36 Best Gifts for Daycare Teachers

36 Gifts For Daycare Teachers

Being a daycare teacher is a tough gig! Taking care of other peoples little humans all day is no easy feat and dammit they deserve a nice gift every now and then! On this list of gifts for daycare teachers we cover gifts they will use for work and also some little goodies to enjoy on their much needed days off. Pair the gift with your sincere thanks for their ongoing support of your children and they will be forever grateful!

  1. Self Care Subscription Box
  2. Taking care of tiny humans for hours each day is a task that requires a lot of energy. They’ll be able to recharge their batteries with this self care box, delivered monthly.

  3. At Home Spa Kit
  4. This cute kit contains everything they’ll need to feel pampered and relaxed at home after a long day of wrangling tiny humans! The kit contains candles, shower steamers, lip balm and other goodies to keep them chilled!

  5. Geode Crystal Tea Light Holders
  6. A stunning addition to their desk at work or their relaxation area at home, these beautiful tea light candle holders feature exposed crystals and are a nice easy gift for daycare teachers.

  7. Shower Steamers
  8. These cubes fill your shower with soothing essential oil scents like lemongrass and lavender, and can even be used as a body scrub! Perfect gift for busy daycare teachers!

  9. Custom Message Shortbread
  10. A nice personal gift for your little one’s daycare provider, add a customized message, their name, or the name of their care facility for a personal touch that they will appreciate.

  11. Positive Thoughts Spoon Necklace
  12. Choose a phrase you think they will be inspired by and it will be carefully stamped onto one of these vintage spoon pendants with a cute little design.

  13. Food Hamper Gift Basket
  14. Some yummy treats they can keep at their desk for those afternoons that drag on! The bottle of wine might be handy at the desk too, but we advise against that!

  15. Wine Chilling Coasters and Glasses
  16. This is definitely one for after hours. These coasters are made from reclaimed granite, which keeps the two included glasses chilled while they sip away after a long day of daycare duties!

  17. BBQ Rub and Sauce Kit
  18. It’s easy to forget that daycare providers have lives outside of looking after our kids! For those who love to get on the grill once work is over, this set of delicious blends would make a great gift.

  19. Gourmet Wine Gift Basket
  20. Some of the other parents might like to chip in for a group gift for the kid’s day care provider, and there’s no better gift than this epic gift basket full of the best wines and snacks!

  21. Funny T-Shirt
  22. Between crying babies, poopy diapers and all the other joy that comes with a room full of little ones, there’s no doubt “TGIF” is a common train of thought for daycare teachers!

  23. Cool Lamp
  24. For their desk at work or at home, this super cool lamp will add a touch of style and uniqueness to their workspace. Brightness levels can be adjusted too which is super handy.

  25. Throw Blanket
  26. For those winter days at the daycare centre, these blankets are ideal to throw over their lap while the kids are sleeping. Heck, they can even lay down at nap time and join the little ones if they want!

  27. Personalized Notebook
  28. How cool is this stylish leather notebook! Perfect for jotting down notes at daycare, the notebook cover can be customized to display their name or a special message.

  29. Sweet Treat Hamper
  30. Yummy snacks are always a winner, especially for those always on the go with busy jobs. They’ll be able to keep a stash in their desk drawer to snack on during the day, just no sharing with the kids!

  31. Hot Sauce Duo
  32. Hot sauce is the perfect addition to so many meals! This duo is a great little gift for daycare providers who have a keen interest in cooking with a bit of spice!

  33. Hard Days Work Kit
  34. Daycare teachers aren’t always women! For all the men out there who work in daycare centres, they’ll definitely need this kit to keep them clean and fresh on the daily.

  35. Goddess Provisions Subscription Box
  36. For all the spiritually connected daycare providers out there, this subscription box is just what they need to keep their energies charged and their lives abundant. Each month they’ll receive a mix of crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products, superfood snacks and spiritual tools

  37. Keyboard Wrist Rest
  38. This hand sewn fishy takes the tiredness off wrists and forearms by giving them somewhere to rest during those long days that are computer focused. The quirky style will be a hit with the kids at daycare too!

  39. Wooden Desk Clock
  40. Perfect for keeping track of activity and nap times, this cute clock is super modern and will look great on their desk at work or on their nightstand if they want to use it as an alarm!

  41. Charging Station and Organizer
  42. This is another great one for work or home, it will keep their desk space or table space clean and organized, and the dock has a built in charger too, so they’ll never be caught out with a flat phone.

  43. Mini Message Boards
  44. This set of 6 mini message boards can be mounted on basically any surface – walls, windows, doors, cupboards, computers – anywhere! Great for posting little reminders for day to day tasks.

  45. Grow a Sunflower
  46. Who wouldn’t want a little baby sunflower (that they grew themselves!) on their desk! This kit contains everything they’ll need to help their sunny little friend come to life.

  47. Koala Wine Stopper
  48. Forget boring old corks, this little dude is where it’s at! The cute koala stopper keeps bottles of wine in tact and can be used over and over again.

  49. Strawberry Notebook
  50. For jotting down all their sweet ideas or juicy secrets, this cute strawberry notebook is ideal for taking day-to-day notes during busy daycare days.

  51. Library Card Tote Bag
  52. An especially cool gift for those who have a deep love for books and reading! This cute bag replicates the vintage library cards we all remember as kids.

  53. Sourdough Cookbook
  54. There’s nothing like a delicious sandwich on freshly made bread. Daycare teachers who have a love for baking (or sandwiches) will appreciate this cookbook full of yummy breads.

  55. Smoothie Bottle
  56. This eco-friendly, reusable bottle is leakproof and features a wide mouth opening, making it easier to pour in those thicker liquids like smoothies or milkshakes. A great gift for busy daycare providers who might not have time in the morning to sit down and enjoy their morning drink of choice.

  57. Portable Blender
  58. Rechargeable and portable, this little blender can go with them to work where they can make their favorite smoothies, shakes, or even baby food for the kiddies! It charges using a USB port, super simple!

  59. Basketball Wastebasket
  60. The kids at daycare will have a BALL with this wastebasket! A fun way to teach kids the importance of not littering, plus a fun way for daycare teachers to pass the time when the kids are napping – tossing hoops!

  61. Washable Lunch Bags
  62. These insulated linen and paper blend lunch bags will keep their lunch cool throughout the morning. The inside is fully insulated with a removable internal compartment which is washable.

  63. Mini Beer Making Kit
  64. This one is a bit cheeky, but there’s no denying that daycare providers deserve a cold beer after a days work! With this mini kit they can easily craft their own!

  65. Fixer of Everything Desk Sign
  66. Patching up scrapes and bumps, keeping the peace in the sandbox, calming tantrums – Daycare providers really are the fixers of everything! This desk sign will validate their awesomeness.

  67. Cactus Growing Kit
  68. Adding some plants to any area not only makes it look nicer, it’s also good for physical and mental health! This little kit includes everything they’ll need to create their own little Cactus collection.

  69. USB Wooden Drink Warmer
  70. No doubt there’s countless times throughout the day when daycare teachers sit down to their tea or coffee to find it’s as cold as the winter air! They’ll have warm drinks year round with this drink warming coaster that heats up their drink in seconds.

  71. Leather Journal
  72. This stunning leather journal is a nice personal gift for your kiddies daycare provider. Their initials will be carved onto the front cover, and they can use it for work notes or at home for personal use.

    That wraps up our list of gifts for daycare teachers! We’ve covered a bunch of different ideas including personalized gifts that they can enjoy at home, and cool things for the daycare centre that even the kids will get a kick out of! If you’re still on the hunt for gifts for care provider or teacher, check out our list of teachers Christmas gifts!