13 Out Of This World Gifts for Alien Lovers

13 Out Of This World Gifts For Alien Lovers

We all know that one person who is obsessed with anything alien, space or extraterrestrial. You might be looking for an alien gift for your boyfriend, a young kid, or even an alien-addicted adult. Maybe they are certain that aliens exist and spend all their free time trying to convince you, or maybe they just think aliens are cool and relatable (feels). Either way, we’ve come up with a fun list of 13 of the coolest and craziest gifts for alien lovers that are out of this world!

  1. Chris Hadfield Teaches Space Exploration on Masterclass
  2. This is a fantastic gift for alien and space lovers of all ages. If you haven’t heard, MasterClass has an amazing course where none other than Chris Hadfield will teach you all about Space Exploration. Talk about an amazingly educational and interesting gift!

  3. Salt and Pepper Holder
  4. This cute little guy would make a great Secret Santa gift for alien lovers, or even just as a gag gift for a friend. Who doesn’t want a little alien holding their salt and pepper shakers?!

  5. Alien Icecube Tray
  6. Add an extraterrestrial touch to your glass of coke, iced coffee, or cocktails with these awesome 3D alien skull ice cube trays. This would be a great gift for an alien lovers house warming party.

  7. Cool Sweater
  8. Look cute and show your love for aliens at the same time. Perfect to throw over a pair of jeans before running errands, or pairing with your pj’s when you’re lounging around the house. Available in various colours, even leopard print!

  9. Funny T-shirt
  10. Alien enthusiasts need not waste their time trying to convince non-believers. This t-shirt will do it for them. This casual tee would make a great alien gift for boyfriends, or even for someone at work who is always talking your ear off about what else is out there.

  11. Hidden Compartment UFO Earrings
  12. These incredibly cool earrings aren’t just UFO shaped, they open up just like a locket! These earrings are super unique and are sure to become a favourite for any alien lover.

  13. UFO Artwork
  14. Add a touch of alien to their living room or office space. This cool piece of art outlines info on reported sightings, UFO hotspots and even different types of ships.

  15. Alien Cap
  16. This cool cap is perfect for casual use. Throw it on for the gym, brunch with the gang, or wear it to uni, for an effortless look that says “I’m cool and into aliens”.

  17. Funny Mug
  18. An alien flipping the bird. Brilliant! This is a great gift for all alien enthusiasts, and would make a hilarious office mug for someone, maybe even a teacher!

  19. Another Funny Alien T-Shirt
  20. We’ve got another funny t-shirt for you, this one is probably better suited to alien loving girls. If they get the Mean Girls reference, they are going to absolutely love this tee!

  21. Sticker Pack
  22. This pack of 50 super cool alien themed stickers will look out of this world stuck on laptops, skateboards, phone covers, gaming consoles, exercise books – anything! An awesome quick and easy gift for any alien lover.

  23. Mars Dust Globe
  24. Elon Musk’s vision isn’t too far off! And this Mars dust globe makes for the perfect gift for an aspiring astronaut or an alien lover. Who would have known, life on mars already exists!

  25. Psychedelic Backpack
  26. Apparently aliens like giving the finger. Who knew!? This backpack is perfect for music festivals or fun weekends with friends and would be a great gift for your bestie who loves aliens.

    That concludes our out of this word list of 13 gifts for alien lovers! We love popping these fun lists in every now and then to lighten the mood and show you what kind of cool stuff is out there, so we hope you loved seeing our collection of alien gifts just as much as we loved finding them!