21 Powerful Long Distance Relationship Gifts

21 Powerful Long Distance Relationship Gifts

LDR’s (long distance relationships) are HARD! I have been there, and there is no worse feeling than kissing your loved one goodbye and not knowing how long it will be until you see them again. To fill in the time between visits, we’ve put together a list of gifts that will help keep the romance alive and remind your partner that you are thinking of them. Here are our picks for 21 of the most powerful long distance relationship gifts for boyfriends and girlfriends.

  1. Wine of The Month Subscription
  2. Nothing says “I love you” quite like a bottle or three of wine. Gift your long distance lover a monthly subscription, so you can sip wine together on FaceTime from different sides of the world.

  3. Custom Magnets
  4. Choose your favorite photos from your travels, your date nights and your selfies, and turn them into cute Polaroid fridge magnets. Your significant other will love seeing your happy snaps each time they open the fridge. If you are buying for a non-materialistic man, check out this gift list.

  5. Cute Pillow Case
  6. Since a real hug is out of the question for a while, this snuggly pillow case will do the trick! It would also work for long distance friends!

  7. Our Love Story Scrapbook
  8. For those that love something a bit more personal and creative. Collect your favourite photos, movie tickets, emails, receipts or anything that is sentimental to you and make a beautifully personal book for your love to take with them.

  9. Long Distance Lamps
  10. These beautiful lamps are a long distance relationship’s dream. When you turn one on with a simple touch of your hand, its mate emits the same ambient glow, no matter where it is and who is on the other end. Aww!

  11. Create Your Own Reel Viewer
  12. This super unique gift can be customised with your favourite memories and would make a really sentimental gift for your long distance partner. Get one for yourself so you can reminisce together!

  13. Spinning Heart Messenger Box
  14. This is seriously cool, and would make a really special gift. When you send a message through the linked app, the heart on the box spins to alert the recipient. Then, your LDL (long distance lover) opens the box to read the sentiment on the mirrored screen inside. Cute right!?

  15. Custom Family Portrait
  16. Get a customised print of your little family made up for your love to hang up in their home away from home. This would be a sweet gift for a birthday or Valentines Day.

  17. Food Box Subscription
  18. There’s no better gift than food, let’s be real! Mouth offer some seriously incredible food subscription boxes that your significant lover will definitely enjoy.

  19. Portable Charger
  20. No doubt you guys spend hours upon hours on the phone to each other, whether it’s on FaceTime or just through messages, your battery life is not built for long distance relationships. This portable charger means you’re not bound to one spot while talking to each other as your phone charges.

  21. iPad
  22. For a gift that’s guaranteed to be well received, grab your lover a brand new iPad and fill it with their favourite eBooks, movies, all your cute photos and the songs you love to sing together. Also great for video calls!

  23. Personalized Map Clocks
  24. If you live in different time zones, it can be hard to work out time differences. Grab you lover a clock that features your city on the face, and set it to your local time. Then get one for yourself and do the same!

  25. Custom Necklace
  26. A cute personal gift that your boyfriend or girlfriend can wear everyday and keep you close! Choose from rose gold, gold or silver, and get your initials stamped onto one of the little pendants, along with a love heart or the word “love.”

  27. City Wall Art
  28. Your long distance boyfriend/girlfriend can hang a cool piece of artwork in their home or office that reflects your location, so they have a piece of you with them in their space. Get one for yourself while you’re at it, and do the same!

  29. Face Socks
  30. I bet you never knew your partner needed a pair of socks with your face on them! This is an awesome and hilarious gift that your partner is sure to love. Your face is going to look great paired with their favorite outfits!

  31. Journal
  32. For something super romantic and sentimental that you can keep forever, grab a journal and write down your thoughts and feelings in it, then send it to your long distance lover for them to read and write in, and so on!

  33. 2 Location Star Map
  34. These unique pieces of art use astronomy software to recreate exactly what the night sky looked like at a certain location at a precise moment in time. Choose a moment that is sentimental to you for a beautiful and romantic gift!

  35. Bond Touch Bracelets
  36. These bracelets are the next best thing for when you can’t physically be with your partner. Simply download the compatible app, and send secret messages to each other and let each other know how much you miss them.

  37. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  38. This one is for when you are finally back in the same zip code. Choose a location that suits you, and set off on an unforgettable experience that you will remember forever. Experience gifts help strengthen relationships, which is great for any relationship to stay strong.

  39. Carry On Suitcase
  40. Long distance means one (or both) of you is always on the go, travelling back and forth. Whether it’s overseas or domestic, a carryon suitcase is essential.

  41. Laptop and Tablet Stand
  42. If you’re spending hours on video calls or typing messages to each other on a laptop or tablet, get your love one of these handy laptop stands, it will make the process a little easier!

    That’s our list of sentimental gifts for long distance relationships! Hopefully there’s something on here you think your s/o will love, or things you think will help make your time apart a little easier and more special.