20 Best Lightweight Gifts That Don’t Weigh Much

We all know that good things come in small packages. Well, the same can be said for gifts that don’t weigh much! Maybe you’re on the lookout for a gift for someone traveling, or you’re wanting to send a little something overseas, or maybe you just don’t like the idea of lugging around a heavy gift! One little secret that you may not be aware of, is that experience gifts are in. According to our research, people LOVE experience gifts, and guess what? They don’t weigh a thing! With that in mind, here is our list of cool and useful gifts that don’t weigh much.

  1. Sight Seeing Tour
  2. You can’t get more light weight than an email! Even if your gift recipient lives on the other side of the country, you can choose a fun sight seeing experience for them that they can enjoy any time!

  3. Bath Wine Holder
  4. This awesome little gift suctions onto their bathroom wall and will keep their night time wine nice and safe as they soak in the tub. Nice and lightweight plus super handy!

  5. Origami Kit
  6. This awesome origami kit is great for kids or adults, and it has comes with everything they need to create 20 beautiful pieces of paper art. Because it doesn’t weigh much, it’s easy to send and won’t take up much space if they want to take it with them on a trip to keep them busy!

  7. Custom Pendant
  8. This is a great gift for a friend or partner who lives in another part of the world. Customizable with any date or lettering, you can get something super personal to them. Light weight to send and to wear! If you’re looking for more gifts for a long distance relationship, check out our list.

  9. Yoga Mat
  10. Whether they are traveling the world, or just taking it with them on their daily commute, a yoga mat that doesn’t weigh much is a great way for them to stay in shape on the go.

  11. Linen Scarf
  12. Linen is such a great light weight fabric for all year around. It will keep them warm in winter and cool in summer, and of course the fact that it weighs practically nothing makes it ideal for travel and daily use.

  13. Grilled Cheese Toaster Bags
  14. This is the gift they never knew they needed! These handy toaster safe pouches take the mess out of the classic grilled cheese. A great gift for college students that doesn’t weigh much!

  15. Silver Earrings
  16. For a gift that doesn’t weigh much for your wife or girlfriend, you can’t go past a beautiful set of earrings. These are ideal for everyday use, or to add a touch of fancy to any outfit.

  17. Golfing Experience
  18. Experience gifts are always popular, and of course they don’t weigh anything at all because they usually come in email or gift card form, so they are ideal for this list! For all the golf lovers out there, a once in a lifetime experience is perfect.

  19. Geode Coasters
  20. Another cool housewarming gift that doesn’t weigh much. These stunning coasters replicate unique geodes in various crystal formations and colors. LOVE!

  21. Mimosa Sugar Cubes
  22. Drop a cube into a glass of bubbly and watch it turn into a mimosa or bellini cocktail – what a genius invention! Small in size and compact, they are a great light weight gift for your drinking buddy!

  23. Women’s March Poster
  24. A powerful poster to brighten up any living or office space. Ideal for a college dorm too! And of course, being a poster, it’s a nice light weight gift.

  25. Things They Don’t Teach You In School Cards
  26. Send these to your teacher friends or to someone who loves trivia and useless facts. A fun game to play with the family on games nights too!

  27. Spa Day Experience
  28. Cloud9 Living offer a huge range of spa day packages all around the country, so if you’re looking for a gift that doesn’t weigh much that will also make them feel great and revitalized, then here you go!

  29. Bamboo Face Mask Sheets
  30. An at home face mask is such an easy way to introduce a bit of self care into their week. These are made with natural ingredients to help to reduce dark circles, discolouration and age spots, plus they weigh practically nothing so they are an easy gift to send, or travel with.

  31. Mini Getaway
  32. Another gift that can be delivered by email or inside a card, but packs a punch! Tinggly offer a huge range of mini getaways around the country and beyond – perfect for a significant other or your bestie!

  33. Meme Stickers
  34. Stickers aren’t just for kids! They are a great way to add some personality to laptops, books, drink bottles, phone covers etc! These hilarious meme stickers will be the best thing ever for your meme loving friend.

  35. Oversized Tote Bag
  36. Canvas bags are a great gift because they can be used for so many different things, plus they don’t weigh much at all! They are easy to travel with, or nice and light for everyday use.

  37. Flower Delivery Box
  38. How nice would it be having fresh flowers delivered to your home each week!? Flowers obviously don’t weigh much, and they add so much life and color to any room!

  39. Beer Socks
  40. How hilarious are these beer socks? Whether they’re wearing them under their suit to work, or rocking them with a pair of shorts, you can’t go wrong with a funny or quirky pair of socks.

    Thanks for checking out our list of gifts that don’t weigh much! There’s a good mix here for those who are traveling or living abroad, to those who are just no fuss and easy to please. Hopefully we’ve made your gift hunting a little easier. See you on the next one!