30 Best Thank You Gifts for Male Teachers

Teachers dedicate their lives to helping grow young minds, and more often than not, their advice, kindness and guidance stay with us long after we leave school. Whether you have a child in elementary school, or if you are a student yourself, we’ve gathered all kinds of gifts that we know your favorite teacher is going to love. Gifts are a perfect way to say thank you for all your hard work, and help show your appreciation when saying farewell. Here are 30 fun and affordable thank you gifts for male teachers that will warm their hearts.

  1. Custom Leather Notebook
  2. We know teachers are forever taking notes, so why not give them somewhere nice to jot down their thoughts and reminders during lessons.

  3. Wine and Snacks
  4. What teacher isn’t reaching for the wine the minute they walk in their front door. This thoughtful gift is a great idea for parent teacher nights as a big thank you!

  5. Library Card Socks
  6. These cool socks would be a great Christmas gift for a male teacher. Nice and cheap, but something a little different from your average pair of socks. Ideal for English teachers!

  7. Stickers
  8. Etsy have so many awesome stickers for teachers. These ones come in all shapes and sizes too, so your favorite teacher can decorate his books, drink bottles and desk organizers.

  9. Reusable Lunch Bags
  10. Bringing lunch to school isn’t specific to the students. From leftovers to fresh salads, your teacher will get a lot of use out of these reusable lunch bags, while saving money and the environment. Looking for more eco-friendly ideas? Check out our list of the best and most affordable eco-friendly gifts!

  11. Personalized Stamp
  12. He’ll actually look forward to grading papers once he has his new stamp! Choose from a selection of faces to find the one that looks most like him, and then add his name for a truly personal and awesome gift.

  13. Spill Proof Mug
  14. A great gift idea for his commute to and from school, to keep his drink of choice hot or cold, and from spilling in the car or on his clothes!

  15. Funny T-Shirt
  16. This tongue in cheek tee is perfect for an end of year gift for your child’s teacher, or for your teacher friend who has some little terrors in his class.

  17. Custom Wooden Bookmark
  18. A nice little personal touch to an otherwise pretty uneventful item! These really cool and unique bookmarks are handmade and finished with beeswax, and then engraved with his name or a message of your choice.

  19. Magnetic Notebook
  20. Taking notes all day during lessons and meetings can get messy. This notebook has magnetic pages that can be removed and interchanged, meaning he can organise his notes even after he’s written them. Genius!

  21. Snack Gift Basket
  22. There are two types of teachers. Those who have a snack drawer, and those who are lying. Add to his snack collection with this awesome gift basket that will keep him going during those crazy lessons and extra hours!

  23. Slate Drink Coasters
  24. Whether he keeps these in the classroom, or takes them home to use, these slate coasters will last him a long time and keep his desk or kitchen table from getting ruined.

  25. Bamboo Desk Organizer
  26. Designed to accommodate all his electronic devices, from heavy laptops to his cell phone, he can keep everything in one place between lessons and while his devices are charging.

  27. Periodic Table Building Blocks
  28. A super cool and unique gift for science teachers, these periodic table blocks can be used in the classroom to enhance learning amongst little ones.

  29. Laptop Cover
  30. This iPad cover will keep one of his most used daily essentials safe and clean. Available in most iPad models it can even be customized with his name!

  31. Concrete Glasses Holder
  32. Take it from a glasses wearer, there’s nothing worse than taking your specs off and not knowing where you put them (and not being able to see where you’re looking). Save him the trouble with this funny little glasses holder. His younger students will get a giggle out of it too!.

  33. Personalized Golf Balls
  34. If you know your teacher, or your child’s teacher enjoys a hit of golf on his days off, these personalized golf balls would be an awesome gift that he will love!

  35. Drum Stick Pens
  36. Music teachers will love grading papers and writing lesson plans with these mini drumstick pens. Also good if you know your teacher is into a bit of good old rock’n’roll!

  37. Funny Book
  38. Show your teacher that there are students out there who have given worse answers on tests than you or your kids. This hilarious book will definitely give him a giggle – and have him hoping none of his students produce similar answers!

  39. Document Folder
  40. Made from real leather and in a convenient A4 size, he can carry his documents, papers and even tablet safely to and from class, and look stylish while doing so!

  41. Full Moon Mousepad
  42. Who doesn’t spend half their workday staring into space! This really cool mousepad is super detailed and is the perfect gift for male teachers, especially those in the science or geography department!

  43. Reusable Bag
  44. Super useful for carrying books and other essentials on school days, or even for his grocery shopping or other errands outside of work.

  45. Teacher Wall Art
  46. A nice touch to his class room or even the teachers lounge, this simple piece of wall art will remind him why he got into the profession each time he reads it.

  47. Grill Master Subscription Box
  48. Getting teachers something they can enjoy in their own time is super important! This subscription box will give him everything he needs to turn his grilling up a notch!

  49. Bottle Loft
  50. A well deserved beer after a long day in the classroom is probably something every teacher looks forward to. These magnetic strips hang from the inside of the fridge and will hold his favorite six pack in place.

  51. Foot Massager
  52. You already know that this gift will boot your chances of becoming his favorite student or parent. He can keep it under his desk at work for some relief in between classes, or take it home and relax after a long day of being awesome.

  53. Literary Mugs
  54. A mug with a difference! Ideal for English teachers or professors, these mugs feature some of the most iconic authors and the quotes and phrases they are most well known for.

  55. Adult Coloring Book for Teachers
  56. Imagine having a job where you can’t just swear out loud whenever someone’s getting on your nerves. Your teacher can unleash his built up need to swear on his amazing coloring book.

  57. Reusable Cutlery
  58. You can’t always count on the teachers lounge or staff room to have clean or spare cutlery, so why not equip him with his own utensils so he’s never going without.

  59. A Plant for his Desk
  60. Not only are you adding some greenery to his space, you’re encouraging his green thumb! This propagation kit comes with a concrete terrazzo stand and glass tube, rooting hormone, and step-by-step instructions.

That’s our list of fun and affordable gifts for male teachers. From your college professor, to your child’s first grade teacher, there’s something in there for all the legends out there. They will no doubt greatly appreciate anything you get them!