The Ultimate List of Gifts for Women in Their 20s

Gifts for women in their 20s

Women in their 20’s have a lot going on, it’s a transitional period into adulthood where she discovers who she is, what she likes and who she wants to be. This list of gifts for women in their 20s covers all aspects of what your 20’s is all about – fun, adventure, friends and just enjoying everything life has to offer. From adrenaline packed days out, to cute decor for her home, we’ve covered everything here! Here are our top gifts for women in their 20’s.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 20 Year Old Women

  1. Adventure Experience
  2. Set her up for an adventurous first year in her 20’s with an adventure she’ll never forget. Cloud9 Living offer different experiences all over the country, whether she wants to ride in a supercar or take an aerial tour of The Grand Canyon.

  3. Chunky Knit Blanket
  4. If her birthday is in winter, or if she just loves snuggling up with a good book, she will LOOOVE this deliciously chunky knit blanket.

  5. Self Care Subscription Box
  6. Every woman in their 20s needs a little self care. These boxes have been curated by therapists to decrease stress and increase happiness. Each box contains one activity to promote happiness, plus up to eight self care wellness goodies!

  7. Custom Neon Sign
  8. There’s something so cool about a neon sign, and these ones are custom made to read any name or phrase that you choose! Perfect for above her bed or desk.

  9. Art Made By Artificial Intelligence
  10. If she is at all into art or technology then get her this amazingly unique gift. This artificial intelligence has learned from the greatest abstract painters in history, and has re-imagined a limited collection of original pieces. Each piece is only sold once, leaving her with a painting that nobody else in the entire world has.

  11. Birthday in a Box
  12. Hampers are the best gifts to give because they are super easy and the hard work is already done for you. They are also the best gifts to receive, because who doesn’t want weeks worth of incredible snacks!?

  13. Engraved Initial Bracelet
  14. She’ll love her personalized cute heart bracelet with the reversible pendant, engraved with two initials you select – one on the front, and one on the back.

  15. Noise Cancelling Headphones
  16. Whether she’s travelling the world or just the subway to work, noise cancelling headphones are a must have. She’ll get quality sound on her favorite songs and podcasts whilst blocking out the world around her.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 21 Year Old Women

  17. Custom Cut Out Ring
  18. Commemorate her 21st birthday with a ring that displays a custom date in Roman Numerals. This is a great 21st birthday gift for your sister, daughter or girlfriend!

  19. Singing Masterclass with Christina Aguilera
  20. For all the songstress’s out there who dream of being the next big female artist, learn from the best with this MasterClass hosted by iconic Christina Aguilera. She teaches how to expand your range, find your voice, and master the techniques that have earned her five Grammy Awards.

  21. Floral Elixir Syrups
  22. These syrups release intense sweet-and-citrus flavors and beautiful jewel-toned colors into any beverage, even water! She might want to pop one in a Champagne on her 21st though!

  23. Monthly Succulent Subscription
  24. Succulents are the best little plants, and they make great gifts too! This monthly subscription will transform her space into a mini desert, the kits include everything she’ll need to grow them nice and strong!

  25. DIY Macrame Kit
  26. This little kit contains everything needed to make a unique wall hanging or plant holder and is a great gift for lovers of craft and that boho aesthetic!

  27. Coconut Fiber Plant Holder
  28. Now that she’s been gifted a succulent subscription, she’s going to need somewhere cute to keep them all! How adorable are these dog plant holders, made from coconut fiber! Check out our list of gifts for dog owners if you’re still looking for pup related gifts!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 22 Year Old Women

  29. Herbal Bath Fizzers
  30. Who doesn’t love a good soak in the tub. These handmade cubes are made from all-natural clay and infused with seasonal botanicals and therapeutic essential oils for a truly soothing soak.

  31. Geode Candles
  32. Forget candles in jars, how about candles in crystals?! These stunning candles are a blend of natural waxes that replicate the beauty of a halved geode.

  33. Book of The Year For Any Women: Untamed
  34. Your 20s are a decade of learning and self-discovery. This book will help guide them through this complicated world and will help open their heart to the world that is yourself. I can personally recommend this book, and it also happens to be a #1 New York Times best seller.

  35. Mini Instax Camera
  36. We all love the vibe of a Polaroid, and this kit will have her taking happy snaps all day. The kit includes 40 photo sheets, a camera case and accessories to make her pics look cute.

  37. Wooden Bluetooth Speaker
  38. A bluetooth speaker like no other, it combines the minimalist aesthetic with impressive all-around sound and is made of actual beech wood. Who said speakers need to look tech-y!

  39. Wall Tapestry
  40. Wall tapestries are an easy way to add personality to any room. Society6 have a massive range of tapestries to suit all kinds of styles and personalities. Perfect for her bedroom or dorm room.

  41. Unique Zip Pouch
  42. Displaying the stunning work of Gustav Klimt, this useful and eye-catching zip pouch makes a great gift idea for carrying makeup or school supplies, or even as a cool oversized wallet.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 23 Year Old Women

  43. Artsy Yoga Mat
  44. Society6 have one of the coolest ranges of yoga mats available online! Their yoga mats are light weight but durable, nice and easy to carry around and super cute too!

  45. Illuminated Makeup Mirror
  46. The LED lighting on this cordless mirror simulates natural sunlight, perfect for makeup lovers! To turn it on and off and control the light level, simply touch the sensor base.

  47. Gluten-Free Snack Box
  48. There’s always that one friend who is GF and can never enjoy the food that everyone else is eating. Well, it’s time for them to have their own moment! This box is full of delicious gluten-free snacks that they’ll love.

  49. Hokusai Great Wave Water Bottle
  50. This double-walled stainless-steel bottle keeps beverages hot or cold when you’re on the go. It keeps the temperature of cold drinks for up to 24 hours and hot drinks for up to 12 hours. Plus, HELLO! Look at the artwork – Katsushika Hokusai’s Great Wave. Stunning!

  51. Custom Map Bracelet
  52. Choose the location she loves most, and a nautical map of the area will live on the bezel of this sterling silver bracelet. A nice sentimental gift!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 24 Year Old Women

  53. Personalized Song
  54. Artist David Morgan transforms your memories and milestones into an original piece of music – how much more personal can you get! !

  55. Introverts Retreat Subscription Box
  56. Each month she’ll receive books, introvert-themed candles, bath salts, snacks, beverages and more – everything she needs to feed her introverted soul!

  57. Cute Tote Bag
  58. A good tote bag goes a long way and can be so useful for just about anything. Going to work? Tote bag. Running to the shops? Tote bag. Having a sleep over? Tote bag! Society6 have the coolest range too!

  59. At Home Facial Kit
  60. Bring the day-spa home with this little kit. Everything is made with all natural, ethically-sourced ingredients like French clay, lavender, and activated charcoal.

  61. Celestial Watch
  62. This super cute watch is perfect for lovers of astrology, with the man in the moon featured on the clock face, as well as the days of the month. Inspired by 17th-century calendar watches!

  63. Lightning Bolt Sliced Raw Diamond Necklace
  64. This is a definite statement piece, with uncut diamond slices set in 18k gold, it’s sure to turn heads and be a treasured possession.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 25 Year Old Women

  65. Mountain Landscape Ring
  66. This beautiful Mountain Landscape ring was created to spark memories of mountains, rivers and valley’s, based off the iconic Rocky Mountains. Perfect for outdoor lovers.

  67. Apple Watch Band
  68. Made from vegan leather, this cute strap is available in four different hardware colors; gold, rose gold, silver and black. They’re perfect for everyday wear with a soft underside and they can easily swap in new bands using the quick release springs.

  69. Scenic Cruise Experience
  70. An experience like no other to celebrate her 25th birthday! Cloud9 Living offers a range of exciting site seeing boat tours, from whale watching to brunches on yachts, she will love it all!

  71. Classic Blazer
  72. The perfect way to say happy birthday, she can share this beautiful selection of wines and snacks with her loved one or enjoy it on her own if she so desires!

  73. Jimmy Chin Adventure Photography Masterclass
  74. For the adventurers and travellers out there who love to take amazing photos on their travels. Legendary world renowned photographer Jimmy Chin teaches everything he knows to get you on the cover of Nat Geo!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 26 Year Old Women

  75. Tamed Wild Subscription Box
  76. Each month she will receive a carefully curated box with goodies including crystals, herbs & teas, ritual tools, altar items, jewelry, essential oils and other lifestyle pieces!

  77. Spa Day Experience
  78. Massages, facials, mani’s or pedi’s – whatever she chooses she is sure to feel pampered and relaxed on her birthday!

  79. The Tea Tee
  80. We all have that one friend who loves to spill the tea. This tea tee is for her! Super soft fabric with an eye catching and funny print.

  81. New Horizons Necklace
  82. There may be several new horizons for her on her 26th birthday, commemorate the special occasion with these beautiful necklaces that will remind her to keep moving forward.

  83. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses
  84. What’s a shot of tequila without the salt? How about taking the shot from a glass made of salt! Crafted from Himalayan salt, the glasses give tequila shots a delicious, salty finish

  85. Acting Masterclass
  86. Hollywood superstar Natalie Portman teaches how empathy is at the core of every great performance, how to bring real-life details into every role, and how to build the creative process. A gift she will benefit from greatly if acting is her passion!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 27 Year Old Women

  87. Fab Fit Fun Subscription Box
  88. The Fab Fit Fun subscription boxes are some of the best on offer, with each box containing over $200 worth of full-sized goodies that change each month.

  89. Oversized Leather Clutch
  90. This clutch is an oversized dream! Super soft and perfect for any occasion, be it formal or casual. The strap isn’t too long so it can be used as a bag or clutch. * Orders one in every color *

  91. Cool Planter Pot
  92. Planters don’t have to be boring and stock standard. This cool geometric shaped planter will look great indoors or on their porch with their plant of choice.

  93. Interior Design Masterclass
  94. Kelly Wearstler will take her behind the scenes to demystify interior design. Perfect for the creative type who has a knack for styling – this is a gift they’ll be able to use to establish their next career move.

  95. Vintage Astrology Comforter
  96. Society6 have such a cool range of comforters in all kinds of styles, so regardless of the vibe she’s going for there’ll be something she will love.

  97. Cozy Cocktail Kit
  98. This box of mixers, syrups and bitters is infused with a festive flair, lovers of cocktails and seasonal drinks will be able to come up with their own delicious mixers.

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 28 Year Old Women

  99. Cool Trainers
  100. A pair of trainers that match with any outfit is a staple in every wardrobe. These stylish kicks will look great all year around.

  101. Custom Bracelet
  102. An everyday bracelet and the perfect way to add a personal touch to their gift, the Custom Signature Bracelet can be personalized with any unique handwriting or font and with any name or word.

  103. Cosmopolitan Bag
  104. The geometric design on this bag is based on the work of Piet Mondrian, the thick black lines and primary colors are instantly recognizable as his iconic style. An awesome gift for art lovers or those who like their accessories to be a little more unique!

  105. Mindfulness Dice
  106. Taking time for self care and to practice mindfulness is super important for every young woman. These dice will help her practice a bunch of wellness routines.

  107. Lauren and Reed Subscription Box
  108. Skin care routines are about to be elevated! Each box contains cruelty-free and non-toxic goodies to leave her skin hydrated and healthy all year.

  109. Office Snack Box
  110. No day in the office is complete without snacks. When 3pm hits, you know she’s reaching for the snack drawer or sneaking off to the kitchen. This snack box will keep her sustained for weeks!

    Birthday Gift Ideas For 29 Year Old Women

  111. Moon and Stars Earrings
  112. These stunning earrings will add a twinkle to her outfit. The mismatched moon and stars pair compliment each other, with stunning Swarovski’s set in 14k gold.

  113. Opus Luxe Skin Cleanser
  114. Fresh skin is at her fingertips with this 3-speed cleanser that enhances and rejuvenates skin. Designed to fit to the contours of her face.

  115. Apple Watch
  116. Celebrate her final year in her 20’s with a gift that just about everyone wants – an Apple Watch! There’s nothing this thing can’t do, from tracking her activity and sleep to sending messages and taking calls.

  117. Food and Drink Tour
  118. Cheers to 29! Celebrate her 29th birthday with a fun food and drink experience, from a sunset dinner on a yacht to a city tour to find the best pizza places, she’ll love it!

  119. Reclaimed Silk Sari Robe
  120. This stunning robe is made of reclaimed sari swatches that are hand-sewn together to create a gorgeous patchwork of brilliant colors and patterns.

  121. Wooden Wine Glasses
  122. Apparently wood can help mellow bitter notes in a wine, allowing more subtle flavors to come to the foreground. Sounds fancy! They look really nice too!

    So there’s our epic list of the best gifts for women in their 20’s! With the range of goodies we’ve found for her, you have a lot to work with, so hopefully there is something she will love right here! The best gifts come from the heart and hold sentimental value, so choose carefully! If you are still looking for gifts, check out our top 60 gift ideas for women in their 30s.