18 Retro and Homey Gifts For An Old Soul

Some people are simply born in the wrong decade. You know the type, usually choosing nights in with a good book and a cup of tea over a party. Jamming away in their vintage threads to their favorite tunes from decades passed. We’ve put together this list of the most unique and retro gifts for an old soul that we know they will love, no matter what the occasion. If the person you are buying for also happens to be a fan of trivia and quizzes, be sure to check out our popular list of gift ideas for trivia lovers.

  1. Old Soul Tee
  2. What better way to express their old soul than have it written on their clothes!? This cute tee would go perfectly with a pair of vintage jeans, for the ultimate retro look.

  3. Paint By Sticker Music Icons
  4. There’s not an old soul among us that doesn’t love listening to music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. This awesome book is a paint by numbers, but with stickers, and features some of the most iconic musicians from all generations.

  5. Customised Reel Viewer
  6. This is such a cool alternative to a photo album. Your old soul can view all their favorite memories through this old school reel viewer, so awesome!

  7. Vogue Knitting Coffee Table Book
  8. Speaking from experience, I know that old souls love to knit and crochet! This awesome coffee table book not only looks stunning, it also includes 1,600 color images and brand-new sections with techniques and designs!

  9. Wine Gift Basket
  10. Most old souls aren’t too keen on late nights out at clubs, so for those cosy nights in with loved ones, this hamper of delicious wines and snacks is the perfect addition!

  11. Coffee and Book Club Subscription
  12. This is such a cool and unique gift, and something they can enjoy each month too. They’ll get beautiful pre-loved books and some delicious ground coffee in the post to keep their old soul fulfilled!

  13. Personalized Mixtape Pillow
  14. Add a touch of nostalgia to their bedroom with this cool retro pillow cover. Reminisce on the days of taping your favorite songs from the radio and listening to them on your walkman!

  15. Vintage Wall Art
  16. If their house is decked out in retro gear, these statement pieces of wall art would make a perfect addition. Hang the set of six together or spread them out around the house for some cool retro vibes in each room!

  17. Classic Western Movies on DVD
  18. I know what you’re thinking, do people even watch DVD’s anymore? Well, an old soul would! And they would love this collection of 10 classic Wild Wild West movies.

  19. Miami Beach Tour in a Convertible
  20. An experience is always a great gift, and we think this one for an old soul is perfect! See Miami Beach and surroundings from the comfort of a vintage convertible on this two hour tour.

  21. Video Games Collection Puzzle
  22. Puzzles are all the rage at the moment, and this vintage video game collection puzzle screams old soul. Once the’ve finished the puzzle, they can frame it and use it as a cool piece of wall art!

  23. Blank Comic Book
  24. Comics are cool and all, but how awesome is being able to create your own comic book and characters!? This book has 110 pages of different panel templates, ranging from 2 to 9 panel layouts.

  25. New York City Pizza, Beer and History Tour
  26. Greenwich Village is famous for pizza, memorable drinking establishments and rich architecture, so treat the old soul in your life to a day out where they can experience the history of the neighbourhood through food and drink!

  27. Vintage Tea Time Subscription Box
  28. Bring back old-style afternoon tea with this subscription box. They’ll get a vintage china tea cup, saucer and plate, an assortment of 8 wrapped teabags, a pack of posh biscuits and a brand new book with a feel-good theme.

  29. Table Tennis Table
  30. A fun and competitive way for old souls and their pals to pass the time! Add a bit of friendly competition to the next night in and family gatherings.

  31. Turn Table
  32. Nothing screams old soul like a record player! This belt driven turntable mechanism plays two speeds and also has a bluetooth receiver for when they’re feeing a little more ‘new soul.’

  33. Pop Corn Maker
  34. Sitting down to an awesome movie with a bowl of fresh popcorn is the BEST, and an old soul probably loves nothing more on their Saturday night. Give them access to fresh popcorn at home any time – yum!

  35. Linen Weighted Blanket
  36. A weighted blanket is like getting a big warm hug. They are said to improve the quality of sleep and reduce anxiety, plus the linen will keep them warm in winter and cool in summer!

    There you have our top picks for gifts for and old soul! We’ve covered a bit of everything here, from experiences to things that will make their home life more fun and add to their old soul vibes!