27 Pawsitively Perfect Gifts For New Dog Owners

27 Pawsitively Perfect Gifts For New Dog Owners

Getting a fur baby is one of the best feelings ever, take it from me, I just got one! Maybe your best friend just got a new puppy, or your brother adopted an older rescue dog. Of course you want to visit – with a gift! We’ve come up with a list of gifts for new dog owners that they (and their pups) will love. Trust me, I am speaking from experience! So here you have 27 pawsome gifts for new dog owners!

  1. Multi Use Dog Camera
  2. This incredible piece of technology will definitely be up there with the best gifts for new dog owners. Not only is it a camera that allows you to spy on your pooch all day, it can also tell you when they are barking, AND you can even toss them a treat with the click of a button – genius!

  3. Dog Harness
  4. Leashes are so last season! Also, harnesses are a safer way to walk your pup! This hassle-free overhead harness is easy to put on and take off with two quick release buckles, and is available in a range of sizes.

  5. Slow Treater
  6. If bath time is a challenge for the new dog owners, this great little gadget is going to make it a lot easier! Spread their favourite treat onto the front, and stick it to the wall to distract them while you scrub them clean!

  7. Dog Blueprint Pillow
  8. These super cool pillows would make a unique and personal dog gift for humans, even if they aren’t dog owners yet! Whether they love lap dogs or big giant teddy bears, your dog loving pal can snuggle up with their favourite breed.

  9. Dog Jumper for Human
  10. Getting a dog changes your life, mostly in a way that makes you never want to go out again. If you are leaving the house against your will and not taking your pup with you, this jumper will get the message across loud and clear!

  11. Dog Planters
  12. How cute are these! Made from sustainable coco coir, these little pots come in different dog breeds and look adorable when planted with a little succulent!

  13. Play Pen
  14. Puppies are adorable, but they are a handful! It’s impossible to watch your new fur baby at all times while they are still getting to know their new surroundings. Having a big enough space to let them play but also keep them confined is going to be a life saver for all new dog owners!

  15. Foldable Steps
  16. When our puppies are still growing, or if they have little legs, they can’t quite master the art of jumping up on the bed. These steps make it easy for them to climb up and join us humans for a nap, and let themselves down when they are ready.

  17. Bathing Tool
  18. Like we said before, bathing a dog is no easy feat! This genius invention attaches to the garden hose and straps onto your hand, allowing for easy control over the pup while they get scrubbed nice and clean.

  19. Car Seat Cover
  20. Getting into a car that is covered in dog hair is not ideal for anyone, even if it’s your own dog! These covers are 100% waterproof and protect your car from getting dirty or even damaged by your pooch.

  21. Deshedding Comb
  22. For all the big fluff balls out there, this comb removes up to 95% of dead hair and tangles, meaning less shedding and less hair in the house and car, making it an ideal gift for new dog owners.

  23. Doggie Deodorant
  24. Our puppies can get pretty stinky between baths, so to tide them over, this eucalyptus & spearmint spray helps deodorize dirty or smelly odours of the coat and skin and keep your new dog smelling fresh!

  25. Super Plush Bed
  26. All doggos need a snuggly bed to curl up on. These plush beds come in various colours and sizes to suit every kind of pup. They are also machine washable and dryer friendly, woo!

  27. Dog Mom Cap
  28. Show off your Dog Mom status with pride with this cute baseball cap. Made from 100% cotton denim and available in various colours, it’s the perfect gift for new dog moms to wear on walks and to the dog park.

  29. Custom Pet Portrait
  30. A custom portrait of their pooch is a truly unique and sentimental gift for new dog owners. There’s also the option to add text, so take it that step further by adding their pups name for a gift they will really cherish for the rest of their life!

  31. Dog Bow Tie For Humans
  32. This adorable bow tie (for humans) would be an awesome gift for any new dog owner, or even for someone who doesn’t have a dog but is still dog obsessed. The adjustable fit is suitable for adults, teens or kids.

  33. Personalized Leather Dog Collar
  34. A collar is a super obvious gift, but when it’s done right you can’t go wrong! Handmade using distressed top grain cowhide leather, and with customized details on the buckle, the new pup and owner will love this useful gift!

  35. Dog Lawn Stakes
  36. These awesome garden stakes are customizable to suit different breeds of dogs and also display house numbers. The new dog owners can proudly display a silhouette of their pooch in their yard with this sentimental gift!

  37. Dog Butt Magnets
  38. We couldn’t compile a list that didn’t have a few ridiculous dog gifts on it, so, we present you with dog butt magnets. That’s right, dog butts that you can stick to your fridge. What more could a new dog owner want!?

  39. Dog Umbrella
  40. Even when it’s raining your dog loving pal will have an excuse to show off their pup, whether it’s at the dog park, or on the way into the office. Choose from a large range of dog breeds to represent the new addition and make the gift more personalized.

  41. Dog Cake Mould
  42. This is another slightly ridiculous gift, but we couldn’t go past it! Whether the new dog owner is cooking a cake for humans, or a cake for their furry friend, they will definitely love having a cake that is dog shaped!

  43. Dog Food Seasoning
  44. Dog food seasoning is the gift dog owners never knew they needed! Spice up your dogs diet with this set. Flavours include Bae’con & Eggs, Pizza My Heart, and Barkin’ BBQ Chicken, with each bottle providing up to 60 servings!

  45. Customized Socks
  46. Does it get better than socks with your own dog’s face on them? No, no it doesn’t. Any dog owner is bound to love this personalized gift that can be worn daily, to the office or just around the house.

  47. Dog Selfie Accessory
  48. As a keen selfie taker and a puppy owner, many hours have been wasted trying to snap the perfect shot of me any my furry child. The device clips on easily to most smart phones, and has a squeaky ball attached to keep your dogs focus while you snap away.

  49. Pet Toy Storage Basket
  50. Don’t let dog toys take over your living room or backyard! This cute storage basket is available in different sizes and colours and has handles for added convenience. Perfect for storing toys, treats and leashes.

  51. Funny Mug
  52. This hilarious mug would make a great gift for anyone that has a dog with attitude, or for a coworker who loves dogs or who has just become a dog parent. If you are also in need of a gift for a coworker, check out our collection of thank you gifts for coworkers.

  53. Handheld Vacuum
  54. If your friend or family member has just got a new dog that is going to shed hair all over every.. single.. thing.. then this is going to come in very handy! Small and compact means it’s easy to whip out and do spot cleans when needed!

    That’s our list of the best gifts for new dog owners! Dogs bring so much joy into our lives, so they deserve to be pampered with gifts too. Whether you’re looking to spoil the dog or the human, this list is a great starting point! Still want to look at more gift ideas? Check out our collection of gifts for anyone.

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