30 Sensational Gifts For The 5 Senses

30 Sensational Gifts For The 5 Senses

Choosing gifts based on the 5 senses is a genius idea, and it can also be super romantic if you are gifting your significant other. The 5 senses are of course: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste, and the concept of gifting the 5 senses is that the recipient gets a gift for each sense. Of course if you are just wanting to choose one gift, that’s fine too! Here’s our list of the most SENSE-ational gifts for the 5 senses.

    Gift Ideas For The Sense Of Sight

  1. 5 Senses Subscription Box
  2. This is the ultimate 5 senses gift for anybody who likes to read. Every month, the lucky recipient will be given a gift box that lets the user experience books with ALL 5 senses. How awesome is that?!

  3. Fuji Instant Camera
  4. A camera is another one that is great for either sex. Everyone loves taking photos, and the retro feel of these cameras, plus the cute instant pics that print out are the perfect gift for the sight sense.

  5. Hot Air Balloon Flight
  6. What better way to treat your sense of sight than to fly over your city in a hot air balloon and marvel at the views. Experience gifts help foster stronger relationships, not to mention they are people’s favorite gift to receive by a long shot. Great American Days offers flights all over the U.S, so you can choose your closest location.

  7. Sand Art
  8. Treat your eyes to this visually mesmerising piece of art. Watch in awe as the sand forms different patterns and landscapes with every turn. This would be a great addition to an office or workspace.

  9. Sunglasses
  10. Starting with gifts for sight, an obvious one is sunglasses! A top quality pair of shades makes a great gift for either men or women. Check out what styles they already have and base your purchase around that.

  11. Spooky History Book
  12. Explore the history and spooky secrets of ten of the most mysterious places in the world, right from your couch! Look through each different coloured lens to discover different hidden secrets.

  13. Bird of Paradise Plant
  14. Probably one of the most visually appealing and interesting plants out there, the bird of paradise is a beautiful gift that will bring some life to any indoor area.

    Gift Ideas For The Sense Of Sound

  15. AirPods
  16. Moving on to sound! Bless their eardrums with the hottest set of headphones out there. They will love being able to listen to their favorite music, podcasts or audiobooks with the convenience of the AirPods.

  17. Custom Song Wall Art
  18. Turn their favorite song into a stunning work of art. If you are gifting your husband or wife, choose your wedding song, or their favorite verse from a poem for a truly sentimental gift.

  19. Musical Wine Glasses
  20. We’ve all seen that cool trick where someone plays a beautiful tune using their wine glasses. Well, now that can be you! Fill to the desired note, run a finger around the rim, and congratulate yourself on creating crystal-clear sound. Then drink!

  21. Ceramic Phone Amplifier
  22. A really cool and unique alternative to a bluetooth speaker, this amp give the music you listen to a richer, warmer, and more full-bodied sound without the need for cords!

  23. Vintage Vinyl Record Player
  24. For any lover of music or vinyl collector, you can’t go past a record player. Wrapped in super luxe velvet, the portable turntable plays 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records and also has a bluetooth receiver.

  25. White Noise Sound Machine
  26. To finish off the sound portion of our gifts for the 5 senses, we can’t go past a sound machine. Perfect if your gift recipient has trouble sleeping, or has just had a baby. This machine plays calming background noise to help sleep and relaxation.

    Gift Ideas For The Sense Of Touch

  27. Weighted Blanket
  28. Moving into the touch category of our gifts for the 5 senses, we start you off with a weighted blanket. They come in all sizes, so you can grab one for the bed for a good nights sleep, or get a smaller one to relax under on the couch.

  29. Sensory Dough
  30. Have you ever picked up play dough as an adult and played with it for longer than the child? This dough is designed to ignite your senses, and is great for stress relief.

  31. Long Distance Touch Lamp
  32. This is a beautiful gift for your loved one who is long distance, whether it’s your partner, a parent or even a grandparent. When you turn one on with a touch of your hand, its mate emits the same ambient glow, no matter where it is. So special!

  33. Foot Massage Roller
  34. Few things feel better than a foot massage! This roller is designed to target all the pressure points in the feet, meaning the recipient can feel like they are at a day spa from the comfort of their home (or work!).

  35. Moroccan Rug
  36. Feeling the softness of a plush rug under your feet is one of life’s simple pleasures. This stunning rug is handwoven and made of 100% wool, making it deliciously soft.

  37. Art and Craft Lessons
  38. Whether it’s pottery, painting, or making your own skateboard, getting hands on and creating your own piece of art is an ideal gift for the touch sense. Once you’re done, your sense of sight will be blessed with your masterpiece! Great American Days offer a range of classes in different cities.

    Gift Ideas For The Sense Of Taste

  39. Cook Book
  40. Moving onto taste, gift them a cookbook that contains all the food you want to eat. From scrumptious desserts to hearty dinners, hopefully you’ll get a taste of whatever they whip up!

  41. Hot Sauce Making Kit
  42. Give their tastebuds a bit of a kick with their own hot sauce making kit. This kit has everything you need to make seven bottles of hot sauce. YUM!

  43. Monthly Food Subscription
  44. Whether they have a sweet tooth, or they have an obsession with cheese and pickles, Mouth offers some seriously incredible gift boxes, made up of top quality products.

  45. Food and Wine Tours
  46. Great American Days offer some really cool food and wine experiences. From chocolate factory tours, to a sunset dinner cruise, treat your tastebuds and yourselves to a fun and yummy experience.

  47. Coffee Of The Month
  48. Nothing tastes as good as your morning coffee. If your gift recipient is a coffee snob, they will love getting different blends delivered to their door each month.

  49. Beer Making Kit
  50. If beer is more their thing, bring the brewery home! These beer kits are designed for the first-time brewer and have step-by-step instructions, simple ingredients and easy to use brewing equipment.

    Gift Ideas For The Sense Of Smell

  51. Bread Maker
  52. Moving onto smell and starting it off strong. Freshly baked bread smells INCREDIBLE. And it tastes damn good too! Fill the house with yummy smells and your tummies with yummy sandwiches.

  53. Shower Steamers
  54. Transform your shower into a sauna or spa with these essential oil infused aromatherapy tablets. The tablets gently fizz, releasing spa-inspired scents that mingle with the steam and bless your nostrils.

  55. Wood Smoke Grilling Planks
  56. This set of five wood planks are made from Cedar, Alder, Cherry, Maple and Hickory. Pop your food on the plank, and the plank on the grill, and take in the incredible smells as your food cooks.

  57. Hour Glass Oil Defuser
  58. There’s something about having your house smell nice that makes you feel like you have your life together. Simply turn over the hourglass until the wood is saturated. The more frequently you flip it, the stronger the scent!

  59. Gin Botanicals and Infusions Kit
  60. The second you open up this kit, your nose will be doing a happy dance, and so will your tastebuds once you’re done with it. This kit lets you create your own gin flavours, and contains 12 of the finest botanicals & spices to infuse & make gin.

  61. Aromatic Herb Collection
  62. This set of three easy-to-grow edible herbs includes Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme. Your kitchen will smell delightful and your food will always be well seasoned!

    That wraps up our top picks for gifts for the 5 senses. If you are thinking of pulling off the 5 sense gift surprise for your significant other, family member or friend, we hope we have inspired you to come up with a combination of things that they are going to love.