we all know that one short friend that we love, so get them a funny gift and show your appreciation for having an amazing, short friend! If you are still looking for more gift ideas check out our awesome gift ideas for someone in quarantine.