24 Inspirational Gifts for Young Entrepreneurs

Inspirational Gifts for Young Entrepreneurs

You know the young entrepreneurial type – super motivated and hard working, drinking coffee until sunrise as they work on their ideas, meetings upon meetings with other likeminded souls and investors. We’ve put together a list of gifts that will inspire the next generation of kick-ass business owners and keep them on track to succeed. Here are 24 inspirational gifts for young entrepreneurs!

  1. Framed First Dollar Earned
  2. They’ll look back on this gift when they earn their first million and remember all the hard work and determination that went into getting their business off the ground. An awesome gift to inspire young entrepreneurs to keep hustling!

  3. Coach Crate Subscription Box
  4. Each month this carefully cultivated box is based around a different theme, topic or area of personal growth and is designed to inspire and challenge the receiver!

  5. An Online MasterClass
  6. Regardless of their chosen profession, be it photography, fashion, writing or technology, there’ll be a MasterClass for them. Being able to learn from the very best in their industry will give them the boost of inspiration that they need to keep going.

  7. Wellness In a Box
  8. All those late nights that turn into early mornings will be a little easier to get through with this delicious wellness snack box. It includes fruit jerky, relaxing digestive bitters, healing turmeric elixir, antioxidant-rich dark chocolate bar plus more.

  9. Luxury Pen and Journal
  10. What entrepreneur doesn’t need a slick pen and a new journal to write down all those important notes, ideas and contacts. This set from Cross will have them feeling a million bucks with every pen stroke!

  11. Personalized Business Card Holder
  12. You know the entrepreneur on the rise needs a snazzy set of business cards, so why not gift them an even snazzier place to store them! This one is professional and compact and can be customized with their name.

  13. Customized Business Cards
  14. Speaking of business cards, if they in fact don’t have any yet – get them some! How cool would it be as an entrepreneur to receive your first set of business cards with your company name and logo!

  15. Sparkle Hustle Grow Subscription Box
  16. This monthly box is a business-building membership and online community for female entrepreneurs, it includes books, business training, office supplies and tech gadgets – all geared to help grow her business!

  17. Custom Logo Phone Case
  18. Once they’ve finalised their logo, things will start getting real! Surprise them with their logo printed onto a phone case, something they will look at hundreds of times a day as they hustle!

  19. Think and Grow Rich
  20. When it comes to inspirational gifts for young entrepreneurs, there’s nothing like an inspiring book to keep them going! This book illustrates the principles of millionaires and will teach them the secrets that could make them a fortune.

  21. Apple Watch
  22. Their productivity will skyrocket and everything will become so much quicker and easier, they can take calls and reply to texts from their wrist and track their activity throughout the day.

  23. Puppy Paws Coffee & Company Subscription Box
  24. What entrepreneur doesn’t need a monthly subscription of coffee? Each month they’ll receive a unique blend of premium, freshly roasted coffee from around the world. The best part is, 50% of profits are donated to animal rescue organizations!

  25. Coffee Machine
  26. What good is monthly coffee subscription if there’s no coffee machine? They can brew a single cup or a full pot with this easy to use machine. If they are going to be drinking coffee and working through nights, why not give them something they will really enjoy?

  27. Success and Abundance Crystal Necklace
  28. This set of three includes an Amazonite pendant, a Tiger Eye pendant and an Aventurine pendant. They are all said to enhance energy with confidence, focus, motivation and optimism, just what they need!

  29. TheraBox Self Care Subscription
  30. Self care is just as important when starting a business as any other aspect. This monthly subscription box includes everything she’ll need to relax and unwind after kicking butt all day.

  31. Tile Mate
  32. Being busy means there’s more of a chance they’ll misplace their keys, phone, wallet, backpack, watch .. anything! This little tile clips onto anything and can be called from their phone if it goes walk about. Genius!

  33. 3-in-1 Charging Pad
  34. There’s nothing worse than needing to charge multiple devices at once and having them plugged in to various sockets around the house, when you still need to access them! This smart device is designed to charge up to 3 devices at one time, super handy for those busy days.

  35. Inspirational Mug
  36. Each time they sip their coffee or tea they’ll be reminded of why they are working so hard and be inspired to push through all the challenges they’ll face. No billionaire had an easy road, but they’ll get there!

  37. Hatch Ideas Notebook
  38. This notebook is designed for those big ideas! Split into three sections – conceive, incubate, and hatch – the system breaks down their brilliant ideas into realistic action items, offering a framework for brainstorming, tracking ideas, evaluating their merits, and deciding which ones to pursue and execute.

  39. Virtual Keyboard
  40. When they’re sitting in a coffee shop and inspiration hits, all they’ll need to do is pull out their phone or Tablet and this virtual keyboard and they’ll be able to type just as they would on a laptop! Brilliant!

  41. Inspirational Quote Cuff
  42. Starting a business comes with a lot of “no’s”, a lot of closed doors and a lot of setbacks, this cuff will be their daily reminder to push through it all and keep on track to achieve their dreams.

  43. “Be the Change” Paperweight
  44. This encouraging paperweight is engraved with the famous words of Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” A simple yet effective bit of daily motivation!

  45. In the Company of Women
  46. Filled with inspirational stories and advice from over 100 badass women who have achieved amazing things, this is a great reference point for aspiring female leaders.

  47. Funny Tee
  48. For all the mom’s out there who are hustling with their side biz, this funny tee is for them! They’ll feel like they can take on anything when they have this on.

    That wraps up our list of the most inspiring gifts for young entrepreneurs! Showing your encouragement and support during their hustle and hard work will be something they never forget, and these are all gifts that they will look back on when they’ve made the big time and be so grateful for! If you are still on the hunt for great gift ideas, check out our popular gift ideas for men in their 20s!