40 Best Teacher Christmas Gifts They’ll Actually Use!

Teacher Christmas Gifts

Imagine being a teacher and getting the same old gifts from all your students at Christmas time! While the thought is there, the practicality and usability usually isn’t, and there’s only so many mugs a teacher can receive before going crazy. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of teacher Christmas gifts that they will actually love and get a lot of use out of! This list has gifts for both male and female teachers, but if you are buying for a male teacher, be sure to also check out our thank you gift ideas for male teachers.

From gifts they can use at school to personal gifts for home, these gifts will be a hit from students or from a coworker.

  1. Self Care Subscription Box
  2. There’s no doubt that teachers go above and beyond for their students all year round. This subscription box is the perfect gift to show teachers your appreciation and encourage them to take care of themselves throughout the year too!

  3. Funny Book
  4. This hilarious book is full of the funniest wrong answers that students have actually written on tests and exams. A great last minute gifts for teachers for Christmas, and something they’ll get a lot of laughs out of.

  5. Luxury Pen and Journal
  6. Marking papers all year requires an awesome pen, and they don’t get any better than these ones from Cross. This gift set also includes a journal, something every teacher will use!

  7. Spa Day Experience
  8. Teachers need days of relaxation within their hectic days, and there isn’t a teacher out there who wouldn’t love to spend one of their days off being pampered. Male or female, these spa days from Cloud9 Living offer a range of services to give teachers the refresh they need come Christmas time!

  9. USB Aroma Diffuser
  10. Perfect for the classroom, home or even the car, this diffuser plugs into any USB port and releases whichever aroma they choose, leaving any space smelling fresh.

  11. Wine and Cheese Hamper
  12. Everyone loves a hamper, and they make the best Christmas gifts because all the work is done for you. Wines to Gift have an awesome range of hampers, this one contains a delicious bottle of wine and yummy snacks to be enjoyed after a long day at school!

  13. Warm Scarf
  14. For those cold mornings out on yard duty or on the walk to and from school during winter, a warm scarf is an easy gift that you know any teacher will get a lot of use out of.

  15. Baseball Popcorn Maker
  16. This is a cool gift for sports teachers! Perfect for nights at home with their favorite movie, relaxing with a delicious bowl of fresh popcorn!

  17. Cool LED Lamp
  18. This awesome LED lamp is super unique and would make a great addition to their classroom or even their home office or bedroom. The swirling vivid colors create abstract designs that will keep them in awe for hours.

  19. Give Stories, Not Stuff Gift Box
  20. Gifting experiences is always a winner. The Give Stories, Not Stuff gift box will give your teacher the opportunity to choose from hundreds of incredible worldwide experiences, activities, and adventures. It’s delivered via email and has no expiration date, and is a perfect gift from a coworker!

  21. Massager
  22. This is a great gift for any teacher! Perfect to keep at their desk on tiresome days where they need nothing more than a shoulder or neck massage!

  23. Storm in a Cloud
  24. A super cool addition to their desk or classroom display, this could houses special liquid that crystallizes in different patterns as the barometric pressure changes, a great way to visually teach kids too!

  25. Breakfast Basket
  26. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for teachers who are facing a full day of dealing with a ton of kids! This gift basket includes pancake mixes, jams, bacon and other yummy treats to whip up a winning breakfast.

  27. Sherlock Bookmark
  28. An awesome last minute gift for English teachers, or any teacher who loves a good book! This Sherlock bookmark is super detailed and is sure to be a hit amongst teachers.

  29. Unique Trinket Tray
  30. A trinket tray is a must for any teacher, they are so handy for keeping essentials that they reach for multiple times per class that can tend to go walkabout. These cool handmade ones are something a little different!

  31. Cute Glasses Holder
  32. So they don’t misplace their glasses countless times throughout class! This cute little fox will keep their specs safe and sound throughout lessons, meetings and parent interviews.

  33. Temperature Control Mug
  34. Getting to enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee is something us non-teachers (or parents) take for granted! This mug, when placed on its charging coaster, will keep their drink warm for hours.

  35. Bluetooth Water Bottle
  36. Perfect for gym class with the kids at school, get the moving to some music through the bluetooth speaker which is built into the bottle lid, and keep hydrated at the same time! Outside of work, it’s perfect for the beach, yoga, or just chilling at home with some music on.

  37. Personalized Mug with Name
  38. Mugs are a great gift if done right, and personalized handmade mugs are the way to go. These beauties are available in a range of colors to suit the style of any teacher at school!

  39. Mini Fan
  40. This little fan sits neatly in its charging dock base and will come in handy on those super hot days when the cooling just isn’t cutting it. It’s super quiet too, so it won’t disturb the class.

  41. Thank You Ice Cream Collection
  42. A sweet way to thank teachers for their service throughout the year! These mini ice-cream tubs deliver messages of thanks on the outside, and delicious ice-creamy goodness on the inside.

  43. Cozy Robe
  44. Teachers deserve nothing less than to get home from work and snuggle straight into a cozy robe. This one is available in a range of colors so is fine for male or female teachers.

  45. Sock Subscription Box
  46. Each month their favorite teacher will receive high quality, professional dress socks that will stay in place and keep them comfortable all day while they’re on their feet.

  47. Whiskey Globe and Glasses
  48. Teaching is a tough gig, and no doubt sometimes their teacher wants to go home and sip on a stiff drink! This is the perfect Christmas gift to add to the home bar of any liquor loving teacher!

  49. Wooden Amplifier
  50. For those who like to keep it simple at minimalist, this natural looking device amplifies music from their smartphone by up to 3 times without any power source or cables. Great for home or the classroom!

  51. Painting Made By Artificial Intelligence
  52. This online gallery sells the most unique pieces of art for a very affordable price. Each piece is only sold once, and they are 100% imagined by an artificial intelligence. The AI ‘brain’ has learned from looking at lots of different pieces of art to create its own unique works. How cool is that?!

  53. Solarbank Charger
  54. Teachers on the go will get a lot of use out of this portable solar charger. Great for long meetings after school or days when they’ve forgotten their charger at home.

  55. House Plant Subscription Box
  56. Indoor plants bring life and positive energy into any space. This subscription box delivers unique houseplants, succulents, air plants, aquatic or seeds each month, they can keep their new plant babies in the classroom or at home – or both!

  57. Math Tie
  58. Your math teacher will get a kick out of this tie that’s chock full of equations, symbols and other math related things that most people wouldn’t know about!

  59. Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers
  60. The wine is ready and waiting upon their arrival home, and these stylish tumblers will be their go to from now on. Lightweight and smash proof, they make a great Christmas present for all those teachers who deserve a wine or two.

  61. Aromatherapy Slippers
  62. These slippers are next level! You can heat them up in the microwave for the benefits of a heat pack, or in the freezer for a cold press. Ideal to slip on after long days on their feet.

  63. Hot Sauce Subscription Box
  64. A Christmas present that will knock their socks off! Each month your hot sauce loving teacher will receive the hottest and most delicious hot sauces

  65. Custom Necklace
  66. These stunning block letters are a great personal gift for teachers at Christmas, and they can be customized with any combination of letters and symbols.

  67. Numerology Bracelet
  68. Numerology is an ancient practice that is said to tell us the future and help us learn about ourselves, our purpose and the universe around us.

  69. Wooden Ring Holder
  70. This is another great gift that teachers can use at school or at home. When they’re teaching and grading papers rings can get in the way so having somewhere safe to keep them is going to be much appreciated!

  71. Literary Insults Chart
  72. We all have that one English teacher who is highly sarcastic and loves poking fun at students. Well, this is for them! This snark-filled chart compiles unforgettable insults from great authors in an interconnected map.

  73. Bathroom Wine Holder
  74. There’s no doubt the first thing many teachers will be doing come the Christmas break is getting into a bath and drinking wine. It’s the perfect way to relax, and with this wine holder that suctions onto tiles, it will be that much more enjoyable.

  75. The Burlap Bag Subscription Box
  76. This subscription box contains yummy smelling things with funny names! They’ll receive a candle, room spray, and wax melts each month, perfect for keeping their classroom smelling good and giving the kids a laugh with the names of the items!

  77. Digital Grill Set
  78. This is a cool gift for teachers who love to get on the grill! The fork has an integrated thermometer with an LED that shows the target and current temperature, timer, alarm, and a mini flashlight!

  79. Canvas iPad Case
  80. iPads are essential for school these days, so a new case is always going to come in handy. This canvas case is well padded and has plenty of pockets inside for cables and other bits and pieces.

    That wraps up our list of teacher Christmas gifts! We’ve covered a bunch of different areas including personalized gifts that they can enjoy at home, and cool things for school too! If you’re still on the hunt for gifts for a teacher, check out our list of gifts for male teachers!