The Ultimate List Of 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

She’s turning 50 – what a milestone! GiftingWho recently conducted a study on what gifts people like to receive the most and found that women in their 50’s prefer to be gifted experiences over anything else, followed by clothing and accessories and then alcohol. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best 50th birthday gifts for her, categorized into romantic, meaningful and unique. These gift ideas will inspire you to spoil your wife like she deserves on this special day!

    Romantic 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

  1. New Jewelry
  2. New jewelry for her big 5-0 will be a huge winner, especially with the beautiful, sparkly diamonds that are on offer on Gabriel & Co. Pair with a bottle of Champagne and some roses you have put together the most romantic 50th birthday gift money can buy!

  3. Three Day Getaway
  4. What better way to celebrate her 50th than a romantic getaway anywhere in the world! Tinggly offer an awesome range of 2000+ handpicked hotels in 100+ capitals. This hotels gift card allows the freedom to choose from a range of hotels from which you can explore the city of your choice. She will never forget this one!

  5. Personalized Photo Ledge
  6. Remember as teens, carving your initials into a tree to declare your love for one another, this unique photo stand commemorates that and is a super cute way to display your favorite loved up pics!

  7. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  8. This isn’t just an awesome gift for her 50th birthday, it’s also something she can tick off her bucket list! Choose a location close to home or somewhere romantic you’ve always wanted to go together.

  9. Luxury Bath Caddy
  10. Is there anything more romantic than a bath together with a glass of wine, candles, a funny movie playing on Netflix. With this luxurious bath caddy everything will have a place and be kept dry and safe.

  11. Life and Culture Experience
  12. Fancy a private chef coming to cook an exquisite meal for her 50th? Or maybe she’d prefer to take a dance class, learn to make pottery or go on a wine tasting day. Whatever she wants to do, CLoud9 Living will have something under their Life and Culture Experiences.

  13. Theater Tickets
  14. Going to the theater is something you can enjoy together – there’s always so many great options too. Zero Markup is a resale marketplace, so you can find all shows in one place!

  15. A Dozen Reasons I Love You
  16. What’s more romantic than personalized love hearts with things you love about her on each one! Pair this gift with a piece of jewelry and some roses and you’re in for a winner!

  17. Custom Cuff
  18. This classic cuff can be engraved with a date, message or name of your choice. Choose something personal to you both for a 50th birthday gift she will never want to take off.

  19. New Pyjamas
  20. Soft, silky pyjama’s – there’s nothing quite like them! Spoil her on her 50th birthday with this beautiful set, maybe throw in some chocolates and a nice dinner too!

  21. Past, Present and Future Necklace
  22. This necklace has three interlocking circles to represent the past, present and future. A muted, oxidised ring represents the past, a sterling silver ring wrapped with a band of silver wire captures the present and a shimmering, gold filled ring represents the future.

  23. Personalized Hand Written Letter Blanket
  24. A letter from your kids, the first love letter you ever sent her, or even your wedding vows, turn your loving words into a snuggly warm blanket that commemorates the love you have for one another. This is a truly unique and sentimental gift she will cherish forever.

  25. Scenic Cruise
  26. You don’t need to go all the way to Italy for a romantic gondola ride – Virgin Experiences offer them and many more romantic boating experiences all over the country for you to enjoy together.

  27. White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Split Ring
  28. Gabriel & Co have the most stunning range of rings for her, and this one is no exception! A replica of your two hearts, never far from each other – aww!

    Meaningful 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

  29. Self Care Subscription Box
  30. This self-care subscription box is one of the best selling boxes available – and with good reason! Each box contains one research inspired therapeutic activity to wire your brain for more joy plus 6 to 8 self-care wellness goodies to reduce stress and enhance your life.

  31. Herbal Warming Slippers
  32. Made for pampering, these slippers have removable insoles are filled with aromatic lavender buds and thermally conductive flax seeds. The insoles can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the fridge to give their feet the r&r they need.

  33. Reclaimed Wood Serving Board
  34. If she’s got a love for baking, she can proudly show off her creations with this serving board and cloche. The board is made from the wood of old Hungarian buildings and finished with natural beeswax and mineral oils to bring out its unique grain.

  35. Personalized Picnic Table and Wine Carrier
  36. Pack up your spread, then just extend the legs to turn your tote into a table and enjoy a romantic lunch with your lovely wife. It comes engraved with a special date and your family name.

  37. Family Heart Necklace
  38. Family is the most important thing, and this necklace is a beautiful way to show that. The main heart pendant is cut from wood, then cast in sterling silver to represent the tree of life. Add pendants to the chain based on the number of children in your family.

  39. New Luggage Set
  40. This is an especially great gift if it’s followed by a holiday! The 3 piece set includes a carryon sized case, plus a medium and large case – all with hard covers.

  41. William Morris Floral Scarf
  42. William Morris was a prolific designer of wallpapers and fabrics in the late 1800’s. His designs come to life on this lush wool scarf. Perfect for keeping her warm during romantic strolls along the beach or picnics in the park.

  43. Eco Friendly Essentials Subscription Box
  44. There are so many eco friendly substitutes for just about everything these days. This monthly subscription contains sustainable swaps for products she would use on the daily, all designed to make a positive impact on your home and the earth.

  45. Monthly Wine Subscription
  46. Wine lovers will NEED this for their 50th, trust us! Each month she’ll receive 3 (or 6 if you choose!) bottles of luxury French wine, and have the option of red, white or a mix! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

  47. Leather Carryall Bag
  48. For women on the go, this carryall bag is the last bag she’ll ever need. It’s big enough to fit a full sized laptop so it’s ideal for work! Purchasing this bag from Gifts for Good provides 5 hours of employment for Ethiopian women.

  49. Unwind Scent Gift Set
  50. Each gift set provides 1 hour of dignified labor for an individual in Los Angeles with developmental disabilities. The set contains a handmade coconut wax candle, scented room spray, four premium cut Agate Coasters and an eco-friendly aromatic reed fragrance diffuser.

  51. Organic Hemp Yoga Mat
  52. Time for a new yoga mat? This mat is made with pure raw wild hemp, fine hemp cotton and natural wool so they are super comfy as well as eco-friendly!

  53. Lumbar Support Pillow
  54. Sitting up in bed to read or watch Netflix doesn’t have to end in a ton of back pain. This memory foam lumbar support pillow means she’ll be able to sit upright or lie back in the zero gravity position, reducing excessive pressure on her spine.

  55. Silk Pillow Cases
  56. Sleeping on silk pillow cases is life changing. They are gentle on skin, reduce split ends and they ensure a great nights sleep!

    Unique 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

  57. Diamond Drop Earrings
  58. These super unique earrings are made with unfinished natural diamonds. The uncut diamond slices are hand-set in silver resin inside the 18k gold drop shape earrings, to create a piece of jewelery that will stand out. The minimalist style makes them an easy match with any outfit.

  59. Wireless Headphones
  60. Wireless headphones are one of those things you don’t realise you need until you have them. They are so handy for a busy lifestyle, be it running around at work, the gym, or with the kids. Each bud has a touch button control that answers calls, changes the song, or increases the volume.

  61. Cosmetics Case
  62. Her daily essentials will always be in arms reach with this cute case. It’s made of canvas, so it’s strong and durable – perfect for traveling too!

  63. Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper
  64. Wine lovers can proudly display their favorite drop in this snazzy glass carafe. Wine will aerate perfectly in the functional bowl that allows it to breathe, and its topped with an oak wood stopper.

  65. Wreath Wine Rack
  66. Wine racks can be boring – but not this one! Pair this beauty with one of the other wine gifts from this list for a 50th birthday gift any wine lover with appreciate!

  67. Shiatsu Massaging Seat Topper
  68. Does your wife always ask you for a massage when she gets home from work? Well, save your hands the trouble and invest in one of these! It fits onto most standard chairs and targets trouble areas with the built in programs.

  69. Cocktail Subscription Box
  70. Cocktails are the answer to a lot of life’s questions. This monthly box contain four servings curated by award winning mixologists from around the USA – next time you sit down for dinner and drinks, the drinks will be made by her!

  71. Cheese Board
  72. A good cheese board is a kitchen essential! They are perfect for entertaining, or for days on the couch watching movies with a selection of snacks. This beauty is made from a combination of natural teak and petrified wood.

  73. New Boots
  74. A decent pair of boots can last years, and if you go with a color that can be worn with anything, she will definitely get her wear out of these bad boys!

  75. Memory Foam Snuggle Pillow
  76. This pillow is a dream for side sleepers. The curved top will wrap over her shoulder to cradle her head and neck while she sleeps, meaning no more aches and pains when she wakes up!

  77. Defrosting Plate
  78. This will change the game for lovers of cooking and busy mom’s! Proprietary thermal liquid inside the plate draws cold away from frozen meat placed on the surface – a frozen chicken breast can defrost in around 20 minutes!

  79. Chunky Knit Blanket
  80. Perfect for snuggling up on the couch or in bed, this deliciously chunky knit blanket is made of real wool and is a must have for the winter!

  81. Coffee and a Classic Subscription Box
  82. Book lovers, coffee lovers and mug lovers are in for a treat! Each month she’ll receive a classic book, beverage and other bookish treats. You can choose the genre of book plus the drinks for her based on what she likes.

    So there you have our list of the best 50th birthday gifts for her! We’ve mixed it up a bit with some pretty unique and fun gifts, so we hope inspiration has struck! Pair any of these gifts with a bunch of flowers and a handwritten card and you can’t go wrong. If you are still looking for gifts for her, check out our best gift ideas for women in their 50’s, or our list of romantic gifts for your wife.