55 Romantic Gifts For Your Wife

55 Romantic Gifts For Your Wife

Romance isn’t dead, and it goes a long way when getting into your wife’s good books – and staying there! According to our research, women love experience gifts, home decor gifts, and jewelry/accessory gifts the most. Keep this in mind! From fresh flowers to diamond rings and everything in between, this is your go-to list for romantic gifts for your wife. Whether you’re buying for her birthday, Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or just to show how much she means to you, choose something personal to her and it will be a winner and something she will cherish forever. Here at 55 of the most romantic gifts for your wife.

  1. Double Heart Ring
  2. Two hearts together – that’s what you are and that’s what this cute ring represents. The minimalist design or the ring makes it perfect for daily wear as a reminder of her one true love!

  3. Personalized Wine Box
  4. This beautiful wine box is customized with your names and a special date, and is perfect for storing a bottle of wine that you’re saving for a special occasion! Pair this gift with 3 bottles of champagne or wine, and watch her gleam with happiness from this gift. Nothing is more romantic than patience, and spending quality time together (especially with wine and champagne!).

  5. Love Letter Necklace
  6. Nothing says romance like a love letter! The little letter inside the pendant can be customized with a special word or date to add another touch of romance. Sweet!

  7. 3 Day Romantic Getaway
  8. Our research showed that women love experience gifts the most, especially when it comes from a loved one. After all, spending quality time together is one of the 5 love languages. Cue Tinggly. Tinggly’s getaway experiences span the entire globe, so there’s no limit to where you spend your romantic 3 day break! Add the trip onto your existing holiday plans, or plan a fun road trip and make a weekend out of it.

  9. Spa Gift Basket
  10. There’s nothing quite like being pampered at home. This gift basket contains relaxing candles, soaps and bath soaks – everything she needs for relaxation and romance!

  11. Puffed Heart Ring
  12. This ring with a 3D heart is the perfect way to show your romantic side, and it’s something she can wear everyday. Ideal for an anniversary or her birthday.

  13. Handmade Picnic Basket Set
  14. Picnics are up there with the most romantic dates out there! This picnic basket set comes with cutlery, a cheese board, cheese knife, warm blanket, wine glasses, and more! Everything she needs in one beautifully handmade set, what a perfect gift!

  15. Diamond Open Heart Necklace
  16. A stunning way to commemorate a special occasion, the open heart pendant is encrusted in 0.10cts of pavé diamonds and displayed on a simple silver chain.

  17. Luxury Robe
  18. This soft, snuggly robe is perfect for nights curled up together on the couch on your romantic nights in. Robes, paired with other romantic gifts like candles, chocolates and flowers, are always a winner for Valentines Day!

  19. Curved Bar Diamond Necklace
  20. Spoil your wife and show her just how romantic you can be! This stunning necklace could be worn as a statement piece to any special event, or dressed down and worn on your romantic dinner dates!

  21. Gold Heart Earrings
  22. These beauties will become her new faves, they are simple but super cute and perfect for daily wear. She will definitely feel the romance between you two when you gift her these.

  23. Love Vase Set
  24. Remember the famous LOVE statue? Well this is the home decor equivalent, and perhaps even more romantic! These love letters double as actual vases to keep some beautiful flowers for your wife. Flowers, love, and simple home decor, how can you go wrong?

  25. Signature Bracelet
  26. Personalized jewelry is super romantic! These bracelets can be customized with any handwriting or font to display a special message or word for your beloved wife.

  27. Minimalist Wall Art
  28. These unique minimalist prints are a romantics dream! The two pieces compliment each other as a metaphor for the bond between you and your wife – aww!

  29. Commemorative Photo Coasters
  30. This set of four coasters are customized to display your best memories together, whether it’s your wedding day, your honeymoon or just happy snaps from your time together. She’ll be able to use them each day and re-live all those romantic moments.

  31. Diamond Cluster Heart Shaped Necklace
  32. Now THIS is a statement piece! This stunning 14k white gold pendant features a cluster of diamonds that form a heart shape, perfect for your next big anniversary.

  33. Leather Clutch with Hidden Message
  34. Not only is this a stunning wallet or clutch, it also contains a hidden message from you that she’ll see each time she opens it. Pen your heartfelt thoughts and they will be printed on the lining of the clutch.

  35. Fresh Flower Delivery
  36. Nothing says romance like fresh flowers! Bloomsy Box deliver stunning floral arrangements each month or week, she will feel the romance over and over with each delivery.

  37. Anniversary Experience
  38. Spoil her (and yourself) with an anniversary experience she’ll never forget. From a guided tour of the Mekong in Vietnam to a flight over Ayers Rock in Australia, there are over 400 fun and romantic experiences for you to enjoy together.

  39. Engraved Cuff
  40. “You Are My Sun, My Moon and All My Stars” – is there a more romantic phrase!? These beautiful sentiments are engraved into these handmade cuffs, all of varying sizes. Perfect to wear each day with any outfit, as a constant reminder of your love for her.

  41. Scalloped Stackable Diamond Ring
  42. This beautiful and unique ring is designed to be stacked amongst other rings, so she can mix and match it with her existing pieces or wear it on its own for a subtle pop of bling. Rings are always a winner for any romantic gift or occasion.

  43. White Gold Heart Earrings
  44. These sweet diamond earrings are finished with lush white gold. The perfect earring for everyday wear, she will feel the romance every time she wears them.

  45. Split Cuff Bracelet
  46. This cute cuff comes in white gold, rose gold and traditional gold, making it easy to match to her personal style. Jewelry (especially with hearts on it) will always be the best romantic go-to gift for your wife!

  47. Diamond and Sapphire Earrings
  48. These stunners will catch everyones eye, with the incredible blue sapphire centred around sparking diamonds. A super romantic gift for a standout occasion like a milestone birthday or anniversary.

  49. Custom Song Wall Sculpture
  50. Your favorite song, be it your wedding song, the first song you listened to together or your favorite karaoke tune, is turned into a stunning and unique piece of art that replicates the sound waves.

  51. Rose Petal Necklace
  52. Express your love with this cute necklace pendant that features a rose petal in the shape of a heart. Roses are typically the flower of love, so this exudes romance!

  53. Beach Heart Necklace
  54. This pendant contains the grains of sand from a range of beaches around the world. If your wife grew up along the coast, or you have your family vacations at your favorite beach, this necklace will hold true sentimental value. Very romantic!

  55. Wine Gift Hamper
  56. Wine and cheese, what could be more romantic!? This beautiful gift basket contains three bottles from the Robert Mondavi Private Selection and an array of gourmet snacks. Ideal for romantic dinners at home, or for a picnic on the beach.

  57. Personalized Movie Marquee Illuminated Art
  58. Celebrate your love story with this unique cinematic style, illuminated movie marquee art. Displaying your names as the co-stars and a special date, you can include your own special title to truly add next level romance!

  59. Veuve Clicquot Champagne Gift Basket
  60. Valentine’s Day is a great occasion for a Champagne gift basket! Spoil her on the most romantic day of the year with delicious Champagne and snacks.

  61. Love Will Find A Way Necklace
  62. “Deep in the heart, somewhere in the soul, love finds a way to be forever” – awwwww! What wife wouldn’t love wearing a pendant that expressed such sweet words!

  63. Scenic Cruise
  64. Cloud9 Living have on offer some of the best experiences in the country. Take your wife on a romantic sunset dinner cruise, or get your adrenaline pumping with a day on the sea whale watching (that could be romantic, right?!)

  65. Diamond Hearts Ring
  66. A stunning symbol of your two hearts, this diamond ring is unique and definitely brings the romance. It’s available in white gold, rose gold and traditional yellow gold too!

  67. Triangular Chain Necklace
  68. We love a good tiered necklace, and this stunning piece is no exception. Pair this with a heartfelt card and her favorite drop of wine and you’ve got yourself an incredibly romantic gift!

  69. Map of Our Hearts
  70. This personalized wall art honors where you both come from, be it different states our different countries. Add your names plus your anniversary date for a romantic and sentimental gift.

  71. Diamond Initial Ring
  72. Whether you choose the first letter of her name, your name or your child’s name, this diamond initial ring will hold sentimental value to her and be worn with pride and love.

  73. Double Puffed Heart Ring
  74. These cute little puffed hearts sit intertwined on her finger, a representation of your love for each other! This ring would make an excellent romantic birthday present for your wife!

  75. Spa Day
  76. A pamper day for your beloved wife, whether you’re in attendance or not, is a romantic gift that she will love! If it’s something you want to enjoy together, there are a range of couples massages available too!

  77. Custom Star Chart
  78. Explore the night sky as it was on your special date, be it your wedding anniversary or the day you met. This truly unique and personal gift is super romantic and something she will cherish.

  79. Custom Anniversary Journal
  80. Custom pages in this timeless journal record memories of your 1st through to 60th wedding anniversaries, with prompts to guide romantic reflection and mutual aspirations, something you can both work on together – romantic bonding time, cute!

  81. Custom Phase of The Moon
  82. Remember the moment just as it was the first time you met, when you proposed, or when you were married, with this stunning wall art of the phase of the moon on your date of choice.

  83. Mr and Mrs Candles
  84. Candles are always an easy go-to for romantic gifts, think candle-lit dinners or alone time! Each set is engraved with your name on one lid and your wedding date on the other, and then Mr & Mrs on the jar.

  85. Kissing Mugs
  86. These super cute mugs are shaped like faces kissing, and are the perfect way to enjoy your morning coffee with your perfect companion.

  87. Ring Holder
  88. She’ll feel the love each morning when she puts on her rings, and each night when she takes them off for bed. She could even keep this at work to be reminded of your romantic side throughout her day.

  89. Crown Ring
  90. A ring fit for a queen – your queen! This stunning ring is shaped like a crown and features sparkling diamonds, it will turn heads as she proudly shows it off.

  91. Ankle Bracelet with Heart Charms
  92. She’ll be wearing her heart on her … foot! Anklets are a super cute addition to any outfit that shows off her legs, especially if it’s an outfit she’s wearing on a romantic date with you!

  93. Personalized Leather Bag
  94. A different take on romance, but still something personal and useful for her that she’ll appreciate. A lot of the time, the thought behind a special gift is what makes it romantic.

  95. Wedding Invitation Keepsake
  96. Your wedding day is the most romantic and special day of your life, so why not commemorate the invite and gift it to your wife. Your invite will be turned into a handmade, engraved, wooden replica.

  97. Personalized Birch Cuff
  98. Cast from birch bark, this amazing cuff evokes the romantic tradition of carving lovers’ names into a tree – the most old school display of romance! Super cute.

  99. Love is Art Kit
  100. What’s more romantic than covering yourselves in paint and rolling around on a canvas together!? Each kit allows couples to capture the beauty of intimacy in a new and elegant way, and the outcome is a unique piece of art that is special to you.

  101. Date Night Subscription Box
  102. Running out of date night ideas? Don’t worry! Crate Joy have this awesome subscription box, and every month you will receive a themed date you can both look forward to.

  103. Perfume
  104. Ahhh, perfume. You just cannot go wrong in terms of a romantic gift for your wife when it comes to a great fragrance, and Daisy by Marc Jacobs is just delicious!

  105. Vintage Earrings
  106. These sterling silver beauties would make a perfect birthday or Valentine’s Day gift for your beautiful wife. The vintage style and sparkling diamonds make them truely unique.

  107. Silk Pillow Cases
  108. A lot of romance happens in the bedroom, so why not turn it up a notch with incredible quality bedding. Sleeping on silk pillow cases not only feels amazing, but it’s also good for your skin!

  109. Foot Massager
  110. Treat your wife to a foot massage, without having to lift a finger! This foot massager is gentle yet invigorating and will envelope her aching feet in a relaxing and therapeutic massage, from her toes to her ankles.

    That wraps up our list of romantic gifts for your wife! There doesn’t need to be a reason for you to get your wife one of these amazing gifts, in fact, they’ll be even more well received if they are spontaneous! If you still need ideas, you can check out our list of gifts for women in their 30’s!