The Ultimate List Of 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

The Best 30th Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

Stepping into her 30’s means saying goodbye to things like being able to handle a hangover, drinking cheap wine and prioritizing looks over comfort, and hello to adult stuff like cleaning products, sleep masks and sentimental gifts. We did a study on what gifts people like to receive the most and found that women in their 30’s prefer to be gifted experiences over anything else, followed by clothing and accessories and then electronics. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best 30th birthday gifts for her, categorized into romantic, meaningful and unique, so enjoy!

    Romantic 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

  1. Adventure Experience
  2. Action and adventure await on her 30th birthday with Virgin Experiences awesome experiences. Whether she wants to take a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon or go snorkelling in Maui, she will love being able to do something different and fun for her birthday!

  3. Custom Heart Necklace
  4. This beautiful necklace pendant is made based on your drawing of a love heart – you can’t get more romantic than that! It comes in gold, silver or brass.

  5. Monthly Wine Subscription
  6. This is the best wine gift ever! Sommailier will deliver 3 luxe bottles of French wine for her to enjoy, a gift she will enjoy all year!

  7. Custom Ring
  8. Personalize this elegant ring with your wedding date in Roman numerals, an engraved name or your signature catchphrase or nickname for each other – sweet!

  9. Overnight Getaway
  10. It doesn’t matter what she’s into, whether she loves the outdoors or prefers something a little more glam, the amazing overnight experiences offered by Cloud9 Living will be a 30th birthday gift she’ll never forget – a super romantic experience for you both!

  11. Tickets to a Concert
  12. Who doesn’t love watching their favorite acts live in concert!? There’s nothing like it, and sharing the experience with each other is something she will never forget. Zero Markup sell tickets to shows with, as the name suggests, no markup on the price.

  13. Theater Tickets
  14. If concerts aren’t her thing, take her out on a more classy date to the theatre. Ballet, musicals, stage plays – whatever she’s into, getting her tickets to the theater is extremely romantic and something you can enjoy together.

  15. Bracelet
  16. You can’t go wrong with a stunning bracelet that holds sentimental value. Gabriel & Co have a large range of amazing bracelets, from charm bracelets to fancy bangles.

  17. Initial Necklace
  18. This initial pendant, garnished with beautiful sparkling diamonds, will never go out of style and will be her go-to glam necklace every time.

  19. Personalized Wine Serving Tray
  20. Wine night just got more snazzy. This serving tray houses four stemmed wine glasses and personalized with her name and a special date. Pair this with one of the other wine gifts on the list for something really special!

  21. Couples Bucket List Ideas
  22. Whether you’re new to your relationship or you’ve been together for years, these couples bucket list cards will add a spark and push you both to step outside your comfort zone with fun date night ideas.

  23. Custom Love Letter Locket
  24. Have you ever written her a love letter? If you have, you probably know that it’s one of the most romantic things you can do for your significant other. Have your words commemorated in a necklace she will love to wear.

  25. Birthstone Earrings
  26. Birthstones are a meaningful way to personalize any gift. These earrings are handmade from gorgeous raw gemstones and are the perfect daily wear earring!

  27. A New Ring
  28. Gabriel & Co have the most stunning range of rings for her, perfect for a 30th gift that is romantic and personal. Choose from a range of styles and finishes.

    Meaningful 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

  29. 30th Birthday Gift Box
  30. These carefully curated boxes are perfect for her 30th. Made with love and including things that all women love, like self care products, candles and succulents! A very meaningful gift for her 30th.

  31. Chardonnay Gift Basket
  32. Hampers are such a great gift, and done correctly, they can be really meaningful. This hamper from Wines to Gift contains a bottle of Barrel Hoops chardonnay plus a bunch of yummy snacks that she can enjoy on her birthday.

  33. Skincare Subscription Box
  34. Skincare in your 30’s is like an umbrella on a rainy day – essential! Each month she’ll receive some of the best skincare right to her door, keeping her looking fresh and not a day over 29!

  35. Fab Fit Fun Subscription Box
  36. The Fab Fit Fun subscription boxes are wildly popular, and with good reason! Each box is packed with 8-10 full-size, premium products – valued at over $200!

  37. Spa Day
  38. A massage is something just about every woman in their 30’s will appreciate, especially after the wild ride that 2020 has been for everyone! Meaningful and something she can look forward to!

  39. Weighted Blanket
  40. Weighted blankets feel like being hugged to sleep, they apply an even amount of pressure over the body to help relax and soothe. They can help relieve stress and anxiety too, so if she suffers with these she will love one of these blankets.

  41. Sparkle Hustle Grow Subscription Box
  42. Support her side hustle or her new business with this awesome monthly subscription box that includes books, biz training, office supplies and tech gadgets that are geared to helping her grow her business.

  43. Acupressure Mat and Pillow
  44. Have you ever lay on one of these mats?! They are painful but SO amazing. The tension of sore muscles and stress melts away with every tiny little attachment. All she has to do is lay on it for half an hour a day to feel a difference!

  45. Garmin Smart Watch
  46. If her health is something she likes to keep track of, this is what she needs! She can monitor everything from her Body Battery energy levels, respiration, hydration and stress to sleep, to her your menstrual cycle, heart rate and more.

  47. Weighted Eye Mask
  48. Does she wake up every time you turn the light on or close the door? This might help! The mask incorporates gentle weighted pressure to ease her into a tranquil snooze!

  49. Throw Blanket
  50. Gifts for Good not only offer incredibly unique and quality gifts, each gift also gives back to communities around the world in different ways. This hand-woven throw provides 4 hours of employment for rural artisans in Peru.

  51. Outdoor Wine Table
  52. There’s nothing better than chilling outside, be it in your own yard or at the beach, with your besties over a glass of wine and some snacks. This portable wine table sticks into the ground for an easy pop up way to enjoy all of those things!

  53. Work From Home Hamper
  54. Since working from home has taken over all of our lives, this little kit could be just what she needs to finish off her home office. For every gift set purchased, 3.5 hours of dignified work is provided to fight against the orphan crisis in Haiti.

  55. Serenity Crystal Bundle
  56. This beautiful bundle combines an Amethyst, a clear quartz and a rose quartz. The 3 crystals are said to have soothing energy that calms your mind and emotions.

  57. Cashmere Gloves
  58. In winter, there’s nothing more cozy than a warm pair of gloves. These will keep her hands warm but are lightweight and breathable.

    Unique 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

  59. Food Subscription Box
  60. Mouth offer some of the BEST food subscription boxes out there, and this one, The Best of Mouth, sends out the most popular boxes each month. She’ll get snacks, cocktail mixes, pickles, candy – everything!

  61. NYC Skyline Side Table
  62. Whether she lives in the Big Apple or not, this side table is sure to impress! A super cool and modern addition to her space.

  63. Tabletop Fire Pit
  64. Now it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t have the yard space for a fire pit, she can keep this one on her outdoor table! The odourless and smokeless flame makes for the perfect lighting, warmth & romance for an evening with friends & family.

  65. Leather Jacket
  66. Leather jackets are that item in your wardrobe that you basically never have to replace. This edgy and high quality jacket will become her go-to for any occasion.

  67. Leather Belt Bag
  68. Perfect for festivals or long days shopping. The chic statement piece is handcrafted with full grain leather and comes in colors that will suit all outfits.

  69. Personal Pizza Maker
  70. Who DOESN’T want a personal pizza oven?! Simply place the pizza in the mini-oven with the lid on, and pop it on the grill – how easy!

  71. Pause and Unwind Subscription Box
  72. Each month she’ll get a delivery of stress-relief items and simple ways to enhance their journey and promote mindful, positive thinking to ease her mind, body & soul.

  73. Black Leather Noho Boots
  74. A pair of bad ass boots is what every girl needs in her wardrobe. They literally go with everything – jeans, dresses, skirts, there’s no limit!

  75. iRobot Roomba Vacuum
  76. A robotic vacuum – ROBOTIC. VACUUM!! She won’t have to lift a finger, apart from to use the app, to clean her house. Trust me that once you reach your 30’s, vacuum cleaners become a huge deal!

  77. Milk Frother
  78. Frothing milk makes any boring coffee, even instant coffee, that much more enjoyable and fancy! This little device has four settings for different levels of frothiness.

  79. Wine for Breakfast Print
  80. Anyone who says they don’t want to do exactly what this print depicts is lying! This will take pride of place above her bed for sure.

  81. Nap Robe
  82. A robe that is specifically designed to nap in – trust me she is going to want this, and probably one in each color so she can still wear it when its laundry day.

  83. Wireless Earphones
  84. Ideal for girls on the go, these wireless headphones will stay in place during the most intense workouts, they’re sweat-proof and have an 8 hour battery life too!

  85. Travel Backpack
  86. Whether she’s travelling to Europe or just to work, this backpack will fit everything she needs. It has plenty of internal storage for laptops, books, water bottles and whatever other essentials she needs.

  87. Sundae Food Box
  88. Sweet tooth’s are in for a real treat with this one! This box comes with everything she needs to create her own delicious sundaes, not to be shared!

  89. Rose Gold Martini Glasses
  90. Turning 30 means you care about adult stuff, like drinking cocktails out of fancy glasses. These beauties are rose gold in color and have an eye-catching marble base.

  91. Ceramic Wireless Speaker
  92. Sound meets style with this sleek little speaker. It lays flat or can be propped up on the built-in stand. The best part is, through the Gifts for Good cause, every purchase helps someone hear for the first time through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

  93. At Home Teeth Whitening Kit
  94. If a fresh smile is at the top of her birthday wish list, then look no further. The at home kit contains professional whitening gel and LED light technology that remove stains in just 30 minutes per day.

  95. Salt Lamp
  96. When lit, these beautiful lamps radiate a warm amber glow, that provides a calming and relaxation atmosphere. It’s said that these babies can improve sleep and help boost your mood!

    That wraps up our list of the best 30th birthday gifts for her! We’ve given you some pretty solid choices here that we know she will love, trust me, I’m a 30 year old woman! Pair any of these gifts with a bunch of flowers or her favorite perfume and a handwritten card and you can’t go wrong. If you are still looking for gifts for her, check out our romantic gifts for your wife, or our popular list of gifts for women in their 30s.